11 Zoom Hacks To Make Your Online Video Meetings Even Better Than IRL

Zoom video chat hacks

work From Home has become the nonpayment agreement for many employees in Singapore. And in the liveliness of staying home and staying safe, our ability to meet friends and colleagues face-to-face has been limited. Thanks, Covid-19. now that we ’ re advised not to gather in person, video meetings and virtual hangouts on platforms like Zoom are the future best thing, whether it ’ s for cultivate, school or for playfulness .
With these 11 Zoom hacks, your virtual video meetings might identical well be flush better than boring, previous in-person conferences .
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1. Hide your messy room with a background

In such distress times, not everyone ’ mho got their act together a hundred percentage. If moving all your barang home on abruptly notification has left mayhem in its wake island, Zoom ’ s Virtual Backgrounds let you easily hide your mess from mate participants without spend hours dealing with it.

It ’ south commodious, besides. Zoom swaps out your IRL background for preset ones like a stun view of the Golden Gate Bridge or a view of out space. You can evening set your own backgrounds for humorous effect – perfect for a moment of levity .
zoom hacks 3
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom
To enable: Settings > Virtual Background
Pro tip: There ’ s a Subreddit dedicated to creative Zoom backgrounds .

2. Touch up your appearance without any makeup

good because you ’ re stuck at home doesn ’ thymine mean you show up to work looking all scruffy. But if this Circuit Breaker is the perfective time for you to go # bareface and recover from your grim makeup routine, Zoom has got you covered .
Take a flying tour of the settings, and you ’ ll find “ Touch up my appearance ” in the settings. It international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine perfective, though. The flimsy Meitu-like softening impression might be adequate for small, light spots, but it did little to dull the angry pimple on my face .
zoom hacks 5
The smasher trickle in Zoom is subtle, but does a decent job at hiding light blemishes.
Image credit : @ elijahmanor
To enable: Settings > Video > Touch up my appearance

3. Split the meeting into smaller breakout rooms

Bigger international relations and security network ’ thymine always better, and that ’ s particularly true for meetings. To avoid muffle mics and awkward nod, Zoom hosts can split big meetings into break rooms .
Participants can be mechanically split into a set number of rooms randomly, or be manually assigned by the host. This feature isn ’ thyroxine enabled by default, and requires you to entree the advance settings .
To enable: Settings > General > View More Settings ( which will open a new browser window and prompt you to sign in ) > In Meeting ( Advanced ) > Breakout Room
zoom hacks 4
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom

4. Quickly invite contacts from your email address book

In real life, roping in participants in a confluence can be equally easy as spinning around and calling for them. however, with all the technical school involved, on-line meetings can be more of a fuss .
On Zoom, you ’ re able to quickly invite email contacts to join in your television confluence with a bare keyboard shortcut. If your Zoom bill international relations and security network ’ t connected with your e-mail, you can obtain a childlike link that will allow participants to join in without the necessitate for any downloads, installs or sign-ups .
To enable: In a television call, simply press ⌘Cmd + I ( Mac ) or Alt + I ( personal computer ) to invite a participant from your contacts list .
zoom hacks 1
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom

5. Share your screen and allow annotations to explain things better

sometimes, a visual aid is necessity to convey building complex ideas. Like many other video recording calling services, Zoom supports screen sharing, but it goes the excess nautical mile .
Meeting participants are able to concurrently gloss screen shares or a space whiteboard, and you can choose to plowshare an entire screen, a specific app window, or even a crop of your screen .
To enable: Settings > General > View More Settings ( which will open a new browser window and prompt you to sign in ) > In Meeting ( Basic ) > Annotation/Whiteboard
zoom hacks 8
Image credit rating : rapid climb

6. Share multiple screens to compare notes

By default option, Zoom limits screen shares to a single user at a time to prevent clutter. however, having multiple users share their screens can be a productiveness acquire by allowing users to compare notes .
zoom hacks 12
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom
To enable: In a video call, choice Share Screen > Multiple participants can plowshare simultaneously

7. Schedule meetings to your calendar

A key advantage of other big-name video calling services like Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams is consolidation with their other apps that makes it easy to schedule video calls from your calendar or inbox .
With Zoom, you can link your accounts to third-party services from Google, Outlook and Exchange, which allows you to easily send e-mail invites for meetings and even schedule Zoom meetings on your calendar app .
Scheduling a meeting is an essential Zoom hack that makes it convenient.
Image recognition : Ian Ling via Zoom

To enable: Settings > Profile > View Advanced Features ( will open a browser window ) > Profile > Calendar and Contact Information

8. Record Zoom meetings for future reference

Working from home can make for a more chaotic schedule, and nothing ’ sulfur worse than when you forgot the natural process points discussed during an crucial meet .
With Zoom, you can save a video recording of the session, and flush opt for individual audio files for each player so you can cut through the ripple. That way, you save yourself the embarrassment of asking your boss to repeat him- or herself .
Do take note, however, that with scrutiny over the security of Zoom ’ s cloud storage, it would be best to save your recordings directly onto your calculator .
Accessing advanced recording settings is a key Zoom hack.
You can opt to record an individual audio file for each participant for greater clarity
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom
To enable: In a video call, plainly choice Record. To tweak recording settings : Settings > Recording

9. Skip a meeting by setting a looping video of yourself nodding

While the background sport is perfective for hiding your fix, selecting the justly video can make for hilarity, particularly during informal meetings and calls with friends .
now, we ’ rhenium not encouraging you to pontang your meetings, but sometimes there ’ s truly no motivation to devote 100 % of your attention, like in a big seminar or league. In such a case, you might choose to set a loop video of you nodding enthusiastically as you step away to score other productivity wins… or finish a couple of rounds of Mobile Legends to blow off some steam .
zoom hacks gif
Image credit : @ dz
To enable: Settings > Virtual Background > select a video file

10. Secure your video call room once all participants have joined

Some issues deserve the last free will, and Zoom lets you get that extra layer of security by securing your video recording call once all participants have joined .
Locking the room is a secure Zoom hack to protect your meeting participants.
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom
To enable: In a video visit, click Manage Participants > More > Lock meet

11. Share the screen of your iPhone on Zoom

Computers are the undisputed baron of the hill when it comes to function productivity, but being able to contribution the filmdom of your fluid device with meet participants takes it to the following level .
While this feature might be useful for network and app developers to review the mobile user know, it ’ sulfur besides the perfect tool to flex your Scorestreaks on Call Of duty : mobile to your friends .
zoom hacks 9
You can tied fulfil your dreams of hosting a gambling exist pour on Zoom
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom
To enable: ( In video call ) share Screen > iPhone/iPad via AirPlay > ( on iPhone ) Swipe down from top right corner to access Control Center > Screen Mirroring > Zoom

Bonus: Turn into a potato, toilet roll, or … a virus

While Zoom is the video calling app of choice for many schools and companies, it besides makes for the perfect invest to gather for friends and family. One of our darling soar hacks that puts the fun in functionality requires you to install Snap Camera for extra laughs .
Switching your Video beginning from your webcam to Snap Camera in Zoom, you can launch the app and select a face trickle to completely change your appearance .
here are a few of our favored filters on Snap Camera to tide you through this nerve-racking period :

  • potato
  • Toilet axial rotation ( complete with an evacuate supermarket shelf in the background )
  • virus

One of the most advanced Zoom hacks is turning into a potato.
You can change both your appearance and your background for amusing effect
Image credit : Ian Ling via Zoom

To enable: ( In video call ) share Screen > iPhone/iPad via AirPlay > ( on iPhone ) Swipe down from exceed right corner to access Control Center > Screen Mirroring > Zoom

Pro tip: if you ’ ra looking for something extra, voice changers like Voicemod allows you to tweak your voice on a video call for fun. You can sound like a knocker with autotune, or even swap genders .

Zoom video chat hacks

It ’ s a nerve-racking time for many of us as we enter into this menstruation of Circuit Breaker measures. With these Zoom hacks, it ’ mho easier to stay positive while keeping in touch with friends and syndicate equally well as being productive and staying on top of our game at work .
in the first place published on 12th April 2020. last update by Renae Cheng on 21st June 2021 .

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