How to Enable GUI in Windows Server 2016?

Some people would feel frustrating about that after installing Windows waiter 2016 successfully, the exploiter interface has changed. There is no a graphic drug user interface, so all the operation would be executed by typing some professional commands. That is not easy for some users who are not familiar with Windows waiter, particularly for the people who is the freshman for Windows server. then people may ask whether there is a way to enable the GUI in Windows server 2016. hera I would show you how to enable the GUI in Windows server 2016 .
here I would show the detail steps from scratch .
When we begin installing the new Windows server 2016, there are many options for us. select-one-version-of-operating-system
You can see many choice are list on the above word picture. The options without Desktop Experience are the core editions. They would not offer GUI after installation. And the ones with Desktop Experience would offer full GUI features. If you clear about which is your prefer, you would find the trouble and has no indigence to read the under passage. But if you equitable wrong installed the core edition of Windows waiter 2016 and you regretted it when finding that all the operations have to be implemented by typing commands. then you should follow the under steps.

step 1 : open PowerShell console and type Get-WindowsFeature -Name *GUI* into it. check-and-get-windows-server-gui
You would find that all the install state of the GUI features listed are shown as removed. And now you should try to install the removed GUI features. Before that, you should make sure that your server has access to internet .
footprint 2 : just type Install-WindowsFeature -Name Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra into PowerShell console table and press Enter to execute it. try-installing-some-gui-feature
typically, when the above operation is completed and you should barely type Restart-Computer into the PowerShell console to restart your waiter. then you would see windows server 2016 with the wax graphic drug user interface ( GUI ) .
notice : If your server has no access to the internet, you would credibly see a large number of error message with red color. then you have to use your installation media to successfully install server GUI features. Before you can do that, you need to identify allow index of Windows server 2016 edition from which you want to install features. The GUI features are entirely default built in the editions labelled with desktop experience, so you should skip indexes for core editions in the list. error-message-when-installing-gui
so here one would show you installing the GUI features from a installation media .
here we go .
footfall 1 : If you have store the windows server installation media in this system before, barely navigate to the path of it. Type the command Get-WindowsImage -ImagePath XXX\XX\X into the console .
attention : The GUI features information are stored in file located on D : \sources in my system drive, so you should barely adapt it to your condition .
here the GUI features related file ’ second path is D:\sources\install.wim. then i just type Get-WindowsImage -ImagePath D:\sources\install.wim into the comfort to find the system imageindex. 2017-10-19_16-51-27
From the foremost picture in this passage, we know that the imageindex of core edition without GUI is 1 and 3. then you should just choose the right imageindex between 2 and 4. here one would choose the imageindex as 2 .
mistreat 2 : type Install-WindowsFeature -Name Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra  -Source wim:D:\sources\install.wim:2 into PowerShell comfort. And compress Enter to execute it. install-GUI-features-from-installation-media

note : To install feature from non-default location, you should follow the appropriate syntax like under .
then if you want to install the GUI features from a initiation media, you should follow the syntax .
step 3 : After the above mathematical process is finished, you should be prompted with the information that you must restart this server to finish the facility serve. Just character Restart-Computer into the PowerShell cabinet and execute it. restart-server
then you would find that the broad GUI features has been enabled in your Windows server 2016. full-GUI-interface


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