How to Livestream from Zoom to Facebook, YouTube, and Both Simultaneously

How to Livestream from Zoom to Facebook, YouTube, and Both Simultaneously

1*hYgQLaRpglxipf1zqqcl w soar is one of the most big video and audio conferencing platforms that achieved soaring popularity during the COVID pandemic. It has won hearts and charts, all for good reasons. however, Zoom is not alone a conferencing chopine for virtual meetings and events but besides an excellent know stream tool. Zoom allows to stream on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Workplace by Facebook, and on multiple early platforms individually or simultaneously using third-party pour services. The undertaking doesn ’ thymine require any complicate skill and is itself highly easy. so, if you want to stream your content on unlike platforms via Zoom, quell till the end. I ’ ll be discussing the tasks in-depth with easy to follow steps. The pre-requisites before moving ahead are :

  1. A paid Zoom license
  2. Facebook account credentials
  3. YouTube account credentials
  4. A free or paid third-party streaming service account (Optional)

Before getting started on the actual live stream undertaking, we will need to tweak a few settings on your Zoom report for enabling live streaming via your Zoom.

For exist streaming your Zoom Meetings, go to Zoom Account Settings and activate the exist stream of your Zoom meetings .1*UXezyva2ZFBAjaIacUdFfQTick all the platforms you wish to live stream on For bouncy streaming your soar Webinars, your account admin should click Account Management on the Zoom Web Portal, go to Webinar Settings > > In Webinar Settings and click edit to its right. then live streaming on the platforms you want to live stream on should be enabled .1*v0RSq7BeJcIrRC4iOlus3Q(Source: Zoom Support) now that we ’ rhenium done with the basic pre-requisites, let ’ s have a expression at the operation for know pour on each chopine one by one .

Section 1: Livestreaming to Facebook via Zoom

soar allows you to live-stream your meet or webinar on Facebook to your Facebook timeline or group or a page that you ’ re an admin/editor for. This enables you to broaden your audience as people will be able to watch your session via Facebook Live even if they don ’ t register for your Zoom event. Steps: a. Start a Zoom Meeting or Webinar you want to live stream. ( note : Make sure you are the host of the Zoom Meeting or Webinar and log in to the designated Facebook account on your default browser. )1*nrngVyrOMvmRCiatWCfuAQZoom meeting from Host Screen barn. Click on More>>Live on Facebook1*sel1VGpClick on Live on Facebook c. Click on the arrowhead at the right of ‘Share on Your Timeline’ and choose the appropriate timeline, group, event, or page.1*NjsuX5gE36U VGlRV2PRUgClick on the downwards arrowheadChoose the appropriate timeline, group, event, or page you manage, then click Next five hundred. Wait till a connection is established between Zoom and Facebook.1*KVJxgv6hkEIHRyuevWU 0QThis takes a few seconds e. Fill the Title, Description, and Go Live.Go Live now, your Zoom seance will be live on Facebook. Increase shares, create watch parties, and do all you can to boost the reach. For a more in-depth run down, read the digest article by Zoom .

Section 2: Livestreaming to Youtube via Zoom

You can live stream your Zoom suffer or webinar on YouTube. People will be able to interact using the gossip section. The video recording is available on the impart after the live stream is stopped, so this will besides save you fourth dimension for uploading the record on YouTube. Steps: a . Verify your YouTube Channel for Live Streaming ( applicable for first-timers )1*6H0QOClick on YouTube Studio1*wbONVyRuMj4 dSgwfSuIBgVerify with your choice of method The YouTube distribution channel takes 24 hours to get affirm. therefore, get this done at least a day before your scheduled consequence clock. b. Start a Zoom Meeting or Webinar you want to live stream. ( note : Make sure you are the host of the Zoom Meeting or Webinar and log in to the designated Gmail report on your default browser. )Zoom meeting from Host Screen b. Click on More>>Live on YouTube1*vV3MblkPVfIcX8ua8AGjOQClick Live on Youtube degree centigrade. Choose a Gmail account attached to the relevant YouTube Channel. five hundred. Enter the title, set the privacy, and Go Live!1*7wieuKZ10Tc p6XUPuLCJgClick Go Live! now, your Zoom session will be bouncy on YouTube. For a more in-depth run down, read the corroborate article by Zoom .

Section 3: Livestreaming to Facebook and Youtube using Restream

even though you can live pour directly to Facebook and Youtube from Zoom, you can not live stream on both platforms simultaneously via Zoom. Streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously is called multistreaming. You are going to require a third-party cyclosis service to do multistreaming via Zoom. Third-party platforms not lone offer you multistreaming to Facebook and YouTube but they can offer you a ten thousand of platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, etc. in accession to Facebook and YouTube. I have used Restream for exist streaming Zoom meetings and webinars on Facebook and Youtube. My know has been bang-up with it, so I am carrying nowadays ’ south article with its aid. You can use Restream ’ s Free, Standard, or Professional Plan as per your need. If you have to broadcast Facebook live on your personal timeline and a Youtube channel, you ’ re beneficial to use the dislodge plan but if you ’ re planning on streaming to public pages, groups, and multiple platforms, you might want to consider buying a paid design. I ’ ll view that you have opened a Restream report and move forth from there. Steps:

Part 1: Setting up the channels

a. Go to and sign in to your account.1*wJYxd cJFrzI4MJSgrK wgThe initial dashboard is empty. boron. Add Facebook as one of the channels. ( Log in the relevant Facebook account on your default browser, this will make the process easy. )

1*CzvgjgvDTF2X1QEMpHaRtgClick on Connect Facebook1* JSJ1mzTMy sP3DhlAQGPQI selected my personal profile1*G46xiT4LHhAV g1t7su8HQFacebook channel has been added to Restream vitamin c. Add YouTube as another channel. ( Log in the relevant Gmail account on your default browser, this will make the march easy. )1*4QXFUps6rTXmiiYgsiKMSwClick on YouTube1*5gRU 0rTXr0XXWv Xh7sgAClick on Connect YouTube Events five hundred. Choose Primary Youtube Events, set event, edit the title, and select a relevant category as per your content.Fill all the fields and save e. The channels are set.1*iiNFCy17V PgbHJw L6T0g

Part 2: Direct Livestreaming without setting up an event.

You can set up a multichannel alive stream using restream via Zoom immediately without pre-setting a exist event. I do not recommend this approach but it besides works well if you ’ re on a clock time grind. Steps: a. Start a Zoom Meeting or Webinar you want to live stream. ( note : Make sure you are the host of the Zoom Meeting or Webinar and log in to Restream on your default option browser. )Zoom meeting from Host Screen degree centigrade. Log in to Restream . c. Click on Update Titles, then edit the Title and Description for the soon-to-be-live event.1*q7qXOUUpwh46F0KKr6FhQwClick on Update All five hundred. Click on More>>Live on Custom Live Streaming Service1*Iil2kRC3rzoKD CJ2CEKBgClick on Custom Live Streaming Service e. You ’ ll be redirected to a page that asks for a pour URL, streaming key, and bouncy streaming page URL .1*TAM2qKW1WQ34gyrLaFFnZQ farad. Switch to Restream, click on RTMP Settings.Click on RTMP Settings gigabyte. You’ll be able to view the live streaming URL i.e. RTMP URL and stream key.1*E6e hydrogen. Copy the RTMP URL from Restream and copy-paste on Zoom Custom Live streaming page. one. Copy the streaming key from Restream and copy-paste on Zoom Custom Live streaming page. j. Put a valid URL in the Live streaming page URL e.g. Profile/Page/Group Link of Facebook or Channel Link of YouTube1*8Fd8ThIEuy5Z B9LLyOtzgClick Go Live! (I have added YouTube’s link just for the sake of demo.) kilobyte. Now, you’re live on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.1* 9ebM8NhpcqctKIpH0oamA fifty. The live stream is automatically stopped when the meeting or webinar ends but you can turn it off manually midway by clicking on ‘Stop Live Stream’ as shown below.Click on Stop Live Stream to stop streaming midway

Part 3: Setting up a live event on Facebook and Youtube using Restream.

You can set up live events on your Facebook and YouTube anterior to the event by using Restream. You shall follow many steps of the previous depart but the first few steps of the procedure are different. Steps: a. Go to the E vents Tab of Restream.1*0Nh0nAh567JRBhylLGRqLQClick on the Events Tab bacillus. Click on Create Event.1*v1S86Tj7zJya4dyMQvQFhAClick on Create Event degree centigrade. Add Title, Description, and a Feature Image.1*DReg5fO5iq14wYHR v6bQAClick Next d. The event is shared on your Facebook and Youtube Channel.Facebook Post for Live EventYouTube Post for Live Event vitamin e. On the day of the event, the steps on Part 2 of this article will guide you. However, for the RTMP URL, Live Streaming URL, and Streaming Key, follow the directions below. 1. Get RTMP Settings from the Event.

1*E6 8vRTwUScryJnqAy7ROw 2. Copy the YouTube Live yoke for Live Streaming Page URL .1*sPjPHu9tbsvn1A3XIC5cPgCopy the Link and paste Congratulations ! You ’ ve learned how to live pour to Facebook and Youtube via Zoom. I created blank accounts and practiced multiple times before trying it on an actual event. Please make certain you drill these steps enough times before you make a know attack. It ’ ll prevent blunders and their subsequent consequences. I wish you smooth live pour ! Take manage .

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