How To Integrate PayPal Into My Website (WordPress, Wix, etc)

Most people have a PayPal account these days, so offering the option on your site to checkout using PayPal could help make your electric potential customers feel safe and comfortable making a purchase on your web site .
But a doubt we get asked a lot is, “ How can I integrate PayPal into my web site ? ”
You can integrate PayPal into your website by adding a single button or by integrating it with a shopping cart.
Which method you choose depends on what you ’ ra selling and how complex your check process is. Read further for how-to steps or contact us for aid.

Simple Method: How To Put a PayPal Button On Any Website

If you sell a very modest issue of products, then a simple PayPal button might be all you need on your web site. In a nutshell, this process merely involves copying some code from PayPal onto your web site. here ’ s how to do that .

  1. Go to and choose an appropriate button (Buy Now, Add To Cart, Subscribe, etc)
  2. Follow the prompts to create a custom button in PayPal
  3. When you’re finished creating the button, copy the HTML code that PayPal provides.
  4. Paste the code on your website wherever you want people to be able to buy a product or add it to the cart.

Integrate PayPal Into WooCommerce (on WordPress)

If you already have a memory built in WordPress that uses WooCommerce to sell products, you can add PayPal as a payment option by using the PayPal Payments plugin for WooCommerce. here ’ s how to do that .

  1. Download and install the WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin here on WooCommerce’s site, or in WordPress by going to Plugins -> Add and searching for “WooCommerce PayPal Payments”
  2. Once the plugin is installed, in WordPress go to WooCommerce -> Settings
  3. Click the Payments tab and turn on the switch beside “PayPal” (not PayPal Standard).
  4. Click the PayPal Checkout tab and follow the prompts to connect your PayPal account (you may be prompted to sign into PayPal if you’re not already signed in)
  5. When the connection to PayPal is complete, check the box for “Enable the PayPal Gateway”

Those are the foundational steps that will get you started with integrating PayPal into WooCommerce. Additional steps may be required depending on how much you want to customize the check process .

How To Add PayPal To Wix

If your web site is built on Wix, you can either add a button ( or respective buttons ) throughout the locate, or you can add PayPal as a payment processor if you have a Wix shop .
To add a PayPal button, you can either follow the Simple Method explained earlier and paste the HTML code from PayPal into an HTML element in Wix, or you can use the PayPal button component in the Wix editor ( Click Add – > More – > PayPal Buttons ) and follow the prompts in Wix to set up the release .
To integrate PayPal into your Wix store, go to your splashboard in Wix and click the Accept Payments connect. then click the blue “ Connect ” button beside PayPal, and follow the prompts to sign in and complete the integration work .

Advanced Method: Custom Integration (Requires Help From A Developer)

If you have a very big e-commerce shop with a complicate haul and check serve, the bare methods described above might not be the right solution for you.

As an model, we have a customer that sells hundreds of products and they spouse with large companies to offer their employees discounts on their products. This means that their check process, while bare for users to navigate, is very complicated to develop and maintain and requires our experience team of developers to keep it running smoothly without any major hiccups .
If your checkout process is very unique and much more complicate than most e-commerce stores – then the good news program for you is that PayPal offers a more promote “ custom consolidation ” choice. This allows a world wide web developer to customize your on-line store ’ s checkout process to include PayPal as a payment option .
If this sounds like you, then you ’ ll motivation to find an know developer or web development team to build the PayPal integration for you. We are identical familiar with how to integrate PayPal requital processing into the custom checkout process, so we can help !

Why Bother With Integrating PayPal?

now that you know how to integrate Paypal into your web site, you may be second-guess your decision to integrate because of complexities you hadn ’ t known about .
If that ’ s the case, it ’ sulfur important to remember that giving PayPal as a payment choice on your web site can make your electric potential customers much more comfortable spend money on your web site, particularly if your brand is small and not widely known .
Scammy and insecure websites are unfortunately more popular than they should be and customers are becoming warier and warier of putting their requital information on websites if they ’ rhenium not convinced that it ’ south secure. Almost everyone knows about PayPal and considers them a impregnable third-party solution to paying for products, which means that offering PayPal as a checkout option could possibly increase your overall sales volume !

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Help! What Do I Do Next?

If you know that the simple methods described above are not a suit for your more robust on-line store but you ’ re not surely where to go future to get help, our team can help !
Our network development team has across-the-board experience with payment integrations for both small and very big e-commerce stores. We ’ d love to help you with your e-commerce store excessively !

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