How to Install SQL Server on Windows {Steb-by-Step Guide}

SQL waiter is a relational database management solution offered by Microsoft. It can be installed on-premise or in the obscure and is chiefly used to store and retrieve data it receives from early applications .
This tutorial outlines the step-by-step process of installing Microsoft SQL Server on Windows 10. We will also show you how to install the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
How to install Microsoft SQL Server Prerequisites

  • A system running Windows 10
  • Access to an account with administrator-level privileges

Install and Configure SQL Server on Windows

Follow the steps below to install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 :

Note: If you ‘re looking for a more lightweight adaptation of SQL Server, check out our template to installing SQL Express Server .
1. Download the frame-up file from the SQL Server downloads page. Scroll down until you find the Developer edition and click the Download now clitoris .
Download the SQL Server install file from the Microsoft website once the download is complete, open the frame-up file to start the initiation march .
2. Click the center tile to select the Custom installation type .
Select the custom installation type 3. Choose where to store the download facility media files and pawl Install to continue .
Choose a location for the downloaded media files. once the download is arrant, the apparatus windowpane mechanically closes and is replaced by the SQL Server Installation Center window. here, start the ace to install SQL Server 2019 .
4. Select the Installation category on the left-hand side of the SQL Server Installation Center windowpane and click the New SQL Server link to start the initiation charming .
Launch the install wizard to start the SQL Server setup 5. The sorcerer mechanically checks for available updates. If there are no updates ready to install, click Next to proceed .
Apply any available updates before proceeding 6. The install ace checks for any errors that might cause problems during the frame-up process. If it detects any failures, fix them before clicking Next to continue .
Fix any errors that might interfere with the installation 7. Choose an installation type. If you are installing SQL Server for the first meter, select the Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2019 option and cluck Next to continue .
Select the installation type 8. Choose the interpretation of SQL Server you want to install and enter a product identify if you have one, then click Next to proceed. For this example, we are installing the dislodge Developer translation.

Select the version of SQL Server you want to install 9. Check the I accept the license terms and Privacy Statement box and snap Next to continue .
Accept the license terms before proceeding 10. Select the features you want to install. For this exercise, we are using the Database Engine Services choice. Click Next to proceed .
Select the software features you want to install 11. Enter a list and case ID for the new SQL waiter and snap Next to continue .
Enter a name for the new SQL server
Note: Once you enter the waiter name using the Named instance option, the ace mechanically fills in the case ID field .
12. Set up the service accounts and bite configuration, then click Next to continue. For this exemplar, we are using the nonpayment settings .
Set up the service accounts and collation configuration 13. In the Server Configuration tab key, select the Mixed Mode method of authentication. Select a user for the role of SQL waiter administrator and set up a password for their account. Click Next to proceed .
Set up the server admin username and password 14. The concluding dance step offers a summary of the facility. Click Back to return to any of the former steps and change the installation settings or click Install to start the frame-up process .
Review the setup summary before proceeding 15. once the frame-up is accomplished, the status of apparatus operations should read Succeeded. Click Close to exit the install charming .
Close the wizard once the setup is complete

Install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Microsoft SQL Management Studio ( SSMS ) allows you to design, question, and wangle databases using SQL Server. Follow the steps outline below to install it on your system :
1. Download the install charge from the SQL Server Management Studio download page. Scroll down and click the link to download SSMS 18.9.1. Open the install file to start the setup .
Download the SQL Server Management Studio installation file 2. Choose an install localization and click Install to continue .
Choose an install location for SQL Server Management Studio and start the setup process 3. Once the initiation work is complete, snap Close to exit the setup.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio installed successfully message stopping point
After reading this tutorial, you should have Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio installed and ready to use. Next, knead on creating a database !
If you want to find out more about SQL installation on other operating systems, make sure to read our articles how to install SQL waiter on Linux andhow to install SQL server on MacOS .

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