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If you are person who needs to attend zoom meetings much, then you may face technical issues with using this platform. These technical issues include the bulk a good. flush when you are in a meet, you might need to use your device for other tasks. When lowering the volume in your zoom meetings, it might lower the overall volume of your device. so, here is a guide on how to lower soar book only. You have two options that you can go about to lower the rapid climb volume only in your device. You can either lower the meet bulk by going to the audio settings, or you can directly adjust the volumes from your personal computer vitamin a well. however, you can not lower the soar bulk in a fluid device. then, we look into the possible options and a bit-by-bit process to do it.

Can You Lower Only The Zoom Volume And Not The Computer Volume

zoom meetings are a big direction to communicate with coworkers or clients when you can ’ thymine be in the same room. however, if you ’ ra not in the lapp room as the person speak, it can be unmanageable to hear them. This is specially true if the calculator ’ s book is high gear and the Zoom meet bulk is low. fortunately, there ’ s a means to lower the Zoom meet book without affecting the computer ’ s book. In most cases, this can be done by adjusting your calculator ’ s settings.

Adjust Zoom Volume Before A Meeting

then, before you flush join a zoom meet, how can you adjust the book in zoom to ensure a smooth serve for when you actually join a meet. hera is the step by step guide on adjusting the soar meet volume before you join in .

Step 1: Launch Zoom App In Your Desktop

start by launching the Zoom app on either your Mac or desktop personal computer .

Step 2: Access Settings

In the upper justly corner of the screen, go to the gear icon to select Settings.

Step 3: Go To Audio Settings

then, from within settings, select Audio Settings from the left hand side .

Step 4: Adjust Volume And Check Speaker Levels

You can then use the slider to adjust the volume of the selected microphone and loudspeaker. On your audio settings, you can besides text your microphone and loudspeaker levels .

Step 5: Text Your Speaker And Microphone

You can then Test Speaker legal by adjusting whether you can hear yourself or not. You can besides test your microphone. For this, speak into the mic for a few minutes and the audio will playback. Hear your audio and if you are not okay with it, you can select another input device from the drop-down menu .

Step 6: Automatically Adjust Volume

You besides have the choice to allow Zoom to mechanically adjust the volume of the stimulation sound in your microphone. For this, you can check on the box of Automatically Adjust Volume. once you have set everything up, you can besides join a test call to check the settings. This is highly recommended as you can then make any extra adjustments that are required .

How To Lower Zoom Volume During A Meeting

now that we have looked into the steps to adjust the zoom volume meeting before you start a meeting, here is the far information. We will see how to adjust or lower the bulk while you are already in a meet.

How To Lower Zoom Volume On PC/Mac

Follow the steps below on how to lower Zoom volume on a personal computer or Mac .

Step 1: Launch Zoom App

inaugural, you need to launch the Zoom app on your device. You can either use the web version or you can immediately install the Zoom application on your device. You can log in using your login credentials, or you have other login options. Use the allow method acting and logarithm in to your Zoom account .

Step 2: Launch A Meeting Or Join A Meeting

You can either launch a modern meet as a host or join a meet. When joining a meet, you need to add in the information provided to you to join that meeting .

Step 3: Go To Upward Facing Arrow

After you join the converge then Zoom will use your calculator ’ s microphone as its default option sound. But if it bothers or distracts some people in a board, they can lower their own volume using this handy short button on the bottom left corner of the screen ! just compress “ up faced arrow ” next to the muffle option and start editing audio settings .

Step 4: Go To Audio Settings

You can then choose the Audio Settings option from the list of options and you get to adjust the set within the Zoom merging .

Step 5: Adjust Volume

now that you are within the audio settings, you can adjust the volumes here consequently. You have two options which include the speaker and the microphone. Lowering the speaker book means lowering the book of others who speak in the meet.

The microphone is your stimulation sound and volume. You can adjust it so you are heard clearly in the confluence. Adjusting only the speaker volumes means that the sound of the converge is the lone bulk that will be lowered. The overall bulk of your device will remain the same. You can test this by running a different lotion .

Lower Zoom Volume On Mobile Devices

Unlike your personal computer, you can not lower the sound of only your Zoom meeting. so, to decrease the overall reasoned of the meet you will have to lower the sound of your device itself. If you still do not want to hear what the meet is approximately, you can constantly turn off the meeting audio by tapping on the audio icon on the upper left corner of the sieve. once you see a daunt on the audio icon, it means that the sound recording is disabled.

You can constantly turn the sound recording back on by tapping on the icon again .

Ways To lower Zoom Volume Without Lowering Computer Volume

We looked into the options to adjust your Zoom meeting book from within the Zoom app itself. however, if you are doing early tasks on your computer and want to adjust it from your personal computer, then you can follow the given steps. Remember that Zoom uses the personal computer sound as its default legal so you can not just lower the soar phone directly from the personal computer .

Step 1: Launch Zoom App

first, launch the Zoom meet app on your personal computer. You can then sing into Zoom .

Step 2: Join A Meeting Or Start A Meeting

If you have a code to join a meet then you can do that or launch your own meeting.

Step 3: Go To Computer Audio Settings

On the bottom right section of the calculator sieve, right snap on the calculator sound recording icon. It is a speaker icon from which you adjust your casual calculator volume .

Step 4: Select Open Volume Mixer

From the options that come up, tap on Open Volume Mixer .

Step 5: Adjust Zoom Volume

You can then adjust the sound of lone your rapid climb meeting to however moo you want it. Keep in judgment to not change the allowance of your loudspeaker or earphone of your device .

Zoom Audio Not Working

When soar meet audio is not working, there are respective things that you can do. First of all, merely check the soar set up to see if it ’ s actually possible for early people to join using zoom meet audio without extra configuration. If you ’ ve previously configured soar converge audio, but now it will no longer work, then try uninstalling and reinstalling zoom meeting.

Zoom has a dedicated set-up charming called soar frame-up which should be used in order to troubleshoot problems with zoom initiation or upgrade refer issues. Otherwise, try doing a malware/virus scan on your computer since harmful software may interfere with the zoom app ’ s ability to affair correctly. If nothing seems to solve the problem you might have with zoom meet audio in a zoom meet, it might be best to contact soar corroborate. Another zoom issue that can cause soar meeting audio not to work is zoom latency ( or network reaction time ). Network latencies are normally caused by decelerate connections or hapless quality connections between participants in a soar touch session. If you ’ re experiencing rapid climb rotational latency, try troubleshooting your connection by connecting to the network with another device like call or laptop and see what kind of speed/quality you get .

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to lower soar volume only are below .

Zoom Volume Too Low

If you want to adjust the volume during your meet select an arrow next to one of these microphones and click on it. A devolve down menu should appear, with options for Mute or Un-Mute a well as Audio Settings from which you can choose what voice each person uses when speaking into their mic ( book see ). After doing those steps just move around in sliders corresponding with whichever speaker/mic jazz band is desired until everything sounds good right !

Zoom Volume Mixer

The rapid climb bulk mixer can be accessed from the audio settings in your device. You can right suction stop on the loudspeaker on your device and access the computer volume mixer .


In conclusion, you can lower the zoom volume only and make sure your device volume stays the lapp. The option is possible from your rapid climb application and from your computer settings as well. Follow the summons above to get away from any drilling meetings that take plaza. If you want to make such meetings more concern then you can besides check out changing the background of the soar converge .

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