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If your 2020 and 2021 have been anything like mine, you ’ re probably well-acquainted with the virtual touch software zoom.us by now ( in fact they ’ re distillery growing every quarter ). If you ’ ve participated in enough of them, the phrase “ commemorate now in build up ” may well be haunting your dreams .
however, what if you ’ ve wanted to record meetings for yourself ? One motion on many people ’ second minds is “ where do my Zoom recordings go when I stop recording ? ”. possibly the uncertainty has stopped you from trying the feature out .
This steer will help you understand why saving a Zoom meeting commemorate is a good theme vitamin a well as answer the all-important questions you might have about them .

Why save a Zoom record ?

We ’ ve all been there : you have a superintendent productive or authoritative meet where people raise amazing points and questions. You leave the meet and suddenly you realize your notes are insufficient, or you didn ’ t take notes at all ! If you recorded the converge, you ’ d be able to watch it second to remind yourself of everything that was said .
Recording a meet to be able to watch it spinal column later for better notes or reminders is only one reason ( though credibly the most common ) for saving your zoom recordings. But there are enough of other reasons to save recordings of your meetings, including :

  • To store and organize your meetings. If your clientele has any sort of inner cognition base, you ’ ll want to store and organize your meetings in a means that ’ s accessible to other employees .
  • To share online lessons with non-attendees. If you ’ re in the education sector, your chances of a full class are slender. Recording your on-line lessons ( delivered on Zoom ) can help those who couldn ’ thymine attend to catch up .
  • To create an asynchronous meeting. Another tendency that has gained momentum in holocene years is having asynchronous meetings. In this sense, you ’ ll record your initial meetings and then plowshare them with team members or even the unharmed company .

then, let ’ s say you ’ re convinced you want to give the record button a nip, what next ?

Automatically upload your Zoom recordings with Vimeo

Where do Zoom recordings go?

Before we get into the details, you should know recording meetings can only be done using the Zoom desktop customer ( or Zoom app on the Mac ), not on the io, Android apps, or Zoom web portal site.

For saving recordings, there are two default options for downloading or uploading your video files :

  • Cloud recording
  • Local recording

Cloud record is only available to paid zoom account users whereas local anesthetic recording is available for any drug user .

Zoom cloud recordings

If you ’ re a paid drug user of Zoom, you ’ ll have this option available to you in your Recording settings. once you ’ ve recorded your Zoom video, if you alone have Cloud record enabled, you ’ ll receive an e-mail from Zoom when your read has been uploaded to the Cloud .
All you ’ ll need to do from there is snap on the connect provided in the e-mail to view your commemorate, or differently copy the yoke to share it with others. however, if for some reason you ’ re unable to entree your e-mail, you can besides find the recordings in the Zoom background client app.If you open Zoom, you ’ ll see your meeting ID on the left-hand side. precisely above it, you ’ ll see the Upcoming and Recorded meetings yellow journalism. Click recordings that you want to view, and if you ’ ve lone enable Cloud, you ’ ll only see the Open button. Click Open and you ’ ll be taken to your Cloud file .
Recorded tab

Local recordings

If you ’ re not a paid exploiter, your recording settings will mechanically be local storehouse. When you finish your first recording, Zoom will prompt you with license to create a recording placement on your calculator .
By nonpayment, it will create a file path and its own Zoom booklet in your file director. however, if you want you can go to your Zoom settings and switch this file path if you want the television to save in a unlike specific localization .
similar to above, if you go to your Recorded yellow journalism on Zoom, you ’ ll be able to click Open and it will take you to the folder with your recording charge ( zoom_0.mp4 file ) in it. You will besides see an audio_only.m4a file, a well as a playback.m3u file .
With local anesthetic recordings, you ’ ll besides have the option to prompt your device ’ s native video actor ( play buttons ) or play audio-only .

Vimeo’s Zoom Integration

Beyond the default saving options, you can besides install the Vimeo Zoom app consolidation from the Zoom app marketplace. The Vimeo integration allows you to automatically upload your recordings to your Vimeo account ’ s Video Manager .
By uploading them to Vimeo, you can search, share, and manage your recordings in a guarantee workspace. You can besides use unlisted links, password protection, or invite specific teammates to view and comment on your video recording ( in real fourth dimension ! ).

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Where do Zoom recordings go on Mac?

By default, your recordings will be in a Zoom folder located in the Documents area in Finder. The individual read folders are named by the date, time, drug user, and meeting ID .
In all, the charge path will look like this :
/Users/*computer user*/Documents/Zoom/2021-08-13 17.37.13 *your name* ‘ s Personal Meeting Room *meeting ID*/

How to edit Zoom recordings

Zoom doesn ’ thymine have any native editing capabilities. But with the Zoom to Vimeo upload integration, you can seamlessly edit your zoom recordings .
trimz zoom once you ’ ve located the video you want to edit in your Video Manager, you ’ ll be able to trim it down, lend markers for important moments, and evening create chapters — all super relevant for long meetings, but besides generally adds a professional polish .
If you need other editing tools, like adding graphics or filters, you can besides download the video and edit it with any video editing software of your choice, such as Adobe Premiere or iMovie .

How to share Zoom recordings

For sharing your zoom recordings, you have different options depending on which saving choice you made :

  • Cloud recordings: you can share the original link in your email, or go to your recording management page for a shareable link.
  • Local recordings: you can upload your file to a video platform like Vimeo or YouTube for public sharing. For private sharing, you can upload the file to services like Dropbox or Google Drive (or use physical hardware like USBs).

Vimeo integration: similar to Cloud recordings, you can create a shareable unlisted associate, but you can besides invite people to view specific videos. With accounts that have team capabilities, you can besides select your videos to automatically upload to shared team folders .

Zoom recordings FAQs

Where do zoom recordings get uploaded? Depending on your subscription, either the Zoom Cloud, your calculator ’ s file coach, or Vimeo ’ s Video Manager with Vimeo consolidation .
What is the best way to store zoom recordings? If you want to edit and securely share your videos, Vimeo ’ second Zoom consolidation is a capital solution for storage. differently, you can use the nonpayment options.

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How long does it take for Zoom recording to process? This depends on how long your video recording is, it can range from a few seconds to hours. With Cloud memory or Vimeo integration, you ’ ll be notified when the process is complete .

Manage your Zoom recordings with Vimeo today

nowadays you know the ins and outs of Zoom recordings, you should be well prepared for when you want to record your beginning touch ( or find recordings you ’ ve already made ). For personal function, the default options for saving your recordings are fine, but if you work in teams or for a larger organization, you ’ ll want a better solution .
Vimeo ’ sulfur Zoom integration can help you smoothly and securely memory, edit, share, and manage your Zoom recordings all in one place .

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