How to Make a Cantenna

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    1 Find a can that is no more than 4 inches (10.2 cm) wide in diameter. Ideal diameter is 3.25 to 3.75 inches ( 8.3 to 9.5 curium ). A Progresso Soup Can is a thoroughly begin. Since these are DIRECTIONAL antennas, a longer can will increase range, but they decrease the slant of sweep. This helps eliminate interference, but requires you to point it more accurately. 6 to 10 inches ( 15.2 to 25.4 cm ) hanker will improve sign force ( addition ). You may be able to solder several cans together to improve performance.

  2. WH logo 2 Use the table below to calculate how far you will drill the hole for placement of an N type Female Chassis-mount connector. If you use a individual Progresso Soup Can its easy ; count the sum number of ribs and punch the hole at precisely the CENTER RIB. One side is N-female for connecting the cable from your radio equipment, and the other slope has a little brass butt for soldering on wire. These can be found at electronics stores internet suppliers. The electrify you solder should be precisely 1.21 inches ( 3.1 centimeter ) tall ( equitable a hair’s-breadth under 1 1/4 inches ) sticking up inside the can. You may find bonding or using a small blowtorch melts the fictile insulator in the connection. If so, remove the brass stem turn from the melted pool of plastic, use a minor torch to solder the wire into the brass root, then wrap it the brass stem turn with 10 – 20 turns of blacken record and re-insert it snuggly into the adapter, leaving the 1.21 inches ( 3.1 centimeter ) of copper wire exposed .


  3. WH logo 3 Drill a hole in the can at the correct position according to your calculation or the center rib of a Progresso Soup can. Since can cans rip easily, a hole examine will make a mess. Use a minor drill act and then SLOWLY widen the fix lento with a rat-tail charge, a brad-point exercise bit or hole saw held with pliers or vice grips, lento working it back and forth. A baron drill and a big morsel will likely to destroy the can or make a poor hole .

  4. WH logo 4 Widen the hole to accommodate the adapter.

  5. WH logo 5 Place the adapter in the hole and secure to the can. alternatively of drill holes and screwing the arranger to the can, you can get a morsel of arctic garden hose about 3/8 long, slip it over the external end of the adapter and as you tighten the cable, the hose compresses against the can and locks the arranger in seat .

  6. WH logo 6 Attach a pigtail cable to the adapter (a pigtail is a wire that attaches the adapter to the computer’s wifi card, note you must have a compatible wifi adapter to make this work). One problem with pigtails is the wires are very thin and they barely do n’t last long. A authentic, long survive alternative is to go to an electronic shop and assemble 2 or 3 BNC or BNC reversed connectors, eliminating wire problems. This makes the antenna easily detachable from the USB wifi card with a simple twist-lock .

  7. WH logo 7 Connect the cantenna and wifi card with the pigtail or BNC connectors.

  8. WH logo 8 Tape cantenna to tripod or create a small, portable stand or clamp with a bit of thick wire that loops around the BNC connectors and can be easily removed and allows you to rotate the cantenna to find signals.

  9. WH logo 9 Aim at source and adjust to get the best signal. This should be much stronger than the whisk antenna you had earlier. To improve the bespeak even more – much more – cut a 2 foot ( 0.6 thousand ) wide by 1 foot ( 0.3 thousand ) high sheet of concrete lathing screen with


    edge ( 0.6 centimeter ) or smaller holes and curve it slenderly to form a parabolic cup of tea, exchangeable to a television satellite dish. alternatively of pointing the can at the signal source, orient it at your screen which points at the signal so the back of the can points at the signal. It takes a moment of adjusting to get the curl of the screen and distance to the can precisely right. You can find convention for calculating the demand focal steer or use trial and error since you will see your sign acquire double over or even treble when you get the curl and distance just veracious. You can then make a wooden or aluminum skeleton to hold everything together in the right position. You can besides use a real number satellite dish and home the cantenna at the end of the arm at the position the television antenna ( the horn ) normally go .

  10. WH logo 10 Finished.


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