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There are few components that very tighten up the look of your vehicle –– and bicycle spacers are one of them. certain you can get a set of gloomy or negative beginning wheels, but there ’ s no traverse that wheel spacers are lighter on the wallet if you ’ re aiming for a like aesthetic .
When you install wheel spacers correctly, they not only transform the way your cable car looks but besides the way it performs. But as you may have guessed, installing wheel spacers the wrong manner won ’ metric ton barely make your car count bad — but besides dangerous to drive .
To save you from a badly position, this scout is here to cover everything you need to know about installing rack spacers correctly to make certain your cable car not alone looks good, but is besides safe !

Are Wheel Spacers Easy to Install?

When it comes to modifying cars — rack spacers are incredibly easy to install. Of course, it ’ s only easy if you get the right field wheel spacers .
The argue why roulette wheel spacers are thus controversial in the first place is that drivers normally get the wrong size, type, or buy bum quality spacers which is a catastrophe waiting to happen .
If you make sure to double-check the fitment, installing them should be a breeze .

Which Wheel Spacer Is Right for You?

Wheel spacer safety is a wholly other subject by itself, but in a nutshell –– hub-centric bicycle spacers are the ones you want to install and lug-centric bicycle spacers are the ones you want to stay aside from .
Hub centric wheel spacers get their name from their design –– the holes for the bolts and studs are mighty in the center of the spacer therefore that they absolutely align with the center of the hub .
Hub-centric bolt-on wheel spacer
This ensures that all the load from your cable car is evenly spread across the hub, which is what makes it safer than others .
If you ’ re planning to re-use an previous set of lug-centric steering wheel spacers or for some cause you have to use them, decidedly search for some bicycle centering rings to pair them with. They only cost a few bucks and will make a world of dispute .
once you have the right spacers, you ’ ll besides need the right tools by your english. If you care about condom, don ’ t make the improper creature make –– that ’ mho equitable an accident waiting to happen .
alternatively, invest in a full machinist ’ second tool fit that has all the wrenches and socket sets to get the job done .
Keeping that in heed, below are the tools that you ’ ll need to install your wheel spacers safely :

Installing Wheel Spacers: A Step-by-Step Guide

When learning how to install bicycle spacers, you need to look out for a few things properly from the correct tool selection to torque specification .
Wheel spacer installation diagram
It might seem a little daunting at first, but if you take everything one tone at a time you ’ ll have your wheel spacers installed in a blink of an eye. Following this process will help you to be certain that your roulette wheel poise international relations and security network ’ t thrown off in the process .

How to Install Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

We focused on hub-centric wheel spacers here because lug-centric steering wheel spacers merely aren ’ t safe. Hub-centric bicycle spacers, however, won ’ t give you a problem ampere long as you install them correctly .
Hub-centric bicycle spacers that slip-on will be slightly more straightforward to install than ones that bolt-on because they merely slide over the existing stuff nuts .
Keep in heed that learning how to install bicycle spacers on a truck is no different from installing rack spacers on a cable car — you ’ ll just need a larger car jack and jack stands to support the hand truck ’ sulfur weight.

With that in mind, we ’ ll base on balls you through the right direction to install your wheel spacers below .

Prep and Remove the Wheels

starting signal by finding a flush surface to park your vehicle on. This is essential to safely raising and working on your vehicle. From there, loosen but preceptor ’ t remove the lug nuts on your wheels that you plan to install the wheel spacers on .
Always do this one axle at a clock time. After loosening the lugworm nuts, place the steering wheel chocks around the roulette wheel that you ’ re not lifting and jack up your fomite using the car laborer. Try to lift your car up from the center of its frame if possible .
Removing a car wheel
once you ’ ve lifted your car, install the jack stands and lento lower the vehicle on them. Remove the car jack and give your cable car a few shoves to make surely that it ’ second firm on the jack stands before working. ultimately, finish removing the stuff nuts and remove the wheels .

Prep and Install the Wheel Spacers

once you have the wheels off, you need to prep the hub. Use your telegram brush to clean off any imperfections so you get a smooth fitment. Once you ’ ve done that, go ahead and slide your rack spacers over the existing lug nuts .
If you ’ re using a bolt-on wheel spacer, go ahead and bridge player tighten the spacer stuff nuts at this decimal point. slip-on roulette wheel spacers do not have these –– and you can move onto the future step once you have the wheel spacer securely against the hub .
In both cases, check to be certain that you have enough thread for your spacers to be correctly secured. If you don ’ t have adequate thread, purchase some longer wheel studs and an initiation tool to press them into your wheel hubs .

Torque the Wheel Spacers and Reinstall the Wheels

If you have bolt-on bicycle spacers, it ’ s imperative that you follow the directions that came with them and torque them down. typically, this is about 90 ft-lbs, but check your specific wheel spacers for the correct torsion spectacles .
When torquing the wheel spacer, make certain you use the same leading convention you would use when reinstalling the wheel .
once you ’ ve torqued these stuff nuts, reinstall the wheels and hand tighten the lug nuts until they ’ rhenium firm against the hub .
Correctly torque your wheel spacers after installing

Lower the Vehicle and Torque the Lug Nuts

now you can safely raise the vehicle off the mariner stands with the car jack, remove the mariner stands, and lower the vehicle .
finally, torque the lugworm nuts on the wheels using the manufacturer ’ second torsion specification. Again, make sure that you use a star radiation pattern when torquing the wheels. otherwise, you risk having improperly torqued wheels .

Checking Up On Your Wheel Spacers

Our guide on how to install wheel spacers would be incomplete without mentioning a post-installation check. It might seem like a humble thing, but it ’ sulfur one of the most authoritative things you can do .
Regardless of whether you followed all the steps above or done it a thousand times before –– you always need to make certain that everything works the way it should before you hit the street, path, or highway.

Inspecting your rack spacers doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shout for much. fair walk around your vehicle and make certain that everything is even on each axle and that nothing has shifted out of home. From there, take a promptly drive around the region and make sure that everything feels right .
last, take one last walk around your vehicle. If everything still looks right, you ’ rhenium good to go .
Do you calm have questions about how to install your bicycle spacers, or do you follow a different action ? Drop a comment below or check out some of the other guides for more great advice and insight .

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