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In this Windows 10 post, we will be taking a expect at how you can install the latest Realtek drivers for your personal computer or Laptop .
If your network menu requires the Realtek drivers then installing the latest driver can help fix problems, bugs and improve the stability and operation of your network tease. Below we have listed the steps for installing Realtek net drivers in Windows 10 .

Why Install Latest Realtek Network Driver?

just like any other driver installing the latest driver has many benefits. For exercise, using the latest Realtek Network driver will normally resolve any issues previous drivers had that could have been affecting your network card .
It can besides help improve the stability and performance of your network wag, so it ’ randomness identical important to ensure you are always using the latest driver.

Can Anyone Install Realtek Network Drivers?

The answer is no, not everyone will be able to use or install the Realtek network drivers. The reason is that if you are not using a Realtek net card/adapter and using a different manufacturer, then the driver will not work for your network tease and you will need to download and install the driver for your specific arranger .

What Network Card Or Adapter Am I Using?

To be able to see if you are using a Realtek Network card/adapter or using a different make then you can either :

  • Look on the manufacturer’s website for your motherboard
  • Check out the specifications for your PC or laptop from where you purchased it from
  • Check within Device Manager – (Right-click on the Windows start menu > Click “Device Manager” > Expand “Network adapters” > You should see Realtek. For example, our computer is using a Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller. Also, if you right-click on your adapter and go into Properties and select “Driver” you can also see the currently installed Driver Date and Version)

windows10 device manager network adapter

Will This Fix Realtek Network Adapter Missing?

so you might be wondering if installing the latest Realtek Network Driver will fix your net arranger missing from Windows 10, which is stopping you from being able to connect to the internet. The answer to this is yes, installing the Realtek Network Adapter in most cases does fix the Realtek Adapter missing from Windows 10. So you will once again be able to connect to the internet once installed, providing it ’ s not a demerit with the arranger or batting order .

Installing Realtek Network Drivers:

sol installing the network driver for your Realtek network card\ adapter is fairly straightforward but first, you will need to know what version of Windows 10 you are using and you will besides need to know what Realtek adapter you have, once you know this you can proceed .
1. You now need to go here to download the Realtek Network Driver

2. once you have downloaded the driver you then need to right-click the compressed folder and snap “ Extract All…
windows10 extract realtek network folder
3. You will nowadays see a apparatus file within the booklet you good extracted > You need to double click this file and it will then check to see if you can install the Realtek Network driver to your computer then click the “ Next ” button
windows10 install realtek network driver
4. now pawl “ Install ” and the Realtek Network Driver will begin to install while the network driver is being installed you will notice that your network adapter has been disconnected from the internet and once it has finished you will be reconnected and you can then click “ Finish ”
windows10 install realtek network driver1
5. You can now click ending and check within Device manager to ensure the latest Realtek Network driver has been installed successfully by right-clicking on the Windows 10 start menu > Click “ Device Manager ” > Expand “ Network adapters ” ( You can besides right-click your Realtek Network adapter and go into Properties and choose “ Driver “. You can besides see the presently installed Driver Date and Version to ensure you now have the latest version installed )

windows10 device manager network adapter1
That ’ s it you have now successfully installed the latest Realtek net drivers for your network menu. Like we said before, it ’ s always important to ensure that you have the latest drivers installed for all of your hardware as it can help fix bugs, resolve security issues and besides improve the performance of the hardware. If you enjoyed this mail then check out our other Windows 10 posts here .
Check out the video tutorial here on How To Manually Update To The Latest Realtek Network Driver if you are getting stuck.

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