How to Set up a Home Wi-Fi Network

    This article explains how to set up a Wi-Fi network using any wireless router and modem. If the wireless router and other devices are adequate to of Wi-Fi Protected Setup ( WPS ), you can connect and configure these devices with the push of a release. however, having WPS set up on a router is a security system risk, so we recommend disabling WPS. hera ‘s how to set up a Wi-Fi router .

  1. Find the best location for the wireless router. The optimum placement is in a central location, free from obstructions that could cause radio intervention.

    Do n’t place the router close to windows, walls, or the microwave .

  2. Turn off the modem. Power off the cable, character, or DSL modem from your internet service supplier before connecting your equipment .
    Cable modem.
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  3. Connect the router to the modem. Plug an Ethernet cable ( typically provided with the router ) into the router WAN port. then, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the modem .
    Close-Up Of Modem Against White Background.
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  4. Connect a laptop or computer to the router. Plug one end of another Ethernet cable television into the router LAN port ( any port will work ) and the early end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet larboard of a laptop .
    This wire is irregular ; you will remove the cable after setting up the network .
    Ethernet cable.
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  5. Power up the modem, router, and computer. It ‘s best if you turn on these devices in the proper order. Turn on the modem first. When the modem lights are all on, turn on the router. When the router is on, sour on the computer .

  6. Go to the management web page for the router. Open a browser and enter the IP address of the router government page. This information is in the router documentation ( it ‘s normally something like ). The login information is besides in the manual .
    A Linksys login webpage for router.

  7. Change the default administrator password (and username) for the router. This dress is normally on the router administration page in a check or section called Administration. Use a firm password that you wo n’t forget .

  8. Add WPA2 security. This measure is essential. Find this mise en scene in the radio security section of the router administration page. Select which type of encoding to use and enter a passphrase of at least eight characters. The more characters and the more complex the password, the better .
    Wireless security configuration page.
    WPA2 is significantly more secure than WEP. Use WPA or blend mode WPA/WPA2 with older wireless adapters. WPA3 is another option for more holocene hardware, but its compatibility is limited .
  9. Change the wireless network name (SSID). To make it easy for you to identify your network, choose a descriptive name for your SSID ( Service Set Identifier ) in the router administration page ‘s wireless network data part .

  10. Optional: change the wireless channel. If you ‘re in an area with other radio networks, minimize hindrance by changing the router ‘s wireless distribution channel to one that other networks are n’t using .
    Use a Wi-Fi analyzer app on your smartphone to find an uncrowded channel or use trial and error ( try channels 1, 6, or 11, since these channels do n’t overlap ) .

  11. Set up the wireless adapter on the computer. After saving the router ‘s shape settings, unplug the cable television that connects the computer to the router. then, plug a USB or PC card wireless arranger into the laptop if it does n’t have a radio receiver adapter installed or built-in .
    Your computer may automatically install the drivers, or you may have to use the setup cadmium that came with the adapter.

  12. Connect to the new wireless network. On your calculator and other wireless-enabled devices, find the raw network you set up and connect to the net .

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