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how to repair and fix power adapter

I ’ five hundred got a predict from my ally with the ailment of his Set top corner was not working. During the conversation I came to know that he was watching some television shows and on the spur of the moment he heard cracking make noise from the television receiver side and the television receiver was showing “ no signal ”. This means the set top was not working ( no power LED lights on ) causing the television receiver to show “ no signal ” symptom. So I asked him to get the Set Top box arranger to my workshop for far test .

following day he visited my workshop with his power adapter. As I am sure about the perpetrator I have directly opened the adapter and started ocular inspection. visually checked found ok from the component & solder side of the PCB there was no dry solder as well no burn marks .
From component side I have tried to locate Fuse but there was no fuse, so I have traced the circuit from chief telephone line wire ; there I found one resistor connected in series on main occupation this resistor showing 10 Ohm as per coloring material band on it ( Brown Black Black Gold ). so I have checked with multimeter on the circuit it shows no interpretation that means resistor was open .
power adapter repair
fix power adapter
After removing the resistor I found damage mark on resistor-see the photograph below :
how to fix power adapter
again checked with multimeter and confirmed the resistor was exposed circuit. The function of this resistor is to act like a fuse and this is why you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find any fuse in this office arranger .
The equate components could have fault besides thus connected a 60w bulb in place of that resistor which I have removed. After plugged in the AC source to the arranger, the 60w bulb did not glow and the ability LED was working. adjacent I checked the output electric potential and it measured 12.39V DC which mean it was good-see the photograph below :

how to test power adapter
once I got the discipline output voltage, this means there was no other shorted components and now I can solder the surrogate resistor to the circuit. open resistor in power adapter
now the world power arranger is back to the life again. If you would like to learn how to repair switch mode world power issue, I suggest that you check out Jestine ’ s ebook in power supply repair.
how to repair power adapter

This article was prepared for you by Yogesh Panchal who works as a Computer Hardware Engineer in Mumbai India .

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