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many of the best bet on monitors support AMD FreeSync, but you ’ ll need to know how to enable FreeSync to use it. FreeSync is an adaptive refresh-rate technology that helps prevent bumble, screen tear, and stimulation imprison, which can make a huge difference while playing games. Although FreeSync was designed to work with AMD graphics cards, it ’ s possible to use the sport with Nvidia graphics cards, besides. Regardless of the GPU you have, we ’ ll walk you through the work step by footfall .

How to enable FreeSync with an AMD graphics card

You need a few things to use FreeSync. First, you need a FreeSync admonisher. AMD has three different FreeSync classifications : FreeSync, FreeSync Premium, and FreeSync Ultimate. There are a few differences between the versions, but you ’ ll need a monitor with one of them to use the feature .
Display settings in AMD Radeon Software.
In addition, you need a Radeon graphics card or an age-related macular degeneration A-Series APU. You can use FreeSync with an Nvidia GPU — we ’ ll show you how in the future section — but it ’ s not technically supported.

finally, you need to change a few settings on your monitor. Using your monitor ’ randomness on-screen display, make certain to enable FreeSync and disable anti-blur settings. You ’ ll besides want to make indisputable your monitor is connected through a DisplayPort cable, not HDMI. HDMI is supported, but AMD still recommends using a DisplayPort connection .
once you ’ ve checked everything, install the latest AMD Radeon drivers and software and follow these steps :
Step 1: Open AMD Radeon Settings .
Step 2: Select the Settings icon .
Step 3: Select the Display tab key. If you have multiple displays, select the display you want to apply the determine to .
Step 4: Turn AMD FreeSync to On .
That will turn on FreeSync universally for your monitor. You can turn the feature off for certain games if you want to, though. To do sol, open up Radeon Settings again and follow these steps :
Step 1: Select the Gaming tab .
Step 2: Click Add in the top-right corner if you don ’ thyroxine see the game you want to change .
Step 3: Navigate to the game installation and add it to your library .
Step 4: Select the bet on to open the settings menu .
Step 5: Change the AMD FreeSync setting to On or Off, depending on what you want.

Although AMD gives you the option to turn FreeSync on or off, you can merely turn the feature off for person games. You must have FreeSync universally enabled to adjust the rig for individual games. After you ’ re done, your games will automatically run with a variable refresh pace .

How to enable FreeSync with an Nvidia graphics card

technically, FreeSync is only supported on AMD graphics cards. however, Nvidia has a list of FreeSync displays that it has validated to work with an Nvidia GPU. These monitors come with the G-Sync Compatible stigmatize, which means they support FreeSync with an Nvidia graphics card .
Nvidia hasn ’ thymine tested every proctor, though, so it ’ s possible that you can use FreeSync with an Nvidia graphics poster on a display that hasn ’ t been validated. The best way to see if your monitor works is to enable the place through the Nvidia Control Panel. If it works, that ’ sulfur great, and if it doesn ’ thymine, you can always revert to your previous settings .
G-Sync settings in the Nvidia Control Panel.
again, install the latest drivers for your graphics card and the Nvidia Control Panel, then follow these steps :
Step 1: Open the Nvidia Control Panel .
Step 2: Expand the Display set and choice Set Up G-Sync .
Step 3: Check the Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible box .
Step 4: Select your display and check the enable Settings for the Selected Display Model corner .
Step 5: Click Apply .
Your screen will flash respective times, then your monitor will restart. Below the irregular checkbox, you will see a telling that says “ selected display is not validated as G-Sync Compatible ” if you don ’ t have the authentication. That ’ south OK. That fair means Nvidia hasn ’ thymine tested the specific display you ’ ra using .
That said, this method acting doesn ’ t always solve. It depends on your display. The best way to find out is to follow the process above, open up a crippled that uses DirectX 9 or newer, and validate that it ’ second working. If it ’ s not, you can uncheck the fix in the Nvidia Control Panel .

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