Convert an Old Hard Drive into an External Unit

It ’ sulfur quite common to have an erstwhile calculator fail on you and not have it repaired, specially if it ’ second more than a few years old. But what can you do with the old carcase ?
If a calculator dies for any argue other than a dead hard drive, you can constantly convert the old drive into an external whole, and grab significant files off the drive in the work. The lapp thing can be done if you install a larger arduous drive in your computer and don ’ triiodothyronine know what to do with the previous one .
The foremost thing you should do before investing any prison term and money in an old unvoiced drive is to try to determine if it ’ mho all right. If your honest-to-god calculator was working fine and then died all of a sudden, the hard drive is most likely ticket. Motherboards, power supplies, microprocessors and memory can fail in the wink of an center, but hard drives normally become bizarre, make strange sounds or exhibit other errors before they die. If your hard drive seemed fine before the system died then it ’ s credibly OK .

alike, if your organization was working very well and you plainly swapped the old unvoiced drive for a bigger one, then the old one should still be just fine. We won ’ thymine get into the details of upgrading a hard drive because it ’ s a very complicate process. But the easiest way to upgrade is to use hard drive cloning software or hardware that lets you duplicate your original hard drive on a much bigger, blank unvoiced drive. once duplicated, you plainly swap out the old drive for the new one. Otherwise, you can just install a newly hard drive in your calculator and format it from rub. Of course, you ’ ll need the magnetic disk for the operate system, all the drivers and utilities and all of your applications, along with the corresponding series numbers where required .
Getting back to creating an external hard drive, the future thing you need to make certain of is the size and type of drive you have. Notebook computers typically use 2.5-inch hard drives, just because they ’ ra smaller and use less power than 3.5-inch desktop heavily drives. If you ’ ra not certain what size your drive is you can measure it. Hard drives have a orthogonal shape, and the smaller of the two sides is where the size is measured .

pata 0 sata

following, you have to determine what kind of drive you have because you need an enclosure that ’ s compatible with your drive. Older computers contain PATA, or IDE hard drives, and newer ones contain SATA hard drives. The connectors on PATA hard drives consist of a double course of metal pins, while the connectors on SATA hard drives consist of two flat tabs .

You need to buy a hard-drive enclosure that matches the size of the drive you have ; a 2.5-inch enclosure for a 2.5-inch driveway and a 3.5-inch enclosure for a 3.5-inch drive. Keep in thinker that 2.5-inch enclosures are normally bus powered, meaning that they pull world power from the port they ’ re plugged into and they don ’ thymine come with a power adapter ; this makes them wholly portable. On the early hand, 3.5-inch hard drives need more baron than can be pulled from a computer port, so the 3.5-inch enclosures normally come with an AC ability adapter and they are not portable—meaning that they won ’ metric ton solve if there ’ s no AC wall socket available .

now you have to decide what kind of interface you want on your hard-drive enclosure. Most drive enclosures feature USB or FireWire interfaces because they ’ re the most democratic ones in consumption, and some feature a combination of both to make them more versatile. Most USB enclosures are USB 2.0, which is compatible with any USB interface out there. But only USB 3.0 peripherals will deliver USB 3.0 performance, and that ’ s only when connected to a USB 3.0 port. More and more raw computers feature USB 3.0 ports, so you might want to go with a USB 3.0 enclosure .

Installing a hard drive in an external enclosure is very easy ; normally all you need is a screwdriver. In the worst case, you might have to move or remove a jumper that sets the drive to be a maestro or slave, but the odds are you won ’ thymine have to touch anything but your screwdriver .
once your external drive is working, you can connect it to a computer and pull any files you want from it. then you can format the drive and depart with a clean slate. If you are uncertain and feel as though you might need the aid of professionals, contact the B & H calculator service center .

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