How to Setup Active Directory on Windows Server 2019

In this post, we will learn how to setup active directory on windows server 2019. The first step is to get windows server 2019 install on a server. It is identical similar to server 2012 R2 / 2016 facility and in one of my previous posts I have describe how to do the windows server 2019 installation and IP shape in details .

Test Lab Setup:

  • Machine Name: WS2K19-DC01
  • IP Address:
  • DNS Server Address:

Note: Since the waiter will be act as DNS server, for DNS server discipline you can use local anesthetic host address or Active Directory setup process is divided into two major parts:

  1. Install Active directory Domain Service
  2. Promote server as Domain controller

Let ’ s walk through the methods of installing active directory on Windows Server 2019 and adding domain in new afforest .

Step-1: Install Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) Role

1. Login to your server using administrator user account. 2. Open the Server Manager dashboard .1. Server Manager Overview 3. Click on Tools and Select Add roles and features .2. Click on Add Roles and Features 4. Click Next to proceed .3. Click Next on Before You Begin Console 5. choice Role-based or feature-based installation option and click on Next .4. Select Role-based Installation 6. Since I am installing AD DS waiter function locally I will select “Select a server from the server pool”. Select the server on which you want to install AD DS server function, in my case its WS2019-DC01. Click on Next .5. Select the Server to Install the AD DS role 7. nowadays select Active Directory Domain Services character from the Server Roles page .6. Select Active Directory Domain Services Server Role 8. once you click on AD DS, another window will popup explaining about extra feature that are required to install Active Directory Domain services. Click on Add Features .7. Click on Add Features 9. now blue-ribbon DNS server role and click on add features to add required extra features. Click on Next. 8. Make sure you have selected DNS Server as well 10. Review on features and select them. once done click on Next.9. Click Next on Select Features console9. Click Next on Select Features console 11. On active Directory Domain Services page, review the data about AD DS. Click on Next. 10. Click Next on Overview Page 12. On DNS page, review the information about DNS waiter role. Click on Next.

11. Click Next on DNS overview 13. Click on Install to start the initiation process .12. Click on Install to start the installation The facility process will take some time to complete .

Step-2: Promote Windows Server 2019 as Domain Controller:

14. After installing Active directory services, suction stop on Promote server to a domain controller link .13. Click on Promote the server to a domain controller 15. choice Deployment option as per your requirement. here I am installing first gear active voice directory in my network so I am selecting Add a New Forest. now specify your root domain name into the Root sphere diagnose field. ( here I have used mylab.local) .14. Select New Forest 16. choice forest and domain functional level. I will be setting the functional level to highest charge which is Windows Server 2016 at the time of writing this post. You ’ ll besides need set up DSRM password hera. Click on Next. 15 Type DSRM password 17. In next window it will give warning about DNS delegating but it can be ignore. Click on Next to continue .16 Click Next on DNS Option Page 18. In future window it ask for the NetBIOS name for the Domain. We can keep it default and click on Next to continue .17. Choose Domain Netbios Name 19. In next window it gives us option to change file paths for AD database, log files and SYSVOL files. We can change the paths or keep them defaults. Once changes are done click on Next to continue .18. Specify Path for AD Database 20. On Review Options page, review the options which you have selected. Once you are ready, Click on Next to continue .19. Review Selection 21. In the next window it will run system check mark and control system is compatible with the selected facility. If it passes any critical errors those needs to be address before the installation begin. once test completes successfully click on install button to begin the installation.20. Click on Install to start the promotion process 22. then it will start the initiation summons and we need to wait till it finishes. Once it ’ mho complete the install it will automatically reboot the server .21. Server will restart automatically

Verify New Active Directory Domain:

23. once server is rebooted log in to server using domain admin credentials.

22. Login to Domain Controller 24. Open Active Directory Users and Computers by clicking on Tools .23. Open Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in 25. Verify WS2K19-DC01 waiter is now promoted as a sphere control for mylab.local sphere from Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in .24. Verify New Active Directory Domain Name Congratulations ! ! We have successfully setup Active Directory Domain Service on Windows Server 2019 .

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