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Set the Experience

Control what Participants See
Spotlight television puts improving to 9 participants as the primary coil active speakers for all participants, and participants will only see these speakers. This feature of speech is often used to spotlight a keynote speaker or empanel discussion. It helps to make person a co-host and have them control spotlighting .
note : Your Zoom desktop application must be updated to interpretation 5.3.0 to spotlight multiple participants. Learn how to update your Zoom application here .
To Spotlight a Video

  1. At the top of your screen, hover over the video recording of the participant you want to spotlight and click …
  2. how to spotlight a video for everyone From the menu, choose Spotlight for Everyone .
  3. Add a spotlight to existing view ( Optional ) To spotlight extra participants ( up to 9 entire ), follow steps 1 and 2 again as needed, clicking on Add Spotlight rather .

To Cancel a spotlight

  1. Cancel a spotlight in Zoom Click Remove Spotlight in the upper-left corner of the television sphere .
  2. This will return the merging to Active Speaker .

Manage Q & A
In a webinar, the Q & A parcel is individual, and participant questions are only visible to the Host. Instruct attendees to ask questions in the old world chat, with all questions directed to the master of ceremonies only. Change this set to prevent all chat messages from being populace to mimic the Q & A capability. besides, for meeting security, the chat can be used inappropriately by undesirable attendees to display afoul and aweless language that would be visible to everyone. This is more allow for a publicly accessible suffer, however it is constantly relevant .
How : Click on Chat in the Zoom toolbar, click the three dots ( … ) in the lower right corner of the chew the fat window and choose Host only .
note : Co-Hosts can not see the old world chat messages, only the Host of the meeting can .

Use Live transcription
Utilize Zoom ‘s be transcription feature to provide basic captioning to your participants. Learn how to use this sport here. Note that these captions are not ADA compliant .

Limit Participant Interactions

In your account profile ( login to ) and consider changing these settings before your meeting :

  • annotation – crippling this set does not allow any participants from interacting with any data that is being shared by a Host of Co-Host. This is important as it besides prevents undesirable attendees from drawing or writing inappropriate things on your data .
  • File Share – disabling this set up prevents participants from posting inappropriate images into the Chat incision, which can be very disruptive .
  • Limit Participant Interactions – In-Meeting

During the meeting, you should change these settings to provide better control over the participants. note that some of these can only be set during a meet.

Mute All, uncheck Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves
When clicking Mute All, viewable when the Manage Participants clitoris is clicked in the Zoom toolbar, you can Mute all participants that are in the seance and that will join the school term at some point .
How : Click Mute All, then uncheck the Allow participants to unmute themselves, click Continue
– this checkbox is crucial as it prevents participants from unmuting at any time .
adjacent Steps : the Co-Hosts can unmute themselves after this step and all Hosts can unmute any participants that they would like to permit to speak in the meet .

filmdom sharing for Host only
This prevents participants from sharing their screen at any prison term during the meet. lone Hosts and Co-Hosts can share when this is enabled. This besides prevents undesirable attendees from sharing inappropriate message .
How: In the Zoom toolbar next to Share Screen, click the Up Arrow, click Advanced Options and select Host Only for sieve sharing
tip : do not enable screen sharing for participants if you have a public event. If person needs to screen share, promote them to Co-Host so they can partake, then demote them to participant when they are done. Enabling Screen Share for Participants opens the door to permit partake, which is uncontrolled .

Set Chat to Host only
This is a double purpose setting. In a webinar, the Q & A part is secret, and player questions are lone visible to the Host. See the section below on how to use chew the fat as a Q & A. For meeting security, the old world chat can be used inappropriately by undesirable attendees to display foul and aweless linguistic process that would be visible to everyone. This is more allow for a publicly accessible meet, however it is constantly relevant .
How : Click on Chat in the Zoom toolbar, click the three dots ( … ) in the lower right corner of the new world chat windowpane and choice Host only .
note : Co-Hosts can not see the new world chat messages, only the Host of the meet can .

Control Participant Video
Zoom meet contorls can restrict participants from turning on their video. If television from participants needs to be managed, here are recommendations :

  • Clarify in meeting invitations to participants that they should Mute their television
  • announce in the meet that everyone should turn their video off

    Optional: Set 

    Participant Video

     to Off when scheduling a meeting

  • Under Security icon, uncheck Allow participants to: Start Video
  • Hosts and Co-Hosts can then right shiner click on any work video recording thumbnail and chink Stop Video ( alternatively, you can go through the Participants number, levitate over a participant ‘s name, chink More > Stop Video )

For big meetings, this can be a challenge, you can besides try the following :

  • Once the meeting starts, click Security > Suspend Participant Activities.  This will stop EVERYONE ‘s television and microphone and stop current screenshare, and meeting will be locked .
  • Unmute microphone and video for yourself and any co-hosts and continue with the meeting
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