Installing a car antenna

Through accident or otherwise, you may need to replace your cable car ‘s AM/FM radio antenna. But take heart — it ‘s not as bully a problem as you might think. car

Installing an antenna

Fender mount antennas

If your vehicle has no antenna, but does have a factory antenna fix, feed the antenna cable through the trap. To run the cable television to the receiver, you ‘ll have to find the route the car ‘s designers intended. Look for a plug hole near the basal of the antenna. If we have a MasterSheet™ for your car, it may tell you where to find the hole. Do n’t use the same hole that other electrical electrify runs through — interference from those wires will likely be picked up by the antenna cable and transmitted to the recipient. here ‘s what to do if your vehicle has a factory antenna : After unplugging the old antenna, attach a distance of thin wire to the end of the cable. As you pull the cable out of the car, this wire snakes through the cable ‘s path. once you ‘ve pulled the cable all the way out, attach the telegram to the end of the new antenna ‘s cable television. then have person feed the newly cable through as you pull the telegram back into the car. Front or rear, the antenna is held in place from underneath by a base that swivels to become flush with the hole, and from the top by a crackpot that tightens against the top of the fender.

Pillar-mount antennas

For antenna mounted on the movement column ( the post between the windshield and the front door ) or on the roof above the pillar, there are typically two screws securing the antenna/base assembly. Removing these screws will free up the antenna and cable, which travels down the column, exiting somewhere in the kick gore area. Have a supporter jiggle the cable until you can find it ( you may have to remove the kick panel trim ). A shortstop nibble of coat hanger with a hook on the end is helpful here. now attach a wire to the end of the cable as done above for a fender-mount antenna.

Drilling a hole for a new antenna

If your car has no existing antenna hole, you ‘ll need to drill one. Your inaugural step is to note where other cars of the lapp model have their antennas. once you ‘ve decided on the localization and checked the clearance below the mounting surface, use a center punch to mark the placement. next, drill a minor fender hole ( a 1/16 ” bite works well ), using a low amphetamine until the hole is started. On sloping surfaces, apply duct tape around the area to keep the drill from slipping, and to prevent scratching if it does slip. finish by using a larger bit to open the hole to the compulsory size. If the hole needs to be bigger than your largest bite, use a reamer.

A case study — my new antenna

It happens to many innocent people every day, possibly by chance, say at the car wash, or as a random act of vandalism. In my case, it was while sweeping a world-stopping eight inches of snow off of the car. All it took was one ill-placed tug of the broom and — SNAP ! — no more fermium reception ! Antenna replacement I opted to get a satellite radio system alternatively, so there was no motivation to bother replacing the previous antenna — triumph ! I actually did n’t miss FM radio anyhow, except possibly for the local college station ‘s acoustic music good morning show. The thrill of satellite radio receiver distracted me for about a class. But now, with the coming of spring, the season of new life and re-birth, I felt compelled to make things right — to restore the karmic symmetry between me and my car. so I set aside an entire dawn to install a new antenna, and borrowed a photographer buddy to capture the have, sure that I would be able to record my mishaps along the way in an campaign to warn future adventurers who might tread this path. I gathered everything I felt necessity for the job : surrogate antenna, toolbox, vehicle-specific instructions for replacing the antenna ( a Crutchfield MasterSheet™ ), and of course, a witness.

Under the dash

The foremost step was finding the antenna cable under the dash. normally, you have to remove the stereo from your hyphen in order to unplug the antenna cable television from the raise of the stereophonic. I was able to skip this gradation because I use an FM modulator to connect the aforesaid satellite radio organization to my car stereo, and the FM antenna was plugged into the modulator. fortunately, I could get to the modulator ( and therefore the antenna cable ) without touching the radio, enabling me to bypass a major part of the antenna facility march. courteous ! Antenna diagram This diagram of an FM modulated CD record changer system illustrates how the radio antenna connects to the FM modulator, which in turn feeds the radio and CD record changer signals to the receiver ( black box on the far right ). After unplugging the cable from the FM modulator, I besides had to remove two pieces of housing : the driver ‘s side bang jury and a shroud covering the under side of the steering column sphere — a simple operation that gave me access to the antenna cable, which was held in space by respective retaining clips.

Antenna install once the cable was free, I tied a string around the end, so that when I pulled out the previous antenna, the string would be pulled along the cable ‘s path inside the car consistency. This is probably the most authoritative footfall in the successor summons, as you ‘ll see on the adjacent page. Next we moved to the outside of the car. I cursorily realized how commodious it was having the antenna located over one of the front window pillars ( the posts holding up the ceiling of the cable car ). This placement made for the most simple and direct cable path. After removing two screws, it was easy to pull the antenna cable television out of the pillar. The cable is attached to the old antenna caparison, so it pulls properly out. And along with the antenna cable came my fancy string. Antenna install

Old antenna out, new antenna in

once the erstwhile antenna was out of the car, I happily cut the string and discarded the antenna housing and cable. I then tied the chain around the connection on the modern antenna cable television, and fed the cable through the opening in the car ‘s roof. It certain helped to have person else on hand during this step. My cameraman guided the new antenna mast and house into the car from above, while I used the chain to pull the cable into the car ‘s department of the interior, down through the column and into the kick panel. That ‘s where the string was a critical part of the facility, allowing me to guide the cable end toward the access trap inside the car. I then had to use my fingers to dig the cable end out of the car consistency. antenna install once I had the connection in my bridge player, I lightly pulled the length of the cable through the hatchway and into the floorboard. From there, after removing the bowed stringed instrument, it was a simple matter to route the cable along the bottom of the dash to the FM modulator. I pushed the cable into the retaining clips to secure it and plugged the goal into the FM modulator. ultimately, inside the cable car, I replaced the kick panel and under-dash shroud. Outside, I inserted the screws through the raw antenna ‘s saddle horse to secure it to the car. But does it work ? Antenna install Tightening the concluding sleep together. The concluding analysis A “ master ” installer would ‘ve tested the antenna before completing those last two steps, but I was on a scroll and had no meter for timbre assurance ! After everything was back in place, I turned on the radio. Ah ! The local rock station came on over the long-unused preset. I pushed each preset clitoris in turn, remembering the match place about instinctively, like a dame navigating its room dwelling in the jump. I now have a running FM radio again. total elapsed installation time : approximately 20 minutes. overall, replacing my radio antenna was a simple, pain-free summons. Looking back, I had several things working in my favor :

  1. Since I’d already re-routed the antenna connector to an easily-accessed FM modulator, I didn’t have to remove the stereo.
  2. My antenna is located over a front pillar, minimizing the cable run through the car.

Had either of these things been different, the installation would ‘ve taken longer and been more difficult. The radio in my car is difficult to remove, due to a guarantee prison guard located on the binding of the stereo that ‘s very hard to reach. And if the antenna had been on a buffer ( specially on a rear fender ), then I would have had a longer cable run to deal with. If you divide the antenna surrogate into sections, it ‘s easier to comprehend and organize the job :

  1. remove the stereo;
  2. trace and pull old antenna cable out;
  3. pull new cable in;
  4. put it all back together.

Final discussion on antenna replecement : it ‘s all about the string. Without that little ball of string, snaking the antenna cable through the car body would be hit or miss. With lots of miss. And now, I ‘m off to catch a band confrontation on the local freelancer radio receiver post. The batting order is the White Stripes vs. the Wiggles — I ‘m not joking.

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