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No Internet & No Drivers after a Fresh Install of Windows OS

“ My laptop had a virus thus I installed a new fresh translation of Windows 7, now that is done I cursorily realize that I can’t access the Internet due to there being no drivers installed. The wireless drivers and every other Internet driver are not installed. I am trying to install from USB stay but not install, please tell me what should I do ? ” — – Quoted from Spice Community This is not a rare problem. A majority of users who do a clean install of Windows ever encountered this embarrassing situation : no Internet connection on the calculator. Lots of users ca n’t access the Internet after reinstalling Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, and if you ‘ve updated to the new Windows 10, you ‘ve credibly got this no Internet return. “ How to check my calculator to install Lan driver ? How to solve and prevent this trouble ? ” This is what I will demonstrate today in this article.

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How to Download and Install Network Drivers after Reinstalling Windows (No Internet Connection)

by and large, there are 3 methods to solve network connection problem after a Windows system format or reinstallation. See Also: How to Install Drivers without Network, USB or CD Drive

Method 1: Download and Install Lan/Wired/Wireless Network Drivers with Driver Talent for Network Card

This way is easy and recommended since it is a smart, promptly and automatic rifle solution ! We have introduced that Driver Talent ( once called DriveTheLife ) offers a bright and automatic rifle driver download, install, fix and update solution for all Windows users. But it needs a continuous Internet joining to do all the jobs. indeed what if there is no network driver and no Internet to download the driver ? That is why Driver endowment for Network Card is designed. Driver Talent for Network Card, as its diagnose tells us, is particularly developed to solve network card driver problems. It has a large size because all major network adapter drivers are integrated in its local library so that it is able to install network drivers or LAN drivers without Internet association. nowadays let ‘s start to explore how to use it. Step 1. Go to a calculator whose network connection is available. Download Driver Talent for Network Card via the button below and save the .EXE file to a USB drive. ( If you have not such computer around you, you can besides download the utility via your iPhone or Android earphone or other network available devices. ) download now
Step 2. Connect the USB drive to your computer and copy the installer file. then run the .EXE charge to install Driver Talent for Network Card.
install network card driver
Step 3. Launch the utility program and it will start scanning automatically without any boost configuration. ( Are you wondering when the network driver is installed ? It is installed during the process of installing Driver Talent for Network Card. ) once this tool is installed, the network driver is installed successfully. driver_ok.png Step 4. Restart the calculator. You will see that the calculator has Internet access again. If you want to install other drivers, you can complete all the jobs with one “ Update ” or “ Download ” snap.

All the functions that Driver Talent have are adapted in Driver Talent for Network Card. so fair use it as Driver Talent after the network drivers are installed. Do n’t know the full features of Driver Talent ? View Driver Talent user guide here. See Also:

Method 2. Download Network Drivers from One Computer to Another

If you have one more computer available, you can use it to help download drivers for your calculator which has no Internet access. Try the “ Pre-download ” feature on Driver Talent. It will help you to download all the chastise drivers including the network drivers for your calculator. For more details on how to download drivers on another computer, refer to : 5 Steps to Download Drivers for another Computer personal computer .

Method 3. Download and Install LAN/Network/Internet Drivers Manually

To download and install network drivers or LAN drivres manually has never been easier. You need to refer to the hardware model and details then search painfully for the compensate driver for your net adapter. It is no doubt a time-consuming job. however, it besides works well if you got the right driver installed on your computer. bill that another Internet-available calculator is needed to download Driver Talent for Network Card or the specific driver of your net poster. then transfer the .exe file onto your calculator to install. It ‘s much better to download and install it on your computer before you format or reisntall the Windows system.
All major computers are supported including Dell, Asus, HP, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, etc. to download net drivers offline.
All normally used Windows systems are supported including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.. You may also like to check out: If you however fail to connect to the network on your computer, you can drop a line below in the gloss section or click the support menu on the left of this page, we ‘ll try our best to help you. If you encounter other driver problems after the latest Windows 10 update, you can besides comment below. Hope you continue to have access to Resource section on this site a well as provide hold.
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