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During the early days of the pandemic, casual Zoom meeting participants jumped from 10 million in December 2019 to 300 million in April 2020. Some sources suggest that Zoom is now the most popular virtual meet app in the populace .
One explanation for the app ‘s popularity may be the robustness of the Zoom commemorate feature of speech. You can record meetings in both the absolve and gainful subscription Zoom accounts .

Why commemorate a Zoom meeting

We all know it ’ s a good idea to record a converge for person who ’ s not able to attend. But consider these extra reasons to record :

  • record keeping :

    A Zoom recording archives authoritative ideas, discussions, final decisions, and carry through items—so that attendees can reference the record if confusion arises .

  • engagement : A recording in advance may improve attendant engagement and behavior .
  • legality : Recordings can be identical helpful in matters of submission and eDiscovery .
  • transcription . This paid feature of speech saves time for attendees who don ’ t have time to view the wax commemorate. Transcriptions are peculiarly helpful for interviews or instructional meetings .
  • New hires : Get fresh employees up to speed on by trainings or meetings .
  • Knowledge base : Create your own video cognition free-base for employees. Compile videos relating to a project, customer, or subject to organize your recordings .
  • practice : record yourself to rehearse an approaching presentation. It can be uncomfortable to watch yourself, but it ’ s a great way to see your presenting flaws and tics .

Although it ’ s not constantly necessity to record regular team synchronize or discussions, some organizations may choose to record every virtual meet .
Can ’ t decide ? Any time you need a authentic reference steer, consider recording your meet .

Before you record a Zoom meeting

Before you get started, it ’ second helpful to know what to expect when you use the Zoom app to record a touch .
The basics of recording include video recording feed, audio, and shared screens. The record ‘s display layout will be the layout of the host or player that started the recording. Layout options include active speaker, a veranda of all participants, and more .
Keep in mind, a unblock Zoom report will only record locally to your calculator. Paid subscribers can record locally, to the cloud, or with the fluid app .
note : By nonpayment, Zoom will besides notify attendees that the meet is being recorded. The host ’ s windowpane will display “ Recording ” in the exceed leave .
Zoom notification of recording starting

How to record via background

release or paid subscribers can record locally in the background app for Windows, MacOS, or Linux. local recordings are not an option for mobile devices. besides, recording on this calculator won ’ t include features like a timestamp, player ’ s names, audio transcription, or screen .

  1. During a meet, suction stop record. If there is an option, choose record on this Computer .
  2. The notification lets you know you ’ re successfully recording .
  3. If you need to , pause Recording and when you ’ re ready to resume, click start .
  4. When you ’ re done, chatter Stop Recording .

Find and parcel local Zoom recordings

You fair recorded a suffer to your background, but where is the file now ? If you forget later, the file path for recordings is in your Documents booklet, in the Zoom subfolder :

  • Windows C : \Users\ [ Username ] \Documents\Zoom
  • Mac /Users/ [ Username ] /Documents/Zoom
  • linux home/ [ Username ] /Documents/Zoom

Inside the Zoom subfolder, you ’ ll find each recording mp4 charge titled with the date and meet diagnose .
note : To partake a locally saved video file, upload the recording to DropBox, YouTube, Stream, Vimeo, Google Drive or early obscure storage. then, share the link .
If you want to change the default save localization for future recorded files, on the Zoom app click the Settings gear icon. Choose Recording and then click Change to choose a new folder .

record to the overcast from your desktop app

Recording a Zoom meet to the cloud saves local anesthetic storage quad and makes your file accessible to more people. That said, only paid subscribers can record meetings to the swarm .
Like locally saved recordings, cloud recordings include video, audio and shared sieve contentedness. however, cloud recordings besides include chat text, extra record layouts, and download or on-line share capability .
To save your recording to the cloud :

  1. During a meeting, click record. Choose to criminal record to the Cloud .
  2. The notification lets you know you ’ re successfully recording .
  3. If you need to , hesitate Recording and when you ’ re fix to resume, click start .
  4. When you ’ re done, click Stop Recording .

You ’ ll receive an e-mail presentment when the record is quick. Watch for a subsequent presentment when the sound recording transcript is available. Both electronic mail include links to either the recording or transcript .

record from the fluid app

Zoom's mobile app interface
Paid subscribers can record meetings on io and Android devices with the Zoom mobile app. Recordings can ’ triiodothyronine be saved locally, lone to the swarm. You must be the suffer master of ceremonies to record on a fluid device .

  1. While hosting a meet in the Zoom mobile app, exploit More. Choose

    record .

  2. To pause or stop the record, chink More, and choose hesitate or Stop .

You ’ ll receive an electronic mail notification when the recording is ready. Simply access and share the cloud record in the Zoom network portal .

Share obscure recordings

To share a cloud record, open the Zoom web portal  in your browser.   Click Recordings .
Under the Cloud Recordings pill, you ’ ll find the available record meetings .
following to the meet you want to share, click Share. Choose access settings, like if the link is available publicly or allow viewers to download the read .
When you ’ ra quick, snap Copy Sharing Information to parcel the suffer and recording information with participants. Send the liaison via Zoom Chat, Microsoft Outlook, or your choose collaboration app .
Download recordings to edit the television or keep a local copy. To download a overcast recording, click the More button and choose Download .

Give another exploiter permission to record the meet

Multiple People in a Zoom meeting
By default, only the master of ceremonies can record the merging. Take something off your plate—delegate the recording province .

  1. In an ongoing touch, suction stop Participants .
  2. following to the person ’ s diagnose, chatter More .
  3. snap Allow record .

While recording is in progress, you ’ ll see a recording icon next to the identify of your chosen participant .
You can besides disable a player ’ randomness ability to record using the same method. Click Participants, future to the person ’ sulfur name suction stop More, and choose Forbid Record.

Require authentication to view recordings

similarly, you may protect cloud recordings by enabling viewer authentication. You can either restrict viewers to those who are logged into Zoom or a particular electronic mail world. Administrators can disable or customize these settings .

  1. In a browser, log in to the Zoom web portal .
  2. chink Settings and select the Recording check .
  3. enable Require users to authenticate before viewing cloud recordings .
  4. In the Authentication Options, Click edit or hide to change the diagnose or hide the choice as desired .

To require authentication for a particular cloud read, click Share. Under contribution this record, click Only authenticated users can view .

Delete a Zoom commemorate

Running out of space ? Delete local recordings from your calculator or delete cloud recordings from your Zoom report .
To permanently delete local recordings from your calculator :

  1. Log in to the Zoom background app .
  2. Click the Meetings tab key and click the Recorded tab .
  3. Select the meet with a local commemorate. ( If you alone see the Open option, it means the record is a cloud record )
  4. snap Delete .

To permanently delete cloud recordings :

  1. Log in to the zoom web portal vein in your browser . cluck Recordings .
  2. next to the meet you want to delete, click the More clitoris and choose Delete.

Deleted mottle recordings will automatically go the trash, where they are permanently deleted after 30 days. Admins can recover or permanently erase cloud recordings before the 30-day period ends .
For more details, check out this Zoom FAQ.
Are end users however asking for help oneself when Zoom recording ? consult with one of our BrainStorm change experts about reducing your help desk calls and increasing Zoom adoption at the same time .

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