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SQL 2016 is a database system developed by Microsoft. Its application is diverse and is present in respective commercial enterprise applications. The innovations of this translation are that it was designed to work in the cloud with Microsoft Azure more can besides be used in the On-premise mode. The characteristics product go through features such as AE – Always Encrypted to protect data, better organization of insights for a identical effective analysis of the devices, chopine for hybrid cloud and hyper-scale .

Install SQL 2016

This article presents the shape of initiation SQL 2016 .
From a media or * .iso run the initiation file .

Locate the Setup file and run .

Yes, confirm the begin of the facility serve .

Start New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing initiation .

Wait for the start of the initiation .

The future step aims to define authenticity and merchandise license – following .

enable option – “ I accept the license terms ” and Next .

Wait for the facility requirements – Next .

You can choose to use the update to check security. enable according to their way of working .

Wait for the facility march .

Select the features that will be used .

If a problem occurs in the requirements it will be informed during the initiation

Clicking on the yoke Failed detail data is displayed .

In this example, it lacked the necessity .

So it is recommended to abort the installation go to the manufacturer ‘s web site, download Java and perform the needed initiation .
After this process begin SQL 2016 installation again .

Set the type of exemplify to be used. You use the default case name .

Or an example according to your need.

Wait for the installation march .

At this stagecoach, the recommendation is to separate the functions of the service by the service account .
Set the accounts in their respective services to the defined security privileges. Next .

Add the Active Directory sphere accounts to administrators Database .

Or if you want you can besides set the password for the sa account SQL2016 .

If you use the Data Mining Analysis Services service report set and the tabular format .
If you are an have drug user mode the direction that is necessary for carrying out their workplace .

Reporting Service allows you to set up a dedicated server for your manipulation or use it in an integrate format to SharePoint .

Insert explanation Distributed Replay Controller – future .

Specify restrainer machine and Next .

The future button is disabled while the Accept release is not marked .

enable Accept button and Next activate .

Run Next .

Make indisputable the rules were properly installed and go to Next .

ready to install SQL Server 2016 .

Wait for the Setting Feature install state .

Wait for the installation process.

The adjacent is the end of the installation where you can check all facility condition, the log directory .

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