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It ’ s a wild newfangled work-from-home landscape, and we keep hearing over and over that, like us, your teams are living in Zoom. From all hands meetings and business lunches to skip-level 1:1s and coffee with exercise friends, we ’ ra spend 8+ hours a sidereal day in and out of different Zooms .
The top of such intensifier use ? Our learning arch has been exponential. By popular requirement, we launched a Zoom integration for Donut that allows your team to start meetings right from an intro in Slack .
once you ’ ve launched that meet, what next ? hera are our team ’ s 10 greatest soar hacks of all clock time. ( If you ’ ra not already using Donut, you can add it to Slack with one click. )

1. Temporary Un-mute – Tired of hovering over the mic clitoris just to miss the moment ? Hit the spacebar and hold while you speak to temporarily un-mute yourself .
2. Silence Notifications for Screensharing – It ’ s everyone ’ s worst nightmare : a personal birdcall or text pops up when you ’ rhenium screensharing with an audience of tens ( or hundreds ). Turn on Do not Disturb on Mac, or use Focus Assist in Windows to banish those embarrassing pop-ups .
3. Allow Multiple Screen-shares Simultaneously – This is it, the gold decoration of Zoom screenshares : viewing two at once. Word to the knowing : this works good if you have an extra monitor. here ’ s how to do it .
4. Using Dual Monitors – Speaking of multiple monitors, use the dual-monitor display have to place the video and screen-share layouts on different screens and take advantage of that extra real estate of the realm.

5. Mute All – We ’ ve all been in those meetings where out of 10 participants, one person ’ s mic is immediately in the wind, another ’ second chase is barking in the setting, and a third person is chewing extra obstreperously while wearing headphones. Skip the recur pleas and mute all : hold Command+Control+M on Mac, or Alt+M on personal computer .
6. Quick Invite – Forget navigating 4 menus to track down a lost invite while you ’ re besides trying to follow a live conversation. Command+I brings the invite window right up on a Mac, while Alt+I makes it easily on a personal computer. Want to level up even more ? Under the “ General ” check in settings, you can select “ Automatically copy invite connect once the suffer starts. ” When that box is checked, the converge link will be added to your clipboard whenever you join a meet .
7. Virtual Backgrounds – We ’ ve enjoyed seeing our coworkers ’ homes, meeting their families, and catching glimpses of furred friends. But sometimes you good need to look like you ’ ra somewhere else. Upload a custom selection of virtual backgrounds so you look like you ’ re in the function ( it ’ s a “ wait, what ? ? ” moment every time ! ), at the beach, or in a scene from your favorite movie. We flush made you some Donut virtual backgrounds to try, dispatch with a template for doing a virtual cheers, a GIF news chyron, and many sprinkles. Bonus points for coordinating background Donut selfies !
8. Display Participant Names – Whether you ’ re taking a lot of external calls or having Donut meetups with people you don ’ triiodothyronine already know internally, Display Names is the digital equivalent of a handy nametag.

9. Use Reaction s – Like Slack reactji, it ’ south easy to communicate in a big meet when person asks “ any questions ? ” ( we give a thumbs-up ), or to celebrate good newsworthiness ( we give a clap ) .
10. Use Keyboard Shortcuts, Even From Another Tab – When you find yourself deep in that Excel sheet mid-meeting and abruptly need to unmute and share some wisdom : it ’ randomness now easy to do so without having to juggle back to your Zoom screen door. When you check the “ Enable Global Shortcut ” box in the “ Keyboard Shortcuts ” check in settings, you can use Zoom ’ s keyboard shortcuts even when you ’ re in a different app .
Did we miss any ? Send us your best zoom hacks, and we ’ ll keep this list updated .

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