How To Write a Thank-You Email After a Video Interview (With Template and Examples)

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How To Write a Thank-You Email After a Video Interview (With Template and Examples)

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February 22, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail Sending a thank-you e-mail after a video interview can increase your odds of you being considered for the character. Regardless of the stead you are applying for, a thank-you e-mail can show the employer you are grateful for the opportunity and help you stand out among applicants. Knowing when and how to send a thank-you e-mail after an interview can help you send one at the right time. In this article, we discuss why a thank-you e-mail is authoritative, explain how to write one and provide examples .

Why is a thank-you email after a video interview important?

Writing a thank-you e-mail after a video interview is a wide accept form of following up with your potential employer and expressing your gratitude for the opportunity. A properly written thank-you e-mail shows the lease coach that you are determined to get the position you interviewed for and besides helps you stand out among other candidates. A thank-you electronic mail is besides a good manner to remind the hire director what your relevant skills are and what you discussed during the consultation. Related : Video Interview Guide : Tips for a Successful Interview

How to write a thank-you email after a video interview

Consider these steps when writing a television interview thank-you e-mail :

1. Plan your timing

The best prison term to send your thank-you e-mail is about 24 hours after the interview. That way, the hire coach will likely hush remember you and key details about your interview. Related : The Steps of the Interview Process

2. Create an appropriate subject line

The electronic mail ‘s subject line should make the rent director immediately know you and your purpose. This will lower the hazard of the electronic mail being missed or ignored. The subject line should include your name, the words “ thank you ” and the identify of the job you applied for. case : “ Thank You — Mark Smith, Sales Representative Interviewee ”

3. Use an appropriate email greeting

The manner you greet the interviewer depends on how you addressed them during the actual interview. If you called them by their first name, continue to do so in the thank-you e-mail. If you formally addressed them or if the right direction to address them is still indecipherable after the consultation, formally address them by using their title and last name. case 1 : “ Greetings, George, ” example 2 : “ good good afternoon, Mrs. Avery, ”

4. Show your gratitude for being considered

The main purpose of the thank-you e-mail is to show the lease coach that you are grateful for the opportunity. Show your appreciation right after the greet to make certain it is the first thing the interviewer reads when opening your thank-you e-mail. It is specially significant for video interviews because the rent director may have missed some of your positive body linguistic process they normally would have noticed in an in-person interview. model : “ I greatly appreciate you taking the prison term to have the television interview with me yesterday. It was a true pleasure to speak with you and to get a better idea of the company culture and specific speculate requirements. I look forward to meeting you in person soon. ” Related : How To Prepare for an interview

5. Express an interest in what you discussed during the video interview

After showing your gratitude for the opportunity, express your interest in the specific points that you talked about during the television interview. This can help you reiterate your assurance that you are the correct person for the job. example : “ I was very concerned to hear that you are looking for a proactive person who can work independently and with little supervision. I believe this is one of my better qualities, and the results at my former job usher that. ”

6. Mention a specific moment from the interview

Hiring managers normally have many interviews with like candidates, so helping them remember the specifics of your interview is crucial. You can do that by think of a particular consequence or topic of conversation during your discussion and concisely mentioning it in your thank you email. exercise : “ It was besides big to hear that you are besides passionate about fishing. I look ahead to trying out the lakes you recommended when the temper starts. ”

7. Ask what the next steps are

The concluding region of the thank-you electronic mail should include an inquiry regarding the next steps of the lotion process, along with a brief cry to action suggesting that they get back to you. example : “ If you have any questions for me or if there are any other steps to your recruitment process, please let me know. I ‘m looking ahead to hearing from you. ”

8. End the email reiterating your gratitude

The last sentence of your e-mail should briefly express your taste for the interview. then end with a brief and respectful greeting. example : “ Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me yesterday. Kind regards, Mark Johnson ”

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Thank you email template

You can use this template to craft your own thank you email : Thank You — [ Your list ], [ The function you interviewed for ] good [ time of day ] [ Interviewer ‘s list ], Thank you for taking the time to have the video consultation with me yesterday. I know that a face-to-face interview would have been preferable, but I ‘m glad we got the luck to talk. It was a real pleasure as I got to understand the demands of the character and the overall company culture. I was specially concerned in [ include specific points that were discussed during the interview ]. It made me more confident that I can do a dear job here. It was besides great to hear about [ note a specific remark or topic of discussion from the interview ]. Please do n’t hesitate to reach me if you have any questions and let me know if there ‘s anything I can do to move ahead in the process. Thanks again for the interest discussion we had. Regards, [ Your list ]

Thank you email examples

here are two examples that can help you while you write :

Example 1

Thank You — David Lee, Customer Representative Interviewee Greetings, Lisa, I appreciate you taking the fourth dimension to talk to me yesterday, and I ‘m grateful for the opportunity to become depart of the Lodge Industries family. I know we both would have preferred an in-person interview, but I ‘m gladiolus we connected. I was excited to hear that you are looking for a moral force and outgoing individual with a potent passion for helping customers as this is one of my better skills that I ‘ve built upon for several years. It was besides fun to discover that we are both coffee fans, so I ‘m activated to check out your coffee recommendations adenine soon as I can. I ‘m looking forward to hearing from you, and I ‘m available for any questions or further discussions. Thanks again for the great talk and the electric potential opportunity. sincerely, John Rodriguez

Example 2

Thank You — Software Engineer Interviewee, David Chan good afternoon, Mrs. Gilmour, I am sending you this electronic mail to thank you for the opportunity to interview for the software engineer position and for the interesting conversation we had. It was a dependable pleasure and I look forward to talking to you in person. It was interesting to hear that you are specifically looking for person with machine learning experience as I have been studying that for the past three years and it is precisely the kind of project I am looking forward to joining. I besides enjoyed hearing about your personal passion for roleplaying video game horizontal surface computer architecture, as I ‘m besides interested in that. Please tell me if there are extra steps to the lease march so I can make surely I am fully train. I look forth to hearing from you. Thanks again for the opportunity. Kind regards,

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