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If you have used a Chromebook for a while, you have probably realized that despite ChromeOS is a Linux-based function organization ; it has been scraped most of the features you would find on a basic Linux distro. Google did acknowledge this problem and introduced support for Linux and Android apps on Chromebooks. however, if you are an promote Linux user, you might still feel limited and desire something much more like running your favorite Linux distribution on a Chromebook .

Installing Kali Linux on Chromebook

In this tutorial, we will give you a bit-by-bit guide on installing Kali Linux on a Chromebook. Kali Linux is a linux distribution with a focus on penetration test and security audit. It is among the most popular function system in the security battlefield, boasting more than 600 complimentary and open-source penetration screen tools and utilities. then lease ’ s bring started mighty away .

Step 1. Backup Your Data and Powerwash Your Chromebook

Tip : This step is meant to create more space on your drive and allow you to install another operating system aboard ChromeOS. If you have already enabled developer mode and have enough space on Chromebook, cut to Step 3. If you have NOT enabled developer mode, skim to Step Two since that will besides erase your local data.

Powerwashing, your Chromebook, will erase any local data you might have stored in your repositing drive. Therefore, carrying out a accompaniment is highly recommended before performing a Powerwash. Please check out our detail guide on How to Powerwash ( Reset ) a Chromebook if you are fresh to all this .
however, it ’ s not a complicate process. First, open the Settings window and click on the Advanced yellow journalism on the leave to reveal the Reset Settings button .
Advanced tab Click the Reset Setting buttons. On the left screen, you will see the option to powerwash your Chromebook. Click Reset to get started. At this point, the Chromebook will reboot, erasing all the data .
Reset Settings

Step 2. Enable Developer Mode

Enabling developer modality on your ChromeOS basically allows you to carry out more tasks other than the restrict ones. For example, you can install Android app APKs, able dual-boot capabilities, and even side-load applications. however, alike to the Powerwash step, this will besides erase all the local data on your Chromebook .
The process can be a little complicate, and I highly recommend you read our victor guide, which gives you a bit-by-bit routine to enable Developer Mode on a Chromebook .

Step 3. Download Crouton

Note : Steps to install crouton have changed ! therefore, if you have installed a Linux distribution before, the steps used in this tutorial might differ since they adhere to the latest crouton initiation instructions .
With developer mode enabled, we can now install Kali alongside our ChromeOS. These two operating systems will reside on the like storehouse drive, and you can switch between the two using the keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1 and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F2. That is made potential by using Crouton ( Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment ) .
Crouton is a complimentary and open-source package available on GitHub. To download Crouton directly, use this radio link .

Step 4. Install Kali Linux

After you have successfully downloaded Crouton, we can proceed to install Kali Linux on Chromebook. First, enter the Crosh Terminal using the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + T. Type blast to launch the ChromeOS shell .
crosh terminal After starting a Shell, we can now start installing Kali Linux. First, execute the command below to make the crouton software feasible.

sudo install -Dt /usr/local/bin -m 755 ~/Downloads/crouton

launching crouton with the command below. This will show you the Crouton help text .

sudo crouton

launch crouton Execute the command below to install Kali Linux .

sudo crouton -n kali -r kali-rolling -t core,xiwi,xfce,extension

Let ’ s take a front at the arguments in this command .

  • Kali-rolling is the version of Kali Linux that we will be installing. Of course, you can change this depending on your expertise.
  • Xfce is the Desktop Environment that we will use for our Kali Linux installation. It is considered one of the light-weight Desktop Environments available.

download kali linux Tip : If an error occurs ( for example, internet/power issues ) and the download doesn ’ t complete successfully. You can continue by adding the -u ( update ) parameter at the end, as shown below .

sudo crouton -n kali -r kali-rolling -t core,xiwi,xfce,extension -u

Kali Linux is a huge package, and the download process might take quite some time, depending on your internet travel rapidly. After a while, you will see the prompt to set up a raw Unix username and password. Use anything for the username but not rout .
enter username and password When done, you will be presented with the Chronos shell prompt. Let ’ s switch to kali with the dominate below .

sudo enter-chroot -n kali

adjacent, we will install the data bus for the X Window System with the command below .

sudo apt install dbus-x11

open kali console We can now proceed to launch Kali Linux. Execute the command below .


After a few seconds, a window will open to reveal the beautiful Kali Linux XFCE desktop.

kali linux xfce4 The Chromebook version of Kali Linux doesn ’ t come with most packages, and you will have to install them manually from the command line. however, that shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be hard since most of the tools are spare and open-source .


That ’ s all ! We have successfully installed Kali Linux on our Chromebook. Did you face errors executing any of the commands above ? Please feel free to reach out in the comments incision .

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