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so you want to delist one of your NFTs on OpenSea ?
Did one of your favored NFT collections just enter a new bull market and you’re afraid that the current list price of your NFT is too low ?
There are many reasons why one would want to delist an NFT .
The problem is that it ’ s not constantly unclutter whether you ’ ll have to pay OpenSea gas fees or not and that ’ s so many people are trying to figure out how to delist on OpenSea.

In this article, you ’ ll learn multiple ways you can delist your NFTs on OpenSea including which methods will cost you gas and which ones are for free .
Let ’ s make started .

key Points ( thallium ; dr )
  • You can delist any NFT that you’ve previously listed on OpenSea. Some listings will automatically expire while others need to be actively canceled.
  • Actively canceling a listing on OpenSea comes at a cost. You will have to pay the gas fees for processing the transaction.
  • There are 3 recommended ways to delist on OpenSea.
    • Method 1: Proactively cancel and pay gas
    • Method 2: Wait for the listing to expire by itself
    • Method 3: Delete the NFT completely (if you’re the creator)
  • There is a 4th method which involves transferring the NFT into a different wallet. However, this is not recommended as the old listing still remain active in the old wallet.
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Can You Delist on OpenSea?

Yes, you can delist an NFT from OpenSea. The accurate summons of how to delist on OpenSea depends on whether you created the NFT yourself and how you listed it in the first position. This besides determines whether you will incur any costs for delisting or not .
Infographic explaining how you can delist on OpenSea.Infographic explaining how to delist on OpenSea.
Let ’ s say you purchased an NFT some time ago for roughly 0.1 ETH or possibly you even minted it for exempt .
possibly you decided to list your NFT for sale on OpenSea at a price of 1 ETH .
You assumed that a 10x return on your initial investing is absolutely capital and if the floor price of the collection ever reached that point, you ’ d be ecstatic and take profits .
But then the project really started to take off, much more than you had always expected .
In a massive bull campaign, the floor rises to 0.8 ETH and then 0.9 ETH .
You start receiving the beginning unasked bids and that ’ s when you start to get skittish .
You try to remember how to accept an offer on OpenSea, but don ’ t actually pull the trigger .
You start to think about how disappointed you’d be if you sell your NFT for 1 ETH and the floor price finally reaches 3 or possibly even 4 ETH .
You throw all your principles and NFT investment strategy out the window because you think the plan is going to the lunar month .
sol you ask yourself : Can I delist my NFT from OpenSea so that it doesn ’ metric ton betray at the current price ?
And the answer is : Yes you can .
There are multiple ways to do this and we tackle all 3 of them in this article .

Does It Cost to Delist on OpenSea?

Yes, it does. Unless you are the creator and owner of an NFT or listed it with an early on death date, delisting on OpenSea will cost you gasoline fees for processing that transaction on the blockchain .
Infographic explaining the cost of delisting an NFT on OpenSea.Infographic explaining the cost of delisting an NFT on OpenSea.
Delisting sounds like a in truth easy process and technically it is .
The trouble is that depending on what you listed and how you primitively listed the NFT will determine whether delisting on OpenSea will come at a monetary value or not .
You see while listing an NFT for sale on OpenSea is detached, proactively canceling an existing listing will cost you gas fees .
And depending on the current price of boast, that might turn out to be an highly costly decision .
Before you make that decisiveness, you should always check the current cost of gas .
Rarible Analytics is a very good tool, not only for checking Rarible gasoline fees but besides the fees on OpenSea .
There are ways to avoid these costs, but that depends on whether you originally created the NFT yourself or listed it with a short termination date .
In most cases, actively canceling a list will come at a cost .

How to Delist on OpenSea

so let ’ s appearance you how to delist on OpenSea .
Delisting an NFT on OpenSea is a distribute easier than you might think .
however, the demand method you must follow depends on your specific circumstances .
Here are 3 methods that teach you how to delist on OpenSea:

  • Method 1: Cancel Your Listing Right Now
  • Method 2: Wait for the Listing to Expire
  • Method 3: Delete Your NFT Completely

Method 1: Cancel Your Listing Right Now

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1
The easiest and most contiguous way how to delist on OpenSea is to just cancel the number .
WARNING: Doing this requires a gas tip in order to make the token unavailable for purchase to other users .
here are the steps you need to take if you want to cancel your list :

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Step 1: Click “Cancel listing”

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step 1Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step 1 Browse to the NFT ’ sulfur item page and click the “ Cancel listing ” clitoris in the crown right corner .

Step 2: Confirm the cancellation

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step 2Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 1 – Step 2 once you hit the “ Cancel listing ” release, you ’ ll be presented with a popup windowpane asking you to confirm whether you actually want to cancel the number .
If you want to proceed, click the “ Cancel listing ” release again .

Step 3: Confirm transaction

After confirming the cancellation, your wallet will be triggered .
It will estimate the gas you ’ ll have to pay and you must confirm the transaction .
You can placid change your mind at this point and merely reject the transaction .
You might think it ’ s expensive to cancel your listings but bear in heed that active contract approvals can besides be an attack vector for malicious actors .
That is besides why we constantly recommend that everyone learns how to use Revoke Cash to avoid having inexhaustible allowances on their tokens .

Method 2: Wait for the Listing to Expire

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 2Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 2
Let ’ s move on to the adjacent room how to delist on OpenSea .
If you want to avoid paying gas for delisting an NFT you can do so by simply setting a short expiry date .
A lot of people find this inconvenient because it requires them to re-list their NFTs on a regular basis .
however, since listing an NFT is for release on OpenSea, it ’ mho probably the best solution out there .
In fact, you really shouldn’t be listing your NFTs unless you really want to sell them soon .
Listing NFTs long-run is actually damaging to price action because it generates an artificially eminent provide and creates price ceilings that act as resistance .
We recommend that you only list when you actually want to sell and limit the listing’s expiry date to 3 days or 1 week at most .

Method 3: Delete Your NFT Completely

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 3Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delist on OpenSea – Method 3
now it ’ mho fourth dimension to look at a very different way how to delist on OpenSea .
Things get highly comfortable when you ’ re not good the owner of an NFT but besides the creator .
If you ’ ve created an NFT using OpenSea ’ s specify of tools and listed it for sale, it ’ s highly easy to delist it by simply deleting the NFT altogether .
obviously, this alone makes sense if you don ’ thyroxine want to keep the NFT in your wallet .
But if you were just experimenting with creating your own NFTs and now want to remove them, deleting the NFT will not equitable cancel the number but besides burn it wholly .

Delisting by Transferring to Another Wallet

You should never try to delist an NFT by transferring it to another wallet unless you are absolutely sealed that you will never use the original wallet again. If you do, you are putting your NFTs are at risk .
WARNING: This is NOT how to delist on OpenSea. This method is NOT recommended because you could lose your NFTs to “ hackers ” who know how to exploit this technical weakness .
It was previously very popular amongst many NFT investors to merely transfer NFTs into another wallet ( wallet A to wallet B ) and thereby invalidate the original listing because the NFT is no longer present in the wallet .
Check out our guide on how to use the OpenSea transmit NFT have for details on how that works .
It seemed advantageous to do indeed because the associated gas fees were a lot lower .
however, the problem with this method is that the list in the original wallet ( wallet A ) is never actually canceled and remains active indefinitely .
so, american samoa soon as you transfer the NFT from wallet B back to wallet A, the previous list is valid again and can be executed .
This is precisely how a lot of lazy owners of Bored Apes lost their precious NFTs .
The NFTs were sold at laughably humble prices and not at market prize, plainly because the previous list price has never been canceled .
It ’ second very important that you understand how to protect yourself against these exploits because we all know that there is no OpenSea refund policy !


Let ’ s face it, most of the people investing in NFTs right now are looking to make money with NFTs .
So it ’ sulfur absolutely normal for them to list their NFTs on OpenSea .
The problem is that sometimes you change your mind and actually want to hold on to your NFTs for a long as you can.

That ’ south why it’s important that you understand how to delist on OpenSea .
And it ’ south even more important that you know which methods will cost you gasoline and which ones are for release .
here at Tokenized, we want to help learn a much as possible about the coming NFT rotation. We help you navigate this fascinating fresh world of non-fungible tokens and show you how you can integrate tokenization into your own business .

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