Cannot connect to the internet. Local Area Connection 2 adapter is disabled

short-change adaptation : I can not connect to the internet. long version : I have been dealing with this issue for more than one year. After waking from hibernation my DELL 15 XPS ( Win 7 Pro SP1 ) sometimes would not find any wireless association. Running the Troubleshooting would normally fix the problem by resetting the radio adapter, or I could fix it by manually resetting it via the keyboard fn+f2 command. The same publish ( “ no connections available ” ) would happen sometimes while I am streaming video recording. however, once in a while when this problem arises the keyboard command fn+f2 would not work at all, and the trouble-shoot would not solve the trouble. It would show “ problems found : The Local Area Connection 2 arranger is disabled ”, and I would “ try these repairs as administrator ” without success. basically, it appears that in these cases the organization would not be able to re-enable the wireless network adapter. indeed far, resetting the laptop, logging in as Administrator ( I had to create the Admin profile 2 months ago to install a software, but this is improbable to be the problem, as I had this issue for the last year ), and running the trouble-shoot again had worked. not this time .
As of now, I am stuck without any internet connection. In Device Manager I find a preferably mutilate list of network adapters ( fewer than I normally see ) : Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobile Client Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows x64 and Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, plus two more Bluetooth Devices. It seems that the system can not find my network adapters anymore ( I scanned for hardware changes to no avail ) .
Under Control Panel > Network and the internet > Network Connections I see only Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client Connection ( network cable unplug ), and Local Area Connection ( network cable unplug ), all with a boastful red cross on them .
I tried : – respective system reboots over the last 24 hours – system restore, but it can not be completed because “ one file could not be changed ” despite having disabled my antivirus during the process. And it did not solve the issue – I had already prohibited months ago the system from shutting down the networks adapters by going to device director and unflagging the choice in the Power management tab for each device under net adapters. – drivers for my adapters were up to date a few days ago – reset TCP/IP and IPv4 and IPv6 configuration using the netsh command via the cmd prompt function as administrator ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) – uninstalled and re-installed the Realtek Controller

I am running out of options. Thank you for any help you can provide.

update : by chance, I turned on my laptop a few days belated and it could connect to the internet. This was before any windows update and without any intervention on my region. The day after I left for vacation. now I am back and I have the same trouble. Rebooting the machine several times does not help. Please help me with this frustrating site …
second update : I found a way to fix it.. for now. I restarted my laptop and compress f8, then chose to load the “ last know working shape ”, and the radio receiver adapter was working. sol, it is not acquit what caused the problem, nor whether I permanently removed it, but at least this got me out of troubles. I will keep update if the problems comes spinal column. Please do continue to partake solutions if you know how to solve this problem .
stopping point update : The fix has been working so far. I still get the radio not working whenever I put my laptop to sleep and I wake it back, but the trouble-shoot fixed it every time. sol not ideal, but I could constantly use the laptop internet connection when I needed it, which is a bang-up leap forward .

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