How to Learn Windows Server

Karen Schwarze – February 11, 2021 When logging into your company ’ s computer at work, have you always wondered how the computer knows that your login credentials are right ? Have you always been curious about how your knob is able to plowshare files with all the employees in the ship’s company ? These and other crucial business tasks are handled by your company ’ s server operating system.
One server manoeuver arrangement is Windows Server. Just as you can interact with your personal calculator through your manoeuver system, thus excessively can a system administrator interact with the company ’ south servers and with work devices through Windows Server .

What Is Windows Server?

Windows Server is an operate system for servers. Used by businesses around the world, Windows Server is used for a assortment of use cases, from managing print servers to hosting files on a shared network.

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Windows Server competes with Linux as one of the most popular server operating systems. Why might some system administrators choose Windows Server ? Windows Server and Windows have the lapp code base, which means that you can do many of the same things on both.
If your computer ’ sulfur operating system is Windows, it makes sense to use Windows Server. There is less of a teach curve and you have the functionalities you are used to. With Windows Server, you can interact with the computer using a GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) or command line. Linux requires you to use a command line.
You may be trying to decide if you or your company should use Windows Server. A set of it comes down to what applications you are presently running and which waiter operating system will be compatible with those applications.
A big remainder between Windows Server and Linux is the cost. Windows server 2019 is the most holocene version of Windows Server. As of this writing, this software costs $ 1,528. Linux, on the other handwriting, is free. You can download a 180-day trial version of Windows Server to practice using this engineering .

What Is Windows Server Used For?

As a server engage system, Windows Server allows you to interact with your waiter. here are some server management tasks that Windows Server can help you with :
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  • Authentication.

    Windows Server allows you to manage access to systems across a network. You can manage login credentials to verify user identity. For example, say that you manage a network of computers at a company, and you use Windows Server to manage the interactions of those computers with the server (which could be your computer or a different server). You can have a database containing user login information. Using the settings in your server operating system, you can make sure that when a user logs into a computer in the network, their login credentials are checked against the login information in the database.

  • Domain management.

    A domain is the “space” you buy on the Internet to feature your website. The domain name is the URL for that website. With a server operating system like Windows Server, you can manage your company’s domains. If you work for a large, well-known company, that company may have purchased multiple domains. All of those domains require regular maintenance. Maintenance tasks involve renewing or terminating domain name registration and making decisions about hosting providers.

  • File sharing.

    You can use Windows Server to share files with other computers connected to your network. For example, if you own a small business, you probably use software to keep track of inventory, expenses, and so on. Your employees need access to this information when they come into work every day. You can share any files with the computers that are connected to the network. These computers are sometimes called “workstations.”

Learning Windows Server

There are many opportunities to use your Windows Server cognition. As of this compose, on LinkedIn, there are 24,271 occupation positions that mention Windows Server in the United States. These include positions like Windows Server administrator, technical writer, and technical adviser. Glassdoor lists over 26,000 jobs that mention Windows Server. Roles include IT digest specialist, systems administrator, and infrastructure engineer .

How Long Does It Take to Learn Windows Server?

It will take you about two months to learn the basics of Windows Server so that you can list it as a skill on your sum up. If you are practicing Windows Server on your own computer, this includes time to get the engineering set up ( see the steps below ). It besides includes the clock time needed to take some courses or read books about how to use Windows Server.
As you learn Windows Server, familiarity with the regular Windows operate system will likely be useful because these operating systems have a similar interface .

How to Learn Windows Server: Step-by-Step

fix to start train for the character of Windows Server administrator, IT support specialist, or another job that requires this engineering ? Windows Server comes with a hefty price tag, but you can do a free 180-day test and install it on your computer so you can drill. here ’ s how you can get started :

  1. Learn about the Windows Server interface and its capabilities.

    Before actually installing Windows Server on your computer, it’s a good idea to become familiar with how the interface works and its capabilities. Taking a course, reading a book, or watching a video (see resources below) can help you prepare.

  2. Set up a virtual machine (VM) on your computer.

    A virtual machine is a separate operating system. When you install it on your machine, you can work on projects, such as learning Windows Server, without affecting your regular (or “host”) operating system. To get this set up, you need to install a virtual machine like

    Virtual Box


  3. Install the trial version of Windows Server.

    Once your virtual machine is set up, go to Microsoft’s

    Evaluations page

    for Windows Server products and resources. Here, you can select which Windows Server trial version you want to use. In

    this video

    , you will learn how to install Virtual Box and the Windows Server 2019 trial version.

  4. Do a guided walk-through.

    Watch a video like

    this one

    and follow along as the instructor guides you through the Windows Server interface. Note that in this video, the trial version is referred to as the “evaluation copy.”

  5. Keep learning.

    Once you install Windows Server and get your feet wet, continue to grow your skills by taking courses and reading books.

The Best Windows Server Courses and Trainings

Get started or continue your Windows Server discipline with these fantastic courses that will boost your assurance in your skills .
cost : $ 124.99

With no prerequisites, this choice is great for absolute beginners. You ’ ll learn how to be a network administrator with Windows Server 2019. The skills you ’ ll learn include how to create and use virtual machines and a virtual lab, how to create a world using Active Directory, and how to block the performance of dangerous programs.
You ’ ll get six hours of video content and nine other resources, life entree, and a certificate upon completing this course .
monetary value : $ 49.99 for run. absolve with LinkedIn Premium ( $ 29.99/month )
In this course, you ’ ll learn many Windows Server skills, such as how to set up different server environments, configure identity and access, and manage the Admin Center.
This course assumes you have some experience with Windows Server. It ’ south best to take it after you have done some research, or as a follow-up to a arrant novice ’ sulfur course. There are seven chapter quizzes, and you ’ ll get a certificate of completion .
price : $ 94.99
Taught by four IT professionals, this course explores the exciting worldly concern of Windows Server 2019, including how to use Windows Server with Azure. azure is Microsoft ’ s mottle host service and is often paired with Windows Server.
You ’ ll enhance your server management skills with tools like Server Manager, Windows Admin Center, and PowerShell ( a command cable interface for computers with a Windows or Windows Server operating system ). You should have some understanding of servers and waiter operating systems before taking this course. Course contentedness includes two and a half hours of video message and a certificate of completion .

Windows Server Books

Books can supplement your understand of Windows Server. here are our top picks :

Mastering Windows Server 2019

, Jordan Krause

KykWjuRjhJY Su4oCPYRCaAUPONEiidWTrdzKE oVey9vCK hiay05N8GxJa0m00MA86Yg
With this koran, you ’ ll learn the ins and outs of install and configure Windows Server 2019. Common admin tasks, such as monitoring different servers across a network, are besides covered. other topics include how to use distant technologies and how to harness the power of virtualization as a server admin. Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, and the modern Windows Admin Center are covered .
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Image credit:


This ledger is a great reference to have on-hand as you learn Windows Server. PowerShell is the command line interface that comes with Windows and Windows Server operating systems, so it ’ s a utilitarian skill to have. If you ’ re just starting out with Windows Server, a book for beginners like this one should be on your bookshelf. You ’ ll learn how to install and set up Windows Server, how to configure and administer this manoeuver system, and how to manage the security of your system .

Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2019

, Jason Eckert

Photo credit:


Another antic resource for beginners. This book will give you a solid initiation in basic server administration. You ’ ll understand how to manage servers, whether you are dealing with a small or big network. Topics like configuring and managing server storehouse, troubleshooting performance issues, and file share are besides covered. With hands-on projects and activities, this reserve gives you batch of opportunities to commit your Windows Server skills .

Windows Server Resources

In summation to courses and books, here are some more great resources to help you get started with Windows Server .

Image credit:

Windows Server Documentation

One of the best resources for learning how to use any fresh technology is its documentation. Microsoft offers a comprehensive documentation web site for Windows Server. Expand your cognition of Windows Server with how-to guides and information about trouble-shoot, virtualization, and networking.
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Image credit:


On this YouTube channel, the godhead covers a diverseness of IT topics, including Windows Server. He discusses how to do the initial installation and configuration process for the trial translation of Windows Server 2019. There is besides a television for beginners about Active Directory Domain Services, a key element of Windows Server that allows you to manage exploiter authentication. These are helpful videos if you ’ re merely starting out with Windows Server.
eminence : In his initiation video, ittaster doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate speak about installing a virtual machine on your calculator, which is something you ’ ll want to do before installing Windows Server 2019. To get your virtual machine set up, you can watch this video ( the godhead installs Windows Server 2012 ). You can then come rear to ittaster for the Windows Server 2019 initiation.
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Image credit:


If you ’ re wondering what Windows Server actually looks like on a desktop, check out this video. The godhead shows you a side-by-side comparison of the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 operating systems. You can see the similarities and differences so that you know what to expect if you choose to install Windows Server on your machine.

Should You Learn Windows Server?

Windows Server is a server operate arrangement. You can use it to perform tasks like authenticating users, do domains, and sharing files with other computers that are connected to a server. A waiter manoeuver system is besides typically creditworthy for the security of the network and protecting it from malicious software .
Some jobs in technical school require an in-depth understand of server operating systems like Windows Server. Some examples are system administrator, IT support specialist, network administrator, and infrastructure engineer.
As one of the two most popular function systems for servers, Windows Server is a valuable skill to learn. Its compatibility with Windows applications makes it a great tool to add to your repertory .

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