Install Active Directory on Windows Server 2016

Install Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 .
NOTE: Before installing AD role, you must install DNS role. (DNS – required component for AD)

Install Active Directory Domain Services with Graphical Interface (GUI)

1. Start your Server and start Server Manager cabinet ( by nonpayment starts after user login ) ;

2. Click Manage ( upper menu ) and pawl Add Roles and Features ;
3. Click Next button ;
4. choice Role-based or feature-based installation and cluck Next button ;
5. Select your aim server ( in my case it ’ s only one ) and suction stop Next button ;
6. Set check mark Active Directory Domain Services ( ADDS ) ;
7. In pop fly window click Add Features button ( added some AD management tools ) ;
8. Click Next button ;
9. For immediately we don ’ t need any Features, so cluck Next ;
10. Read short circuit text about AD and pawl Next release ;
11. You may set check mark Restart the destination server automatically if required ( by default not required ). Click Install button ;
13. facility began ;
12. After facility complete chatter Close button ;
13. After function initiation complete you will see chicken triangulum in upper menu. Click on it show next number, chink Promote this server to a domain controller ( to make this device Domain Controller, aka DC ) ;
14. choice Add a new forest ( in my font this is new DC and newfangled forest ), enter Root domain name ( this is our future knowledge domain ). Click Next release ;
15. Select your :

  • Forest functional level;
  • Domain functional level;

Type DSRM password ( make it strong, needed for future restore if it fell ) and suction stop Next button ;
16. If you have parent DNS suction stop Show more ;
17. Read short text about DNS delegating and cluck OK button.If need- create DNS deputation. If you don ’ t need to Create DNS delegation ( as case ) – click Next button ;
18. Enter The NetBIOS domain name of your domain and suction stop Next button ;
19. If indigence – specify the placement of AD DS objects, chatter Next button ;
20. Read compendious information, and if all OK cluck Next button ;
21. After checking prerequirements suction stop Install ;
22. facility began ;

23. After installation complete you get pop fly about Signed out and organization restarting. You may click Close button or wait restart ;
24. System resume ;
25. After restarting you will see, that you able to login as Domain Administrator ;
26. After login to organization, when Server Manager comfort show up you will see install character AD DS ;

Install Active Directory Domain Services with Windows Powershell

The foremost thing you will need to do is open Windows PowerShell. once you have logged into the system and are faced with the command telephone line, just type PowerShell ( in Windows Core ). For desktop interface run PowerShell (Admin) .
1. perform :


2. once the command has completed successfully, you will be presented with all the uninstalled, but available, modules .
3. Once we have figured out the serve mention and the module name, we now have to go ahead and install it .

install-windowsfeature AD-Domain-Services

This command will extract all command binary star files and start the installation operation .
4. Let ’ s make new forest .

Import-Module ADDSDeployment

note : If the control completed successfully then you will be faced with a blank prompt .
5. now, you will need to need to promote your waiter to a domain control as per your requirements – there are several commands that you can use to do this .

Command Description
Add-ADDSReadOnlyDomainControllerAccount Install read only domain controller
Install-ADDSDomain Install first domain controller in a child or tree domain
Install-ADDSDomainController Install additional domain controller in domain
Install-ADDSForest Install first domain controller in new forest
Test-ADDSDomainControllerInstallation Verify prerequisites to install additional domain controller in domain
Test-ADDSDomainControllerUninstallation Uninstall AD services from server
Test-ADDSDomainInstallation Verify prerequisites to install first domain controller in a child or tree domain
Test-ADDSForestInstallation Install first domain controller in new forest
Test-ADDSReadOnlyDomainControllAccountCreation Verify prerequisites to install read only domain controller
Uninstall-ADDSDomainController Uninstall the domain controller from server

To install the Active Directory with the default shape, execute the follow command :


This will install the basic features and functions, however, if you want to install a customize frame-up :
-DatabasePath “C:\Windows\NTDS”
-DomainMode “Win2012R2”
-DomainName “”
-DomainNetbiosName “YOURDOMAIN”
-ForestMode “Win2016”
-LogPath “C:\Windows\NTDS”
-SysvolPath “C:\Windows\SYSVOL”

once you execute this, you will be asked to enter SafeModeAdministratorPassword – this is for the Directory Services Restore Mode ( DSRM ). once you set this password here Windows will finish the AD installation and shape on your Windows Server based on the stimulation provided .
6. The Active Directory will now setup. You may receive assorted warnings, dependant on whether you have static IPs or not. Your server may mechanically restart during this process a well .




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