Can You Cut LED Strip Lights

Q: Can I cut LED light strips? Where to cut LED light strips?

A : Since a LED light strip is fixed in distance and it is not always potential to buy unaccented strips of a suitable duration every time, users have often asked if a light plunder can be cut to a fixed distance. actually, there are many brands and products of LED light up strips, therefore whether a light strip can still be used normally after being cut is not a motion that can be given a general answer. It truly depends on the specific product. In general, if the light strip has a cut line, it can be cut ; if it has not, it is best not to cut it .
cut led strip lights partially 1. How to Cut LED Strip Lights
depart 2. How to Fix LED Strip Lights When Cut
part 3. How to Use LED Strip Lights After Cutting

Part 1. How to Cut LED Strip Lights

Before cutting light strips, please make indisputable that the strip you bought can be cut ; differently, cutting the light comic strip may render it unserviceable ; at the same time, you must remember to disconnect the power ; directly cutting a light strip that is connected to a power issue is extremely dangerous .

Step 1. Measure the length

If the LED light strip you bought is excessively farseeing, you need to cut off the extra separate. The first thing you should do is measure the right length. If you by chance cut the strip besides brusque, your effort will be wasted .

Step 2. Look for the scissors logo on the
light strip

For the public toilet of users, manufacturers have placed a scissors logo on the chewable region of their LED light strips. To avoid causing damage, you must find the scissors logo before cutting .

Step 3. Cut with a pair of scissors

The final examination step is to use your scissors and cut the excess comic strip along the status marked by the scissors logo. If you unintentionally cut diagonally, it may cause the light to stop exploit, so make certain you cut straight .
how to cut led strip lights

Part 2. How to Fix LED Strip Lights When Cut

Q: I purchased a LED strip lights and used a portion of it, but I also want to use the remaining portion. Is that possible?

A : If the LED easy undress you purchased can be cut, the remaining part that you have cut off can not be used anymore. If you want to reconnect them after cutting, you must use an extra 4 personal identification number connection to reconnect. however, if the operation is improper when you cut and plug in, it may besides cause the light strip to stop working by rights. So we recommend that you double-check the length of the airstrip before cutting and avoid the motivation to reconnect after cutting .
If you need to reconnect LED light strips after cutting them, you need an extra 4pin connection. by and large, this intersection is not included in a LED light strip specify and has to be purchased individually .

Step 1. Buy Lepro 4-pin LED strip light connector

There are many types of clean light connectors, so you need to choose the right one according to the type of light strip. If your light strip is 10mm wide, the 4Pin connection you select must be suitable for 10mm. If your lightly plunder is 8mm wide and you purchase a 10mm connection, it will not work. Yet, the 4pin connects are the most normally used. Lepro 4-pin strip light connection battalion includes 5 pieces of L-shape and 5 pieces of line shape connectors, perfect for both 90° corners joining and propagation along a straight line, can be used on about all the occasions .

Step 2. Open the connector

If the connection has a breed, you have to open the connection on the side.

Step 3. Place the light strip into the connector

Place the two cut ends of the LED light strip into the fastening clips of the connection. At this point, you should check that they are not reversed by following the word picture direction .

Step 4. Cover the connector

After placing the light plunder, close the cover charge of the connection and try to see if the light strip is lit normally after the power provide is connected. If the connected parts do not light up normally, try adjusting the connecting point between the connection and the light strip .
In cosmopolitan, it is slightly troublesome to reconnect the denude after cutting. not entirely do you have to buy extra connectors, but any improper process may besides cause the deprive to become unserviceable. So it is best to make sure that the command length is right and keep off wastage .

Part 3. How to Use LED Strip Lights After Cutting

Q: Does a cut LED light strip still work?

A : Some light strips can be cut to a specific length and continue to work. however, they must be cut according to the cut mark. There are some bantam and accurate parts on LED light strips. If you incidentally cut the ill-timed put, you may cause the light to stop working normally .
After cutting the light strip, you can place the necessitate parts in the proper position and twist on the lights by following to these steps. The follow steps use Lepro LED light strips as an exemplar :

Step 1. Make sure the wall is dry and clean

If you need to attach the light up airstrip to a wall, please clean the wall first. If the wall is dusty or wet, you can not attach the LED lighter strip properly .
how to cut and use led strip lights

Step 2. Paste the LED light strip

After cleaning the wall, you can tear off the covering on the 3M superintendent glue behind the light strip and paste it in the side you want.

how to use led strip lights after cutting

Step 3. Connect the LED light strip

If you have purchased a LED light strip put, it should come with a connection and a control. You should use the connection to connect the luminosity comic strip and the control. When connecting the sparkle strip and the connection, please pay attention to the front and back. If the light strip is inserted backward, it will not work properly .
can u cut led light strips

Step 4. Plug in the power and turn on the
LED light strip

The final footprint is to connect the control to the power add, and you should see the LED light strips turned on .
After performing the above steps, if you find that the LED abstemious strip is distillery not lighted, check that there is no joining issue. If the set-up is normal, it means the light comic strip may have been damaged during the cutting process, then be careful and always cut according to the logo on the strip .

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