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OH-MY-ZSH is an open-source framework for managing ZSH configuration and is community-driven. It comes bundled with tons of helpful functions, plugins, helpers, themes, and a few things that will make you better at the terminal. There are presently 275+ plugins and 150 themes supported .
First thing inaugural, you need to install and set up ZSH as your default option blast in Ubuntu.


  • Zsh should_be installed .
  • Curl or Wget should_be installed.
  • Git should_be installed .

Let ’ s see how to install and set up the OH-MY-ZSH program in Ubuntu Linux .

How to install OH-MY-ZSH in Ubuntu

facility of Oh My Zsh canbe carried out using “ Curl ” or “ Wget ” commands in your terminal.Make certain either of one utility installed in the OS, if not install them along with git by running the following apposite control .

$ sudo apt install curl wget git

adjacent, install Oh My Zsh via the command-line with either curl or wget as shown :

How to Install zsh via apt

sudo apt install zsh -y

2021 06 10 18 55 49 Greenshot

install oh-my-zsh via curl

$ sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

install oh-my-zsh via wget

$ sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

2021 06 10 19 00 17 Greenshot Press y to change your carapace to zsh then enter the password as shown below :
2021 06 10 19 00 32 Greenshot2021 06 10 19 00 38 Greenshot – ad –
As shown ZSH installed
By the way, once you Install OH-MY-ZSH, it will take a backup of your existing .zhrc file. then a newfangled .zhrc file willbe created with configurations. so whenever you decide to remove OH-MY-ZSH using the uninstaller, an mechanically old .zhrc charge will be reverted .

-rw-r--r--  1 unixcop unixcop      3690 Jun 10 10:00 .zshrc

2021 06 10 19 02 19 Greenshot All the configurations placed under .zhrc file.This is where you will either change the parameters or enable raw plugins or change themes based upon the needs .
Let ’ s break down some of the important parameters we can modify in the .zhrc file .

OH-MY-ZSH Themes

Among all features in OH-MY-ZSH, I love the determined of themes that comes in a bundle with the installation. It visually improves my terminal expect and feel. Themes installed under /home/unixcop/.oh-my-zsh/themes/

You can enter the shell with :

$ zsh

besides you can list all the themes with command :

➜  ~  ls /home/unixcop/.oh-my-zsh/themes/

2021 06 10 19 07 32 Greenshot By default “ robbyrussell ” is the theme that gets loaded. To change the subject modify the parameter “ ZSH_THEME= ” under the .zshrc charge .

$ vim ~/.zshrc

2021 06 10 19 11 50 Greenshot You have to source ( source ~/.zshrc ) the file for changes to be effective .

$ source ~/.zshrc

OH-MY-ZSH Plugins

There are tons of plugins that are supported by OH-MY-ZSH. Setting up a plugin is quite easily. All you have to do is get the plugin package and add the plugin name in the plugins parameter on the .zshrc file. By default, git is the only plugin that is enabled after installation .
2021 06 10 19 14 50 Greenshot now Let ’ s add two more plugins “ ZSH-autosuggestions and ZSH-Syntax-highlighting ” by cloning the packages .

$ git clone $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/zsh-autosuggestions

$ git clone $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/zsh-syntax-highlighting

2021 06 10 19 17 32 Greenshot To make plugins effective all you have to do is edit the .zhsrc file, add the plugin name in plugins=() with a space between each plugin name .

$ vim ~/.zshrc

Add these two plugins as shown below :

plugins=(git zsh-autosuggestions zsh-syntax-highlighting)

2021 06 10 19 21 06 Greenshot then type :wq to save the edit file
immediately source ( source ~/.zshrc ) file for changes to be effective. now you can see from the screenshot the auto-suggestion feature is enabled and it remembers the command I used previously and suggests based on it .
Enter the shell with :

unixcop@ubuntu:~$ zsh
➜  ~ sudo apt install wget

2021 06 10 19 24 43 Greenshot

OH-MY-ZSH Automatic Update

OH-MY-ZSH mechanically checks for update bi-weekly. To disable it, set parameter DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATE=”true”. You can besides control the count of days the update should run by setting export UPDATE_ZSH_DAYS= .
2021 06 10 19 28 31 Greenshot It is possible to run manual updates with :

➜  ~ omz update  

2021 06 10 19 30 01 Greenshot

Removing OH-MY-ZSH in Ubuntu

If you want to remove oh-my-zsh, run the command “ uninstall oh_my_zsh “. It will remove all the necessary files and folders function of oh_my_zsh and revert to the former state. Restart your terminal for changes to be effective .

➜  ~ uninstall_oh_my_zsh

2021 06 10 19 32 59 Greenshot
then enter your password to complete uninstall .

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