How to Embed Video on Twitter?

Videos are a potent media tool on Twitter. If you embed a television on chitter, statistics show that you will gain more likes, answers, and retweets. You will engage more with your public with an embed chirrup video recording. That means more reach and followers for your individual or brand account .
On this article, we prepared a complete steer on how to embed video on twitter from different devices. If you embed a video recording, you will share the video content without needing to retweet all the master comments the original user posted. You might equally well embed a video that is on another social media platform, like YouTube .
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Part 1. How to Embed Video on Twitter?

Before going into detail, we need to understand the advantages of embedding a video. If you embed a video on your pinch, your contented will be more prosecute to the regular public.

According to some statistics, embed chirrup video recording get at least 300 % more interactions than regular tweets with GIFs. not to mention that tweets with videos will get 6000 % more interactions than a tweet with knit images .
The process of video sharing on Twitter occurs organically, since the users merely scroll down and only stops if they think the video looks interest. This sport makes videos a valuable tool to plowshare capacity and attract your audience .
If you want to share another drug user ‘s video recording, you can retweet them, but if you embed the television then it will look more professional and clean. You besides get the option to write the comment you want on the new tweet .
sol here is a guide on how to embed a chitter video recording from unlike devices :

• On Desktop

1. Log in on your chitter report
2. Go to the chitter video you want to embed
3. Click on the three dots choice to unfold a menu .
4. There, chatter on the “ Embed Video ” option
5. now, you merely need to copy the generate HTML markup on your pinch or web site and it will be displayed .
embed twitter video option

On iPhone

1. download and open the Twitter app on your iPhone
2. Go to the chirrup video you want to embed in your account
3. Tap and keep pressing with your finger on the video recording
4. A menu of options will pop up and show
embed twitter video iphone option
5. Select the option of “ Tweet video recording ”
6. nowadays, you can write your own pinch using the video recording without retweeting it. You can besides quote the original associate if you want to .
7. With this option, you will parcel the implant chitter television and the original author exploiter will be shown below the video .
embed twitter video on iphone

On Android

1. download and open your Twitter app .
2. Go to the chirrup video recording you want to embed on your account .
3. Click on the bottom right corner choice for sharing. It looks like three dots linked with lines .
embed twitter video share option
4. now on the menu of options that will unfold, click on the “ Copy connect ” choice .
5. You can start writing your new tweet using. Paste the associate of the chitter television you selected previously .
6. nowadays delete the final separate of the liaison until the “ ? ” symbol .
embed twitter video link android
7. After deleting that partially of the connect, write “ /video/1 ” on the associate .
8. Your pinch is done and you can publish it. It will show the television and it will have the original user ‘s name below the video recording .

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Part 2. How to Embed Someone Else’s Video on Twitter

You can plowshare another user ‘s video by retweeting it or by embedding it into your tweets. If you contribution early users content, you improve your interactions. It will increase the probabilities of increasing your consultation and the sum of interactions on your score .
If you interact with the properly accounts daily, your score will have more reach. You can besides enrich the message your history offers by sharing the video of early accounts .
There are two ways of sharing another exploiter ‘s video : By retweeting it or by learning how to embed a video on chirrup without retweet. hera is a guidebook on how to do it both ways .

• Using Retweet

This is the elementary alternative. By using retweet, you can quote the whole tweet from other drug user and add a little comment to it. here is how to do it :
1. open Twitter and log on your history .
2. Search the pinch with television you want to share .
3. nowadays, snap on the retweet option. It has two arrows on bicycle .
embed twitter video retweet option

• Without Retweet

If you embed a chitter video without retweeting it, it will offer a most clean consequence. It requires a small attention to the details. here is how to achieve it :
1. Log on your chirrup account
2. Go to the chirrup video recording you want to embed .
3. now, pawl on the share options. The picture looks like three dots linked by three lines .
4. There, select the “ Copy connect ” .
embed twitter video copy link
5. now, write the tweet you want and paste the radio link of your pinch .
6. Erase the last part of the link until the “ ? ” icon .
7. Almost fix, equitable write “ /video/1 ” and now you have embedded your video without doing retweet .
embed twitter video link rewrite

Part 3. Edit Video for Better Twitter Video Sharing – iMyFone Filme

As we mentioned earlier, videos on chitter scram about 600 % more interactions than tweets with regular pictures. therefore, it is wise to plan a scheme using video and media contented to improve your chirrup account reach .
If you want to create high-quality videos for Twitter, you need to use a proper edit instrument .
iMyFone Filme is the right alternate to create message for this social media. We want to share with you all the features and pros this program includes .
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First of all, it compatible with multiple devices, so you can use it at anytime, anywhere. It can be supported by Windows, Mac, io and Android. This has the early benefit of transferring content by you iMyFone Filme account, without requiring electrify transfer of your files. This is a clock time rescuer .
embed twitter video imyfone filme
You will besides save clock using this editing joyride. Its user-friendly interface makes all the action of capacity creation a quick an easy process. You can start creating your video without needing to become a professional editor program. In accession to that, you can browse among a dispatch on-line library iMyFone Filme offers and create a beautiful video in merely minutes. There is even a quick video manner, where you can select a quick template and start creating a video for a special occasion .
embed twitter video imyfone filme templates
once you start creating your video recording, you can use a wide diverseness of editing tools to adjust it. There are functionalities like trim, speed adjustment, rotate, imitate, and paste. You can besides add amazing effects and stickers to your videos .
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Part 4. Conclusion

chitter is a dynamic social media platform. You need to keep an active report and tweet regularly of you want to increase your audience. That is why learning how to embed a video recording on chitter is so valuable. Sharing and interacting with early users will be beneficial for your Twitter report .
Sharing video is not the merely manner to upload videos on chirrup. You might deoxyadenosine monophosphate well create your own subject. If you want to create perplex videos, remember to try the features iMyFone Filme offers. You can download the tool directly from the official web site .
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