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Screen Shot 2018 10 30 at 11.59.38 AM When you think about podcast, one person dominates over the others when it comes to listeners, success and influence : Joe Rogan. Back in 2009, comedian and UFC semblance commentator Joe Rogan launched The Joe Rogan Experience, a show where he would sit down with a guest and talk about life. Most of the episodes are around 3 hours long, and the guests come in many shapes and colors. From celebrities to entertainers to scientists to athletes to people who just have interesting stories or interesting minds, The Joe Rogan Experience exposes its hearing to a diverseness of different ideas and ways of think. Rogan is known for his blunt and colored personality, which has drawn in many like minded fans and probe guests to open up in ways they might not have considered. The Joe Rogan Experience has become fabulously influential and a cultural standard, walking the line between mainstream and option media while dabbling in some controversial takes. Spotify bought exclusive streaming rights to The Joe Rogan Experience for a stagger fee, and Rogan ’ second name has popped up on a few controversial headlines. Read more : What to Listen to alternatively of Joe Rogan

It can be intimidating to get into The Joe Rogan Experience, since it ’ mho well over 1700 episodes as of time of writing. You could just start with the most late episode, but if you ’ ra looking for some of the highlights, we ’ ve put together this list of some of Rogan ’ second best episodes .

JRE #974 – Megan Phelps-Roper

Aired On 8th June 2017 Megan Phelps-Roper is a social media militant and a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church. She and Rogan discuss the part and hatred that much come up with religion and politics, and how those two things are much tied together. The topic of exemption of language frequently comes up in Joe Rogan Experience episodes, so it was nice to have an episode specifically focussed on boring into the general political model surrounding rid language. To quote Phelps-Roper, “ popular speech doesn ’ t need protection. ”

JRE # 1315- Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

Some of the best Joe Rogan Experience episodes are the ones that dive into Rogan ’ s specific interests and fascinations. Given his long-familiar curio in extraterrestrial activities, Rogan ’ s duel consultation with Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell is a must listen. Corbell directed a objective about Lazar ’ sulfur claims to have inverse engineered an estrange spacecraft. Whether or not you believe Lazar doesn ’ metric ton change the fact that this is a capture conversation to listen to .

JRE #1109 – Matthew Walker 

Aired On 25th April 2018 As person who has perturb sleeping, I personally found Rogan ’ s interview with Matthrew Walker informative and capture. Walker is the founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, so his conversation with Rogan went into the intricacies in how much we take sleep for granted. The Joe Rogan Experience is where a lot of people go for respective health tips, and this deep dive into deep sleep is another aspect of a healthy life. Read more : 10 Relaxation and Sleep Podcasts So Effective, I about Fell Asleep Writing this tilt

JRE #1245 – Andrew Yang 

Aired On 12th February 2019 The 2020 Presidential Election was a formative time for The Joe Rogan Experience, as it ’ randomness position in the cultural zeitgeist evolved. Rogan ’ s long form, casual however dull interviews offered candidates and pundits a opportunity to truly show off their beliefs to the public. While he didn ’ thymine wind instrument up getting the democratic nomination, Andrew Yang ’ s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience was a boon to his chances for being considered for the position. At the very least, it ’ s a absorbing conversation that strips away the pretense of the election cycle .

JRE #1283 – Russell Brand 

Aired On 20th April 2019 There is a batch of diversity in the kind of people Rogan interviews on his show, from scientists to activists to politicians, but sometimes you can ’ triiodothyronine beat a podcast with two comedians shooting the breeze together. Russell Brand and Rogan have a fun chemistry together that leads to humorous conversation. however, they besides manage to get into some deeper topics, with Brand taking the opportunity to open up about some of his own insights .

JRE #1153 – Macaulay Culkin 

Aired On 8th August 2018 Macaulay Culkin was a child actor and has gone through the ups and downs of what life is like when you become celebrated at such a unseasoned long time. Despite this Culkin ’ s down-to-earth attitude makes this a pretty restful heed. He ’ s had a batch of singular experiences that have given him a different position on liveliness. As a 90 ’ second kid, this interview feels like catching up with an erstwhile friend and finding out that they ’ rhenium doing very well now .

JRE #1246 – Pot Debate – Alex Berenson & Dr. Michael Hart 

Aired On 13th February 2019 The conversation around pot has been muddled with politics and personal prejudices. Rogan sits down with two representatives from opposing sides of the argument to hash it out ( no pun intended ). even though they ’ re from two different sides of a heat subject, the conversation is civil and informative. It ’ south clear that Berenson and Dr.Hart respect one another, and Rogan does a big job moderating the discussion. Regardless of where you fall on the debate, this episode is worth a listen. Read More : Highly Recommended Stonercasts

JRE #1442 – Shannon O’Loughlin 

Aired On 17th March 2020 The news doesn ’ thymine frequently cover what is going on with the modern Narive american tribes throughout the country, particularly since the pandemic hit. Rogan took some fourth dimension to sit down with Shannon O ’ Loughlin, citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the executive film director and lawyer for the Association on American Indian Affairs to dive into these issues, american samoa well as the means native traditions clash with modern american culture. This conversation is in depth and crucial, and Rogan gives O ’ Loughlin the sum of esteem she and the subject deserve .

JRE #1375 – Edward Norton 

Aired On 31st October 2019 It ’ second always great when Rogan invites a well known fame since, in the cross of their frequently long interview, you can ’ t predict what might come up. For model, in this interview with Edward Norton, Norton discusses about passing on american History X. This is a fascinate conversation about following your creative muse. then, in the same episode, Rogan and Norton go in depth about the japanese martial art aikido with the lapp come of gusto. This episode is a fun and thought provoking ride about heat and creativity .

JRE #1343 – Penn Jillette 

Aired On 28th August 2019 Penn Jillette is one half of the celebrated magician couple Penn & Teller, american samoa good as an actor, writer, inventor, musician, and overall performer in his own correct. Rogan and Jillette hit upon many topics, from politics to magic to comedy and even conspiracies. Jillette is a thoughtful person with a clear drive, and it ’ sulfur clear how fascinate Rogan is by his career. This is a big listen for anyone who wants to get a peak into one of the greatest minds in magic trick .

JRE #1330 – Bernie Sanders 

Aired On 5th August 2019 Bernie Sanders is the second 2020 democratic presidential campaigner whose sequence is on this number, but it ’ s still worth the heed. Sanders is open and confident in his impression, laying out his opinions and plans in a more address manner than most politicians. Rogan always works good when interviewing people who want to be actual, so he and Sanders actually hit it off. The Joe Rogan Experience offers a rare opportunity for politicians to show their stripes in long box discussions, much leading to interest conversations you might not see in traditional news outlets .

JRE #1531 – Miley Cyrus 

Aired On 2nd September 2 2020 Miley Cyrus ’ appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience truly gave the pop star a find to publicly talk about the struggles of growing up in the populace eye. Cyrus talks about the dark places she fell to earlier in her life angstrom well as the road she took to recovery. It ’ second absorbing to see her lecture about how she balances maintaining her craft while besides dealing with sol a lot public examination. She and Rogan are both invested in physical health, so it ’ second cool seeing them trade tips back and forth to live healthy lifestyles in both of their fields .

JRE #1598 – Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway 

Aired On 20th January 2021 Joe Rogan is known for being a huge sports fan of fight, so it ’ sulfur great to be able to hear him get a gamble to sit down and pick the mind of one of the most fabled fighters out there : The Undertaker himself. In this compelling out of character interview, Calaway talks about how he got his begin in wrestling and some of his earlier struggles. He besides gets into how much of a toll it took on his body. The Undertaker is an icon of the WWE, making this a must listen to episode .

JRE #1498 – Jon Stewart 

Aired On 26th June 2020

For well over a ten on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was seen as the everyman ’ s interviewer, sitting down with politicians and celebrities and getting polish to brass tacks with them. In holocene years, it could be said that this mantle has been passed down to Joe Rogan. not entirely does this episode showcase the differences between Rogan and Stewart ’ s consultation philosophies, but it besides shows how Stewart ’ mho views have developed and changed over the years. If anything, it ’ s good refreshing to be able to sit down with Stewart for an extend meter hearing his take on things .

JRE #1733 – Snoop Dogg 

Aired On 12th Nov, 2021 While the show is great at giving guests the space to talk about whatever they like, it ’ randomness constantly cool when Rogan has a node that he just hangs out with without getting into a short ton of their baggage. Snoop Dogg is honest, cool, and precisely relaxes during this three and a one-half hour interview. Some people have the estimate that most Joe Rogan Experience episodes are just him sitting down with a celebrated person and getting high. While that ’ s recently not been the case, sometimes it ’ mho nice to have a beneficial previous fashioned chill and get high episode .

JRE #1675 – Quentin Tarantino 

Aired On 29th June 2021 Quentin Tarantino is one of Joe Rogan ’ s favorite filmmakers, so he brought a clear determination to this interview. Rogan gets into the nitty game with tarantino about his career and particular parts of his movies. Most Joe Rogan Experience episodes tend to focus on a person ’ south overall career, but this is a case where the actual shape itself is dove into. Tarantino international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate phased by this and enjoys talking about his cultivate and career. This is a must listen to episode for any of you movie buffs out there .

JRE #1493 – Steve Schirripa & Michael Imperioli 

Aired On 17th June 2020 There is a big writing style in podcasting where actors who used to be on shows get together to do a rewatch podcast of the show they were on. Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli were co-stars on HBO ’ s The Sopranos and presently host the rewatch podcast Talking Sopranos.These two have a well honed chemistry that came from working together for indeed long, and Rogan does a big subcontract playing off their active. This episode is obviously geared toward people who have seen The Sopranos since it goes into diverse different details and facts about he showk, but it ’ s placid with the listen if you want to hear some matter to stories about working on such a well known show .

JRE #1419 – Daryl Davis

Aired On 30th January 2020 There are some episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience that focus on Rogan talking to person who might not necessarily be celebrated, but has been living a intrigue life. Daryl Davis is chiefly a jazz musician. however, he has besides made it his life ’ s mission to meet with Ku Klux Klan members and talk them into leaving the group. Rogan sits down with Davis and talks about why he seeks to do this considering the dangers to himself, and how he feels he has made an impact. It ’ s a bewitching conversation about acting in hurt of fear to change the world even a fiddling for the better, one person at a time .

JRE #1235 – Ben Greenfield

Aired On 29th January 2019 seaworthiness is one of the main pillars of conversation that come up on The Joe Rogan Experience. That ’ sulfur why it ’ sulfur no surprise that Rogan has had many different seaworthiness experts on the usher, including biohacker Ben Greenfield. Greenfield and Rogan get into the nuts and bolts of healthy living, laying out a long ton of different easy tips to improve your way of living. It ’ sulfur nice to have a fitness episode of JRE that doesn ’ t barely talk about working out, but besides incorporates the life style changes needed to get fit .

JRE #1666 – Duncan Trussell

Aired On 11th June 2021 We ’ ra number Duncan Trussell ’ s most late appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience on this list, but it ’ second honestly worth it to listen to all of his previous appearances a well, since he is one of the best recurring guests on the show. Trussell is sol thoroughly at laid binding, colloquial philosophic podcast that his own podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. has been adapted to the animated Netflix show The Midnight Gospel. every time he and Rogan sit down for an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, you know you ’ re in for a good fourth dimension .

Bonus Joe Rogan episodes

These episodes come from versions of this article past. If you want more Joe Rogan, hera ’ s more Joe Rogan .

JRE #1368 – Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the ill-famed american whistle blower creditworthy for leaking classified documents of the NSA, video conferenced with Joe Rogan for a closely three hour conversation. Snowden claims he searched the NSA net for any attest of aliens, chemtrails, and early popular conspiracy theories. To Rogan ’ s disappointment, Snowden didn ’ triiodothyronine find anything .

JRE # 1169 – Elon Musk

If you don ’ t know who Elon Musk is, you ’ re probably living under a rock ( how ’ d you find this article ? ). The leading edge pioneer and the CEO and collapse of SpaceX and Tesla sat down with Rogan to discuss a variety show of issues, ranging from the problems of developing artificial news besides quickly to the frenzied drive force behind his own ideas and success. His multiple business ventures were obviously besides a separate of the conversation along with a few hints of what the future could have in storehouse for us .

JRE # 1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

If you care for your health, this podcast is a must. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical skill and adept on nutritional health. She breaks down in-depth how diet and exercise affect our wellbeing and health in many levels and explains the biochemical interconnection of our bodies and how to keep it healthy. In fact, Joe was so print with her cognition that she has been on the podcast on plenty of other episodes ( # 459 # 502 # 568 # 672 # 773 # 901 ) .

JRE # 1159 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an american astrophysicist, writer, and skill communicator. Everything about the quad and the universe mix in with the mundane earthly matters, Tyson speaks and acts like a bridge between the coarse man and the adept field, a capture mixture indeed .

JRE # 1006 – Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein

The two former university professors and cerebral heavyweights don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shy away from controversial subjects and discus contemporary social issues, conflicts at university campuses, Hitler, racism, the radical left and evolutionary sociological aspects in humans while uncovering different layers of our building complex nature. ( Editor’s note: alternatively, consider the Maintenance Phase episodes on Jordan Peterson. –Editor Wil, a trans person )

JRE # 962 – Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is a NYT Best Seller writer, the host of Jocko Podcast and a retire US Navy Seal Commander of the most highly adorned unit during the Iraq War. He gives a great insight to what makes a great leader, how to deal with crisis, how to cultivate personal self-control and why discipline grants you freedom ( Discipline Equals Freedom is besides a claim of one of his books ) .

JRE # 543 – Sam Harris

Aired on 2nd September 2014 Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, podcast host and author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers. His adept articulation has risen him to the top ranks of thinkers, as he tackles many complex subject matters from neuroscience to the universe ( or lack thereof ) of barren will and the place of religion in modern club .

JRE # 692 – Jay Leno

Most of us know him probably from the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Nowadays he spends his time doing stand-up drollery and hosting Jay Leno’s Garage, showcasing sports cars and restoring rarities. On JRE he opens up about being a true petrolhead and his huge passion for cars. The podcast doesn ’ t lack any fun stories from the old days either .

JRE # 737 – Lance Armstrong

Since confessing to doping use spinal column in 2013, the 7-time achiever of the Tour de France has faced multiple lawsuits and a short ton of flak catcher from all sides. Armstrong gives the listeners an insightful insiders perspective to the far-flung use of prevent performance-enhancing substances in the circus tent ranks of professional cycling and top-tier competitive sports .

JRE # 1041 – Dan Carlin

Though Dan Carlin is not a real historian with credentials, his podcast Hardcore History is one of the most capture mediums to learn the extreme point happenings of our history. Being a political observer with radio background, he besides hosts another popular podcast Common Sense. This episode gives you a taste of both history and common sense evaluation of the stream political landscape. And more .

JRE # 967 – Bill Burr

This blunt comedian was ranked 17th of Rolling Stones list of 50 all time greatest stand-up comics in 2017. As to be expected, the conversation gets preferably eclectic between Joe and Bill. nothing seems off-limits to crack a joke about, and that illustrates Burrs overall border on fairly good .

JRE MMA Show # 28 – Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre, the erstwhile UFC supporter has one of the most meticulous records on the UFC to date. Although the JRE MMA podcasts might seem a little uninteresting to the casual hearer, there are decidedly interesting bits for everyone, like the narrative about when St-Pierre met his childhood strong-arm a few years ago .

JRE # 993 – Ben Shapiro

Aired on 2nd August 2017

As a witty rightist conservative, Shapiro seems to love trashing the leftist sociable department of justice warriors at any given opportunity. The viral debates and Q & A ’ randomness have added fuel to the burn and Shapiro has had to resort to having multiple bodyguards accompanying him whenever he gives speeches at campuses. chiefly discussing social issues such as identity politics and gender pronouns, Shapiro gives his perspective on contemporary issues that would ’ ve seemed absurd pseudo-problems one or two decades ago. ( Editor’s note: alternatively, consider precisely not. –Editor Wil, a trans person )

JRE # 138 – Anthony Bourdain, Brian Redban

You may know him from Netflix, but the former internationally traveling chef and the stories he tells are hard not to like. The episode was recorded on the earlier phase of the Joe Rogan Experience, when it was hush being streamed from Joe ’ s base. Brian Redban co-hosted and produced the JRE from the get down of the usher from 2009 to 2013. For the Bourdain fans and seasoned JRE listeners, this episode is decidedly a nostalgic one. trope credit :

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