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In this article, we will learn How to Install and Configure DNS Server on Windows Server 2019. DNS is a vital part of any Active Directory implementation. Domain Name System (DNS) is a structured database similar to Active Directory that is frequently stored on Domain Controller servers. An active Directory database contains information about the world objects themselves, where DNS is responsible for storing and resolving all the names on your network. Windows Server 2019 utilizes the domain name arrangement ( DNS ) as its primary method acting of name resolving power .
Before we start Installing DNS Server, it is recommended that the Local Server should be configured with static IPv4. In case of IP address changes, clients might not be able to contact the DNS server .

Install DNS Server on Windows Server 2019

Step 1: Launch Server Manager and Click Add roles and features .
alternatively, you can press the Windows+ R to open the Run, or open the Command Prompt. then type ServerManager and press Enter.

Windows-Server Manager-Add Roles and
Step 2: Click Next on the ‘ Before You Begin ’ page .
Step 3: Select Role-Based or Feature-Based initiation .
On installation type page leave the default survival and click Next .
Step 4: Select Destination Server .
Select the server from the waiter pool to add the DNS character to and click Next .
Step 5: Select DNS Server Role and Features that are required for DNS Server .
Select the DNS Server check box from the Roles .
Install DNS Server-Select DNS
On this pop up page, snap Add features. And then Click Next to continue .
Install DNS Server-Add Features-Ofbit
Step 6: Click Next to skip the Features excerpt.

Install DNS Server-Select
Step 7: Click Next on the Introduction to DNS Server page .
This page will give you an introduction and things to notes for DNS Server. Click Next to continue .
Step 8: Confirm Installation Selection .
Click Install on the Confirmation page to install the DNS character .
Install DNS
Step 9: Once DNS Installation succeeded Click Close .
So we have successfully installed the DNS Server on Windows Server 2019. The facility procedure is identical straightforward, and no boot is necessary .
The DNS function has been installed on the Windows Server 2019 server but has not been configured so far. now let ’ s move to the following part to learn how to configure DNS server .

Configure DNS Server on Windows Server 2019

In this section, we will learn How to Configure DNS Server on Windows Server 2019. here we create a DNS Forward Lookup and Reverse Lookup Zones, which is recommended for a large network. After that, we will learn to create A and PTR records and confirm if the DNS server is configured and working .
first, let ’ s start with How to Configure DNS Forward Lookup Zone in Windows Server 2019.

second, we will learn How to Configure DNS Reverse Lookup Zone in Windows Server 2019 .

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