How to Install RSAT in Windows 10

What to Know

  • Press the Windows Key; search for “manage optional features” and open the result; click Add a feature, and search for “RSAT.
  • Adding RSAT within Windows only works in Windows 10 version 1809 and above.
  • Earlier Windows 10 copies need to download the tools from Microsoft and can only control older Windows Server versions.

This article covers how to install Remote Server Administration Tools ( RSAT ) on a Windows 10 computer and includes information on versions and compatibility .


Running a copy of Windows older than build 1809 ? You ‘ll not entirely have to download the tools immediately from Microsoft and can merely control older versions of Windows Server, but unfortunately, in older copies of Windows 10, you can alone install RSAT in Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Enterprise.

How to Install RSAT in Windows 10

If you ‘re looking to control Windows Server from within Windows 10, you ‘ll need Microsoft ‘s Remote Server Administration Tools. These tools are normally known as RSAT, a compilation of the assorted applications and services required to control Windows Server .

With a copy of Windows updated since the October 2018 Update ( 1809 ), setting these tools up takes just a few seconds within Windows and can control Windows Server 2019 a well as earlier versions .

In the past, installing tools like these would require downloads from Microsoft ‘s site. But since the October 2018 Update, you can do this from within Windows itself .

  1. Press the Windows Key, search for “ manage optional features, ” and weigh Enter .
    Searching for optional features in Windows 10.

  2. At the top of the newly opened windowpane, choice Add a feature .
    Optional features window in Windows 10.

  3. In the search box, character in “ RSAT, ” check each tool you ‘d like to install, and then click Install .
    How to add optional features in Windows 10.

  4. If there ‘s no option for RSAT, this means your Windows facility is out of date. Check what translation of Windows you have to make indisputable you ‘re running Windows 10 Professional or Windows 10 Enterprise .

  5. If you ‘re running Windows 10 Professional or Windows 10 Enterprise, you can download the RSAT creature on Microsoft ‘s web site. once downloaded, open the files, and follow along with the prompts onscreen to install them .


not on build 1809 and do n’t have Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise ? You can constantly update your replicate of Windows and then install RSAT from within Windows. You ‘ll have to go through Windows Update to update your imitate of Windows.

Notes on RSAT Versions and Compatibility

With an up-to-date replicate of Windows 10, you can both install RSAT and use them to manage Windows Server 2019 a well as previous Windows Server versions. Installing RSAT within Windows does n’t give you the option to install different versions of the tools .

however, if you download the tools from Microsoft ‘s web site, there are two primary options you ‘ll have to choose between the WS_1803 RSAT package and the WS2016 RSAT package .

If you ‘re running Windows 10 interpretation 1803 ( the April 2018 Update ) or earlier, download the WS_1803 RSAT package to manage Windows Server version 1803 or 1709. If you ‘re on 1803 but want to manage Windows Server 2016 and earlier, download the WS2016 RSAT box .

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