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Networks Wireless Setup for Windows 7 ( Personal Devices )

ETSU wireless access points are available to ETSU students, staff, and staff. The two radio networks are ETSU and ETSURESNET. If you have a wireless adapter ( radio card ) in your calculator, you will be able to connect to the ETSU or ETSURESNET network via a wireless connection. security for all ETSU Wireless Access Points is enabled by PEAP ( Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol ) .
If you are trying to connect to an ETSU radio access point with your personal computer, please use the stick to instructions. These instructions are presuming that Windows is controlling the wireless card. If your calculator is using a specific course of study to control radio receiver connections, you can use the settings that are provided here to try to configure the broadcast. ITS can not provide any specific instructions for setting up a radio connection for any wireless shape programs that may have come with your machine .
note : Windows 7 may detect the network and ask you for your username and password. Most likely the association calm wo n’t work, even if you provide your right username and password, until your wireless connection has been by rights configured using the steps belowNetwork list If you ‘re viewing the list of wireless connections, you can try right-clicking on ETSU. If an option that says “ Properties ” comes up, you can go down to step 5 to finish up configuring the joining. otherwise, use the steps below.

  1. Click on the Start clitoris, go to Control Panel and then choose Network and Sharing Center. If your Control Panel is showing things in Category opinion, click on Network and Internet and you ‘ll find Network and Sharing Center there. When you get there, you should see an choice that says Set up a new connection or network.
    Set up a new connection or network
  2. Choose the Manually connect to a wireless network option and then click on Next.
    Choose a connection option
  3. type in ETSU for the Network name, choose WPA2-Enterprise for the Security character, and the Encryption type should be set to AES. Leave the Security Key/ Passphrase airfield blank. Be sure that the corner labeled Start this connection automatically is checked. Click on Next.
    Connection properties
  4. You ‘ll get a screen that says that it successfully added ETSU. At this point, you need to click on Change connection settings. When the future screen comes up, click on the Security yellow journalism.
    Successfully added ETSUWiFi
  5. On this screen, be indisputable that the Security type is set to WPA2-Enterprise and that the Encryption type is set to AES. In the box under Choose a network authentication method:, be certain that it references “ Protected EAP ( PEAP ) ”. When those are set, click on the Settings button.
    Security tab

  6. On this blind, you need to uncheck Validate server certificate. guarantee that the Select Authentication Method is set to “ Secured password ”.
    Protested EAP Properties
  7. adjacent, click on the Configure clitoris to the proper and uncheck the box as shown below, then click on the OK button.
    MSCHAP Properties
  8. Click on the OK button to get out of the Protected EAP Properties blind. On the ETSU Properties window, click the button near the bottom labeled “ Advanced Settings. ”
  9. Check mark the box reading “ Specify authentication mood ” and change the drop-down value to “ User authentication. ” The settings should appear exchangeable to the video shown here :
    wireless win7 user authentication
    Click OK, then click OK again to get out of the ETSU properties shield .
  10. In the lower right-hand contribution of the screen near the clock, you should get a notification bubble like this :
    Authentication bubble
    Click on that ripple to get the login immediate to appear.

  11. At this screen, simply enter your ETSU username and your password. Click on the OK release.
    wireless win7 credentials
  12. After a few seconds, your car should be connected to the network .

If you have any questions, feel unblock to contact the Help Desk .

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