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version 1.12.2 :

This update improves an open in Apollo consequence, a well as a few other humble issues.

Version 1.12.1 :

here ‘s an update with some handy bug fixes and improvements based on big feedback from the Christmas update. Read on !

+ A new, very cool picture from Yannick Lung. It ‘s of the Apollo mascot in an old school aqualung lawsuit by the incredible Yannick Lung, and I love how the details actually make it feel like an picture from a nostalgic era of prison term passed. Have been enjoying it a lot on the ol ‘ home screen.
+ Improvements to table rendering. Thanks y’all for sending in some great examples of tables that ( alongside Apollo ‘s new inline postpone renderer ) were n’t quite displaying properly, so I ‘ve tidied those all astir so they should display gorgeously now.
+ besides tweaked layout algorithm a bite so that some tables that were a bit cramped should display nice now.
+ Fixed hemipterous insect where the “ Quote ” option in “ Select Text ” mood and in the gossip composer would n’t show up.
+ Fixed bug where the subscriber reckon and total of presently active accounts was n’t showing up in the sidebar ( and besides added the short subreddit description to the top of it ).
+ Fixed wiretap where some links would n’t be tappable or only the subreddit/user part would be if it was a Reddit link.
+ Fixed a wiretap where tapping on some drug user or subreddit links could jump you into the browser/out of Apollo rather than staying in the app ( lapp with Wikipedia links, fixed besides ).
+ Fixed microbe where preview text ( like for a textbook post in a subreddit, or underneath an Inbox detail ) was besides benighted, made it a piece lighter like ahead then as to blend in better
+ Fixed a tease with some miss Markdown characters and those inside code blocks.
+ Fixed a tease around newlines/line breaks in Markdown.
+ Fixed a wiretap where sometimes you could get a duplicate presentment.
+ Fixed wiretap where text in private messages could be visually hard to read due to low contrast.
+ If you tap on a yoke to u/me, it ‘ll properly load your profile immediately.
+ Added option in Settings pill > General to share Reddit links as their “ old.reddit ” interpretation.
+ Fixed hemipterous insect where Apollo was mean to usernames with hyphens in them.
+ Fixed tease where when comments loaded self textbook could refresh/flash in a non-cool way.
+ Fixed bug where could n’t select the title of the post in “ Select Text ” mode.
+ If you tap on a timestamped YouTube video it will nowadays open to that time.
+ Limits gossip link previews to 5.
+ Fixed hemipterous insect where subreddit rules could get cut off at the top slenderly.
+ Flattened large groups of newlines in a comment/post into just two.
+ Fixed bug where code blocks could get cut off at the bottom.
+ Fixed tease where widgets would not show up on io 14.
+ A fixate for a crash that could occur on io 12 devices. truly deplorable about that one, strange hemipterous insect that was but everything should be in tip top form now. As a bill, after this update ( 1.12.1 ) Apollo will likely require io 14 and higher for far updates. You ‘ll hush be able to run Apollo on io 12 and 13 fair as you were earlier, but fresh updates will require io 14 and higher. statistically very few Apollo users are hush on these older versions ( well under 1 % of users ) and the work to maintain these older versions and put off using decent, newer io features in full ( SwiftUI, SceneDelegate, Combine, Swift Concurrency, etc. ) is beginning to get a bit sturdy to maintain given the modest userbase ( and I ‘m good one person building this app ), thus I figure now ‘s a good a time as for io 14 to become the base. Hope that ‘s apprehensible.

Hope these first two weeks of 2022 have served you well, and if not, well I endeavour to make the remainder happy through Apollo updates !

– christian

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