How to Put Micro SD Card in Computer Without An Adapter


Transferring your data from a storage menu to your calculator can be quite a drawn-out process if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how it works. many people connect their phones directly through the USB cable not knowing that using their USB cable will lone help them access the contents of their telephone ’ s built-in memory and not the SD calling card .
SD cards are repositing devices which store your data and when you have the entire space on them in full occupied, you need to transfer some of it to your calculator to save it as a backing. many people have no mind how to transfer contents from their SD card to their personal computer. This is why we are going to bring you one of the simplest methods to carry out this process .
For today, we shall be discussing the difference between an SD calling card and a micro SD poster, how to insert a micro SD card in your calculator without an arranger, and some FAQs on micro SD cards .

Difference Between SD Card and Micro SD Card

Your standard SD card is known as the dependable digital wag and compared to the micro SD batting order, it is bigger in size. Of course, the bible micro in the micro SD calling card does tell us fair by reading its name that it is smaller in size compared to the SD tease. The dimensions of the SD card are 24 x 32 ten 2.1 but the micro SD card has dimensions 15 mm x 11 mm x 1mm.

The reason there is a deviation in the size of both SD cards is because of their placement in unlike devices. Some phones and cameras have an SD calling card slot whereas some of them have a micro SD card slot. A micro SD menu is besides sometimes known as a TF card .

How to Put a Micro SD Card in Computer Without An Adapter

The operation to install a micro SD card is not a complicate process but it can be done in a number of steps. Insert the blink of an eye drive into your mobile call and connect your calculator and phone with a compliant USB cable to your phone. normally, the phones that are being manufactured now make use of a type-C cable .
once you connect the call to the laptop, you will receive a presentment that the USB has been recognized. Tap the Setup button on which you will send the information. There are two options after this .
In the first option, you will utilize the flash as mobile memory and the moment one is to use it as internal storage. soon after, a new notification will pop up and you will need to click on the “ Explore ” choice. Go into “ Settings ” and then go to “ Store and USB ”. then you may switch your call to your SD cards and view your files as per your like .
If you don ’ t have a file coach then you can obtain support from other applications that are present. An example is the “ ES File Explorer ” which is a bang-up application to carry out and fasten this procedure. You can well download this application from the Play Store which is going to offer you loads of appliance .
No need to worry if there is no built-in micro SD flash time slot with your personal computer or laptop, you can even transfer files from your device to your personal computer with a bantam SD flash. All you need to do this is a bantam SD flash slot USB datum cord smartphone and you ’ re good to go .
To put a micro SD wag in your calculator without an adapter, follow these steps :

  1. Insert the micro SD flash in the memory slot of your smartphone
  2. Connect your smartphone through a suitable data cord to the PC
  3. Click on the starting menu icon ‘My Computer’
  4. Double-click the smartphone name
  5. Choose the files on your SD flash and drag them to your computer desktop or any other location
  6. The file transfer should begin successfully from your micro SD card to your PC successfully without an adapter.
  7. If you can not transfer files or your mobile is not getting connected to pc then you should check if drivers are updated or not you can download driverpack solution from Driverpack solution will help you to update drivers in one click.

now that we ’ ve understood the march of how to insert a micro SD card in a computer without an arranger, we shall be looking at the relevant queries that many users ask in this procedure .


  • Can you put a Micro SD Card in a Laptop?

Yes, you can do sol when you insert the micro SD card in the adapter slot. Insert the arranger menu in the SD tease port on a laptop with the insert micro SD wag. If a wag lector has no SD circuit board connection, pop the installation phonograph record into your laptop ’ second ocular drive for an external circuit board lector .

  • What if my laptop does not have an SD card slot?

If your laptop doesn ’ triiodothyronine have an SD card slot then you will have to find a spare USB slot on your laptop which you could make use of. After this, you will need to buy a USB card lector for your type of card ( SD wag or micro SD card )

  • Is there any need for an adapter for a micro SD card?

SD cards allow for slowly file transplant between two devices. A micro SD tease adapter is occasionally included in a micro SD batting order but you can besides buy a separate converter. Any calculator SD poster reader or SD media port can accommodate the arranger easily like a conventional SD circuit board .

  • What is a micro SD adapter used for?

A micro SD adapter is used by a calculator to read the micro SD circuit board that is inserted into it since laptops don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come with micro SD tease slots built into them .

How to Put Micro SD Card in Computer Without An Adapter

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How to Put Micro SD Card in Computer Without An Adapter

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