How to Attach 3M ARC Rails to ComTac Headset (With Pictures)

3M Peltor ARC ( Accessory Rail Connector ) attachments are used to mount the ComTac VI headset onto a helmet rail system. ARCs are used primarily for tactical function by military and swat personnel who require comms and the use of a helmet .
ARC attachments require a bit of work to fully convert the headset to be used with a helmet. By following these 14 steps, your headset will be converted for practice with a helmet in a matter of minutes .

      1. Unclip the rubber headband clips shown in 1.1a and 1.1b in the figure below. Pull the clip out until open and repeat for the other clip.Unclipping Rubber Headband Clips from ComTac
      2. Unfold the rubber band by pulling out the ridge attachments one by one. Reference figures 1.2a, 1.2b, and 1.2c.Unfolding the Rubber Band on ComTacUnfolded Band on ComTac
      3. Remove the jacket.Removing Rubber Jacket from Headset
      4. Rotate the right clip 90 degrees, the one without the boom microphone, to detach the earcup arm guide in figure 1.4a, 1.4b, and 1.4cRemoving Boom Microphone from 3M ComTac VI Headset.
      5. Repeat step 4 on the other side and remove the cup. Now the earcups should look like this (figure 1.4d)Removing ComTac VI Cups for ARC Rail Attachment
      6. Detach the boom microphone connector from the connector jack on the left cup by pulling up.Detachable Boom Microphone from 3M ComTac Headset
      7. Rotate the left cup 90 degrees to detach the earcup arm guide. See figure 1.6a, 1.6b, and 1.6c for details.Detaching Earcup Arm Guide from Comtac Headset
      8. Repeat step 7 on the other guide. Your earcups should now look like this. (figure 1.6d) ComTac Headset Without Headband for ARC Attachment
      9. Rotate the boom microphone earcup arm guide 90 degrees. This ensures the boom microphone detaches with ease and remove the boom microphone. Note: Make sure you rotate the boom microphone earcup arm guide as shown in 1.7a and 1.7b because of the earcup arm guide lock when it’s positioned in place. Removing Boom Microphone from Arm GuideRemove the existing boom microphone earcup arm guide on the helmet attachment by rotating it 90 degrees and remove the boom microphone earcup arm guide from the helmet attachment. Please reference figure 1.7c and 1.7d. Note: There is only one boom microphone earcup arm guide on the helmet attachment. Arm Guide from 3M ComTac IV Headset
      10. Install the boom microphone with the earcup arm guide on the helmet attachment as shown in figure 1.8a and 1.8b. Align the boom microphone earcup arm guide with the wire as shown in 1.8a to ensure it fits with ease.Reattaching Arm Guide
      11. Install the helmet attachment with the boom microphone on the left earcup (the earcup with the boom microphone connector jack). First, rotate the left cup to attach the earcup arm guide in figure 1.9a and 1.9b. Some force will be required. Push or pull the earcup arm guide on the earcup. Choose the method that best suits you. If you have trouble attaching, we recommend a gripping tool. Attach Earcup Arm Guide to ComTac Headset
      12. Rotate the boom microphone earcup arm guide in position and install the boom microphone connector to the earcup connector jack on the left earcup.Reattaching Boom Microphone to Comtac Headset
      13. Repeat step 11 for the other guide and fully attach the left cup. Your earcups should now look like this. (figure 1.11) Headset with 1 ARC Rail on Earcup
      14. Your headset should immediately look like this ( figure 1.12c ) Completed ComTac Headset with Both ARC Rail Attachments

Your ARC rails are now attached to the ComTac headset and can be used on a helmet.

To convert the headset from ARC rails back to the original headband travel to, How to Convert Headset from ARC Rail Back to Headband .
For a downloadable adaptation of the instructions, download here.

First Source Wireless is an industry leader in 3M Peltor headsets and accessories including democratic ARC Rail Attachments and ComTac IV headsets. For more information or questions about a merchandise, please contact us at 800-806-1076. Let us solve your communication needs .
Pictures courtesy of 3M Corporation

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