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Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku devices allow you to wirelessly mirror your mobile display to your much-loved living room television receiver. But what if you don ’ thymine own a stream device with mirroring capabilities ? Is there a means to get your phone screen on your television receiver ? fortunately, there is, and it ’ s a little-known engineering that ’ second been around for quite some time. Have you ever noticed three letters above certain HDMI inputs on your television receiver or A/V telephone receiver ? We ’ ra talking about MHL, a wired protocol for getting your earphone, pad, or computer display up on your 4K television receiver. While not adenine convenient as radio mirror, MHL ( for compatible devices ) will get the job done — and the only thing you ’ ll need is an MHL-certified HDMI cable television. Read on to learn more about MHL and how to use it yourself. eminence : Before you go ordering MHL equipment on-line, check to see if you can mirror your smartphone to your television using the gearing you already have at home .
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What is MHL?

In 2010, a band of electronics companies, including Sony and Nokia, developed the MHL connection protocol. Short for Mobile High-Definition Link, MHL utilizes a special type of HDMI input on compatible TVs and A/V receivers to connect a growing list of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The standard takes smartphone and pad subject to the next level, allowing you to showcase everything from your phone on your television with a single connection .
Given the proliferation of radio screen mirroring methods, MHL has fallen out of favor with many manufacturers, but you can still find plenty of televisions that support it.

How do I use MHL?

The most common means to connect for most people is to use an MHL arranger ( such as the one shown below ), which consists of a male Micro USB punch on one goal and a female HDMI port on the other. If your earphone hosts a Micro USB port, all you need to do is plainly connect an MHL arranger to your phone, and run an HDMI cable from the adapter to the MHL-enabled HDMI port on your television ( the correct port will be labeled “ MHL ” ), and you ’ re all set .
If your call or pad does not host a Micro USB port, you ’ ll besides need another adapter, which we ’ ll hash out in more detail in the future department below .
When MHL first base launched, adapters like the one shown above were more or less the chief way to utilize the engineering. immediately, though, there are lots of different cables that support MHL, including direct Micro USB-to-HDMI cables .
The following gradation is merely plugging in your compatible device, which will allow you to display all of its applications, games, movies, photos, and music right on your television, with resolution at 4K Ultra HD ( and above ) .

Does my device work with MHL?

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If you ’ re looking into MHL, you should make certain your device and display are compatible with the protocol by checking the official MHL site — found here — for a full tilt of back devices. If your display device international relations and security network ’ thymine on the number, don ’ t bother buying an MHL adapter — it ’ s not going to work. If your display device is on the number, but your fluid device international relations and security network ’ t, there are some other ways to connect .
If you ’ re an Apple fancier, your iPhone or iPad does not have the chastise output for the default MHL adapter or cable described above. fortunately, there are workarounds. This Lightning to Digital AV Adapter allows you to connect most io devices to your television .
Newer Android phones have USB Type-C ports, preferably than Micro USB. They ’ ll need third-party adapters to work with MHL ports. In the like vein, some compatible Samsung phones require a different ( 11-pin ) arranger, as the default ( five-pin ) adapter won ’ t properly interface. however, be mindful that these adapters won ’ thyroxine charge your telephone like standard MHL, and they can be quite unreliable ( we had a intemperate clock time finding any with positive review scores ). besides, don ’ thymine unintentionally purchase a Micro HDMI connection — that ’ s the wrong type of cable .

Why use MHL?

As mentioned, there are several radio methods that work for mirroring mobile devices to bigger screens : Apple ’ s AirPlay for iPhones and iPads, for exemplar, or Miracast for Android devices. And of course, Google ’ s Chromecast lets you stream video and sound recording from multiple apps. These methods don ’ thymine always offer the like level of video and strait quality as MHL, but the wireless connection is more commodious for many applications.

There are some cases where MHL would come in handy, though. The arrangement is particularly utilitarian for those without cable or internet, for example. In such a scenario ( assuming you ’ ve got games or movies loaded directly on your earphone ), MHL basically turns your call and television into a full-blown entertainment center, with no Wi-Fi required .
In addition, there are a few protocol-specific benefits that might make it worth going with MHL. First, MHL connections tout the convenient ability to transmit manipulate data, which basically means the distant that controls your display may besides be able to control the get in touch device. For mobile gamers, MHL connection besides offers zero latency, which allows for lag-free expose of your device on your television during the most rigorous of gaming sessions. The cable besides charges mobile devices up to 40W without any subsequent imprison while displaying the content .

Where else can I use MHL?

As we ’ ra sure you ’ ve surmised by this point, MHL ’ s most useful routine is to send data from a smartphone or pad to a compatible television or A/V liquidator lag-free. But MHL besides lets you plug your smartphone or tablet into a car ’ randomness compatible documentary organization, a well as a compatible computer proctor at home or at work .
By plugging a earphone or pad into a car with an HDMI input ( or using some adapters to jury-rig a frame-up ), you ’ ll have the ability to utilize up-to-the-second dealings reports, charge your device while commuting, and access your personal music library. The system gives easy touch screen access to all content on your telephone right through the documentary center. Likewise, plugging a smartphone or pad into a compatible calculator monitor can turn your device into a workstation, one you can pair with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to create a ( semifinal ) functioning mini-office .

How much does MHL cost?

Another reason MHL is a viable option is the fact that an adapter won ’ t cost you an arm and a stage. Adapters can run american samoa little as $ 9 ( or less ), though you ’ ll silent need a long HDMI cable — such as this one from Monoprice, which runs another $ 20 or then — unless you want to stand correct following to the television receiver the unharmed time. Depending upon the adapters or cables you need, getting set up with MHL can cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 50, which is pretty low-cost any room you slice it .
sol there you go. immediately you ’ re quick to get down and dirty with MHL. Time to start streaming to that television receiver, latency-free !

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