How to Download & Install Zoom on Laptop/PC, Android, iPhone/iPad

Zoom is a defile base video app that helps to organize virtual meet. soar allows to many options like as enable audio-only, video, and live chat. If you are working as remotely otherwise taking on-line lectures then Zoom is best solution for you. But do you know that how to download Zoom on your laptop and other devices like as Android phone, iPhone and iPad. zoom can be used on many platforms like as laptops, calculate, mobile devices, and Tablets. Zoom is available in both versions such as paid and free. In loose version, Zoom offers some functionalities, but if you are running business then you can use its gainful design with gain functionalities. How-to-Download-Zoom-on-Laptop

In this article, we will explain about how to download zoom :

  • How to Download Zoom on a Laptop/PC
  • How to Download Zoom on Android Mobile
  • How to Download Zoom on iPhone/iPad

In the end, you will say it is easier undertaking and one can do it ! !

How to Download Zoom on a Laptop/PC

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If you are using the Zoom beginning time then doesn ’ t take any headache. There are very dim-witted steps for Downloading and installing Zoom on your personal computer and laptop. To use Zoom on a calculator you need .

  • A Webcam
  • A loudspeaker
  • A microphone

precisely you can follow few simply steps ; below mention all : Let’s start!!

Getting to Start Downloading and Installing Zoom on Your Laptop

  • Zoom official website Visit theon your browser .
  • then you will land on < Zoom download page >, and click on < download link > then gets to start download Zoom on your system .


  • now you will see < Download > option with blue color that appears under “ Zoom Client for Meetings ” option. And snap on < Download >


  • The exe file will be downloaded in your system .
  • And, Make bivalent click to open the file .
  • When Zoom is installed completely on laptop then new pop-up book window < Zoom Cloud Meetings > will be open .


  • immediately you have to need sign in with using of your e-mail id or unmarried sign-on ( SSO ), if you have already Zoom report .


  • When sign in march is finished then you can join existing converge, schedule a raw meet, and view your approaching meetings .


  • If, you want to join schedule meet then click on < join > option and feed the meeting ID or meeting yoke .
  • After joining the meet, you will get respective options like as “ mute and turning off my video ” and you can choose as per your indigence .


How to Download Zoom on Android Mobile

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If you are using Android phone and want to download and install Zoom app on your call. then you can follow few merely steps ; below mention all : Let’s start!!

Getting to Start Downloading and Installing Zoom on Android phone

  • First of all, open the < Google Play Store > in your telephone .


  • Click into < search bar > and type the < Zoom > then Google will find out < Zoom app > for you .


  • When Zoom app is found out then click on park release < Install >. then Zoom will be starting to download .


  • If, Zoom app is downloaded completely then you will see greens clitoris < Open >, and cluck on < Open > choice .


  • And Zoom app will be launched on your Android phone .

How to Download Zoom on iPhone/iPad

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If you have iphone or iPad and wish to download and install on your device, then it is very easy. barely follow few steps ; below mention all : Let’s Start!!

Getting to Start Downloading and Installing Zoom App on iPhone/iPad

  • first, open < App Store > on your device .
  • Click on < Search Bar > and type < Zoom > into search bar then App Store will start to find out Zoom app .



  • After completing downloading and installation of Zoom app, then < Open > button will be appeared and click on < Open > button .
  • then Zoom app will be launched on your device
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