What is the purpose of the “grounding” tab/wire on a 3-prong to 2-prong adapter?

Grounding from plug to Box

Looking at the second painting in the motion, makes the grounding path to the box apparent .
Grounding path to box
While the yoke of the device may not be a big ( or approved ) grounding path ( unless it ‘s a self grounding device ), it may well serve as a grounding path in an emergency. Which when it comes down to it, is the aim of the equipment grounding conductor .

Grounding from box to earth

In some situations conductors leading to the box may be either in metallic conduit, or cable assemblies sheathed in a metallic cover. In some cases, these metallic pathways can provide and adequate grounding path. In these situations, the grounding ring on the arranger can indeed provide and adequate grounding path.

unfortunately, there are a set of situations where nonmetallic cable is used to supply nongrounding type receptacles. In these cases, the grounding closed chain will not provide a path to ground .

Potential Hazards

Without an adequate path to ground from the box, this apparatus could actually be more dangerous.

Short to ground inside the box

If for some reason the ungrounded ( hot ) conductor comes into reach with the metallic box, the box can become stimulate. If this adapter is connected, the grounding conductor of the plugged in device can besides be energized. In this case, if the ground conductor is attached to a metallic out covering of the plugged in device. The out covering can be energized, and becomes a electric potential shock/electrocution hazard.

Inadequate grounding path

If the box is supplied using older armored cable, the cable sheathing may actually be a senior high school immunity path to land. This could lead to heating of the cable cocktail dress, in some cases to the detail of ignition of surrounding construction materials. Modern armored cables provide a low resistance way to background, and are much approved to be used as a ground means. so if newer cable is used, this may not be a trouble .

Broken grounding path

The box containing the receptacle may be supplied using modern cable, and a establish path may be present. however, the modern cable may be connected to older cabling that does not provide a ground path. In this case, fault current will follow the ground path back to the articulation between old and newfangled cable, and lead to potential hazards at that location .


In some cases these devices work a intended, and provide an adequate path to flat coat. In other cases they do not, and can potentially introduce other hazards. Though we must keep in mind, the equipment grounding conductor is a condom device. Under normal engage conditions, this way will never have current flowing through it. Because of this, the dangers from a device like this are limited .

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