How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

Less than a ten ago, it might ’ ve seemed foreign to buy things on Facebook. That ’ s what eBay and Craigslist were for, right ? so far when Facebook Marketplace launched in 2016, it cursorily proved to be viable for buyers and sellers alike .
Facebook ’ randomness plunder into on-line shop came at a perfect time. People were already creating and joining buy-and-sell groups on the chopine. Facebook just made it official .
On Facebook Marketplace, you can buy and sell within your community. If you ’ re a U.S.-based merchant, you can sell across the continental United States .

Unlike Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace provides public profiles and ratings for sellers and buyers. The ratings, which are visible on the Facebook app for Android and io, help both sides feel confident about their transactions .
How to sell on Facebook Marketplace:  Screenshot of main page
Through Facebook Messenger, you can chat with prospective customers. Facebook Pay simplifies the payment action, though you ’ re complimentary to use other forms of payments such as cash and PayPal .
You can sell anything on Facebook Marketplace, from cars to TVs to ice skates — new or used. You can even list a sign of the zodiac for rent !
And because Facebook is free to join and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate charge seller fees, it ’ s an ideal platform for anyone looking to start a lucrative journey selling on-line .
here ’ s a primer on how to get started .

How do I sell things on Facebook Marketplace?

The beginning step is to create a list for the detail you ’ re sell. here ’ s how, using the Facebook app for io :
blue-ribbon Facebook Marketplace from the main menu and navigate to the Sell clitoris at the crown of the Marketplace menu .
This will prompt you to choose between four types of listings : items, vehicles, homes for sale or rent, and jobs .
How to sell on Facebook Marketplace: Screenshot of sell page
next, upload a product photograph, title, price, category, condition, placement, description, and then on. You can arrange a no-contact pickup if you ’ d quite not interact with the buyer .
once you ’ ve provided the necessary information, click Next, then Publish to make your listing live. It ’ ll be visible to everyone — on Facebook and off. ( You can choose to hide the list from your Facebook friends if you prefer. )
following, let ’ s break down the four sales categories on Facebook Marketplace .

Facebook Marketplace categories

here ’ s what ’ sulfur allowed and prohibited in each sales class .


All items must be tangible, physical products .
Approved product categories include : invest and accessories, electronics, entertainment, family, hobbies, home and garden, and deals .
If you ’ ve outgrown your Nintendo Wii, you ’ ll probable find a buyer on Facebook Marketplace if you price it right. Same goes for TVs, couches and chairs, tables, bookshelves, child gearing, and other common family goods .
furniture for sale marketplace
Prohibited items on Facebook Marketplace include : weapons, ammunition, animals, drugs, tobacco, dietary supplements, pornographic products and services, real number or imposter currency, healthcare products, any product with a earlier and after photograph attached, and recalled products .


It ’ randomness absurdly easy to buy and sell used cars via Facebook Marketplace .
That ’ s how my partner bought a vintage Toyota truck, all souped up for off-roading. He saw it on Facebook Marketplace on a Saturday good morning, did some inquiry, negotiated with the seller, and picked the vehicle up former that day. He ’ randomness been in sexual love with it ever since .
To list a cable car for sale, consumption NADAguides and Kelley Blue Book to determine the value of your car and what like vehicles are selling for .
In your list, include the year, make, model, miles, the reason you ’ rhenium selling the cable car, and any issues the cable car might have. This won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily deter buyers. Most use cars have something imperfect about them. It ’ s better to be upfront than to hide the trouble, which can lead to an angry customer subsequently on .
If you ’ ve kept detailed records of the car ’ mho maintenance, mention that. It adds credibility to your list .

Homes for sale or rent

You can list a room or a house for rend on Facebook Marketplace. It ’ s a bang-up place to advertise a vacation lease. Some people even list homes for sale .
Among the details to include in your list :

  • Address
  • Photos of the property
  • Rental rate or purchase price
  • Date and length of time available
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Pets/smoking policy
  • Parking and yard information
  • Square footage.

connect with interest parties via Facebook Messenger. Vet them through references and and rental applications .
While Facebook Marketplace expands the pool of potential renters or buyers, you still have to conduct the sell or renting process via the appropriate legal channels .

The pros and cons of selling on Facebook Marketplace

As with any e-commerce platform, there are benefits and drawbacks to selling on Facebook.

The pros

  • Extended reach. Facebook has 2.4 billion active users. Of those, about 75% check Facebook every day. Unless you live in the literal middle of nowhere, there are sure to be scores of Facebook users — potential buyers — in your area, not to mention customers you could ship products to across the country.
  • Smart algorithms. Thanks to Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms, people in your area will see your listings. It’s also easy to share listings with your Facebook groups and platforms linked/partnered with Facebook, which increases your visibility.
  • Strong customer base. Since you can interact with buyers via Messenger and they’re able to see your public Facebook profile, you can get to know them and shore up their trust in your brand.
  • Quick and easy listing process. The more professional your listing looks, the better for your sales. It’s easy to polish your listing, for example by uploading and organizing photos — up to 10 at a time — that buyers can peruse.
  • Convenient shipping. You get to decide who pays for shipping. Creating and printing shipping labels on the platform is easy and inexpensive for buyers. If you pay, the shipping cost is automatically deducted from the amount of the sale.
  • Secure transaction. If you sell as a merchant via Facebook Marketplace’s checkout system, the buyer is covered under Facebook’s Paycheck Protection policies. This builds customer trust. 

The cons

  • Facebook account required to ship. This isn’t necessarily a drawback, but it’s good to know if you’d rather not create an account in order to sell.
  • Limitations on volume sales. If you have multiples of the same item, you have to create individual listings for each item that sells. Selling multiple quantities of an item is allowed if you post from a business page, but even then, some sellers have reported issues.
  • Sparse notifications. Facebook will email you updates about your listing, but you may or may not receive phone notifications.

Facebook Marketplace rules

aside from listing and selling entirely allow items, the early chief rule for selling on Facebook Marketplace is to ship items in a seasonably manner .
If you are a merchant on Facebook Marketplace, you ’ re required to ship within three days of making a sale. Delivery must occur within 10 days of the sale .
There ’ s no principle about negotiating with buyers, but you ’ re adhere to find yourself in that situation .
How to sell on Facebook Marketplace: Handshake

How to negotiate with buyers

It ’ sulfur coarse for buyers to try to negotiate the price — and it ’ sulfur best to avoid doing so via Messenger. Buyers will much hold off for the adjacent seller rather of lowering their offer .
With items that you ’ re transport, it ’ s up to you whether or not to negotiate on the minimum monetary value you ’ ve fix. For in-person transactions, a directly exchange for cash or a check is best .

How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It costs nothing for individuals to sell on Facebook Marketplace, and there ’ s no fee to join Facebook or Facebook Marketplace .
If you operate on Facebook Marketplace as a merchant, there is a 5 % tip on all transactions, with a minimal agitate of $ 0.40 .
Keep in beware that you can only sell items priced between $ 5 and $ 500. so, if you sell an token for $ 5, you pay $ .40 on that transaction even though the 5 % tip is $ .25 .

Can I advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

You can create a yield ad to appear on Facebook Marketplace using the Ads Manager creature. Design and create the ad, set a daily budget, and choose your ad placement .
If you choose automatic pistol placement ( which Facebook recommends ), Facebook will put it on Marketplace, Facebook and its News Feed, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network .
Ads feature Sponsored labels so that shoppers know they ’ re ads .

Selling on Facebook Marketplace vs. other e-commerce outlets

Let ’ s compare Facebook Marketplace with the three most popular e-commerce outlets .

Craigslist vs. Facebook

Craigslist is alike to Facebook Marketplace, but with more anonymity. You get little to no background information on prospective buyers, which can be a condom concern .
You don ’ t need an account in order to sell on Craigslist ( but there are perks if you do have one ) .

Amazon vs. Facebook

It ’ sulfur easier to sell large quantities of products on Amazon than it is on Facebook, but you must pay a monthly fee if you ’ re a professional seller who sells more than 40 units per month .
You can register for free as an individual seller if you don ’ metric ton meet that sales threshold ; Amazon will take a $ 0.99 cut of each sale .

eBay vs. Facebook

eBay operates on an auction system, though you can besides set a concluding price with the Buy it now feature. eBay is a popular platform for selling jewelry and valuables, books, and clothing .
eBay sellers are allowed 200 listings a calendar month for free. After that, each listing costs $ 0.35. eBay charges a final measure fee of anywhere from 2 % to 12 % of the merchandise ’ south price .
While Facebook costs less for sellers, it doesn ’ t have eBay ’ s global achieve ( yet ) .

How to manage your Facebook Marketplace listings

The smartest thing you can do as a seller on Facebook Marketplace is to make your list stand out by optimizing all of its elements .
Take professional photos of your items. Carefully craft product descriptions. then, split test the images and descriptions on a target audience of likely buyers using PickFu ’ s polling platform .
Ask questions like, “ Which intersection photograph would make you want to click ? ” or “ Which description makes you want to buy the product ? ” You ’ ll receive unbiased votes and written explanations from respondents .
In the PickFu poll below, a seller tested three main images for a wildflower source packet. The results showed that people prefer to see the actual merchandise in the photograph .
How to sell on Facebook Marketplace: Screenshot of PickFu poll here ’ s what some of the respondents said :

  • “I prefer Option A because you can see what the product is and you can see healthy flowers in the ad. The flowers in Option C look dead and in Option B, I cannot tell what the product is.”
  • “I like [Option A] the most because I like seeing the bag and I like the colors at the bottom of the bag. I like [Option C] too, but the colors aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to me. I’m confused by [Option B]. Is it a puzzle? Is it a poster? I can’t tell.”
  • “I voted for A as my first choice because it is labeled ‘Made in the USA’ and features a brighter, more eye-catching mix of flowers.”

Split testing on PickFu reveals the blind spots in your product photography and descriptions. You can even take screenshots of your competitors ’ Facebook Marketplace listings and ask the PickFu panel for feedback. This type of competitive analysis will confirm that your number is potent — or show you what you need to improve.

Using data from your PickFu polls, you ’ ll improve your listings and ultimately sell more products on Facebook Marketplace .

Learn more: Build a better business by Build a better business by testing your business names ideas, son, commercialize copy, and web site designs on PickFu .

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