Mini-Me: VHS-C Teardown & Adapter

While the even VHS record was a book-sized magazine holding up to about 5 hours of magnetic tape, it had a smaller relative known as VHS-C, where the C stood for compact. This was a minor size VHS cassette intended for practice with camcorders and initially came in lengths of 30 minutes, extending to 45 minutes by the prison term VHS-C was overtaken by ( chiefly ) Video8/Digital8 and miniDV. VHS-C cassettes contained the same sort of tape inside, and recorded video recording in the same way as regular VHS, allowing for mechanical adapters to allow VHS-C cassettes to be played in fully size VHS decks – an advantage that the other formats at the time did not have. Thanks to visiting a parsimony memory, and finding a few VHS-C cassettes which I promptly purchased, I ’ ve been able to compile this unbox and teardown of a VHS-C cassette, along with a front at it inside a VHS-C to VHS adapter .

The VHS-C Cassette

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This is a Panasonic SP EC-45 VHS-C cassette, Made in Japan. This especial cassette is a later-model cassette. We know this because the 45-minute ( PAL ) length was not available in the early days of VHS-C. I even remember the JVC XR 30-minute cassettes that my Dad used to movie my childhood, although I have no idea where they are now. The earlier cassettes besides featured break-off write-protection tabs similar to the life-size VHS cassettes, with late cassettes featuring slide-switches ( exchangeable to floppy disks ) rather. This one besides had the base hit lock anti-slack system, which early cassettes did not have. 2016012810432262 2016012810432264 2016012810442266 The whole cased cassette is covered by a print cellophane wind, which has an comfortable clear “ cut ”. After all the conveyance, there are a few nicks in the corners. I suppose nowadays, it ’ s time to tear it off and unveil what ’ s inside. 2016012810442267 This especial cassette was housed inside a jewel case style plastic hinged font similar to an audio cassette. This type of formative loves to crack and shatter when subject to impact – I remember the old JVC XRs came with a flexible plastic case rather. 2016012810452268 2016012810452269 The inside card has spaces for noting down details about the record, in casing you were to store them all in a library. The case itself has the safety-lock logo pressed into it equally well. 2016012810452271 There are some spines along the boundary to keep the cassette nicely aligned in the case. 2016012810472275 The circus tent of the cassette has region of the label area occupied by a branding label from the factory. The more dainty cassettes much had slenderly different layouts at the top, and alternatively had factory printed brandings on the plate. Again, the safety lock logo is printed on the cassette. The VHS-C logo is embossed in the corner, and the tape-cover flap return give is visible in the circus tent corner. 2016012810472277 A attend at the bottom shows the normal arrangement – namely, the provide spin has a hub identical to regular VHS, whereas the take-up reel is driven by a geared wheel. 2016012810472276 The spine has the skid switch over for write protect and a space for a label to be applied. 2016012810482281 The tape-side has a thin beat, not quite the depth of the cassette, covering the tape as a shape of protective covering. It ’ s not particularly robust, and can be flipped open unintentionally evening against its “ latch ”. 2016012810492283 Inside, the flap appears to be patterned to prevent scratching the tape. There ’ second a drawing card videotape on this excessively. 2016012810472278 2016012810472279 Along the gear-side, a plastic dimple is used to release the flap latch mechanism, so it can be opened normally. note that the lid doesn ’ metric ton cover the tape wholly, with the tape exposed to the air on both sides. 2016012810462272 The inside print of the out calling card shows some warnings and care information for the cassette. 2016012810462273 2016012810462274 Of course, you besides get labels, including those letter and number labels which like to fall off all the prison term – I wonder if anyone ever used them, as you ’ d never quite have enough letters. Lets hope it wasn ’ triiodothyronine William, Xavier or Zach ’ s birthday … There ’ randomness besides a note about the condom lock mechanism – which is basically just a reel lock mechanism. As it turns out, earlier VHS-C cassettes credibly didn ’ thymine have reel-lock mechanisms, or they were not very dependable, so I can remember the JVC XR cassettes coming with cases that had specific spines designed to engage with the hub and gears to “ lock ” the record from campaign when placed in the subject. Putting those cassettes into this case with no such features is probably to result in videotape slack after transport .

Inside the VHS-C Cassette

now we get to the playfulness bit – taking it apart. A few fuck former, and we can remove the lead hat.

2016012813172289 just like the regular VHS cassette, there is a metal spring at the top which pushes down on both reels. 2016012813172291 The two hubs are visible, with unlike inner diameters. The issue spin has a larger inner diameter as it needs to be VHS compatible, whereas the take-up reel has to have a smaller reel so that it can take-up all the tape with sufficient allowance around the border so that the gear drive mechanism doesn ’ thymine damage the videotape. Both reels use clips to secure the videotape – rather curiously, the leader tape on the take-up stagger has a fairly long “ tail ”. 2016012813182294 2016012813182295 As a precaution on field custom, it seems that both sides of the record have a “ cleanse ” wiper that pushes the tape against a roller to seal the reels against excessive debris being taken into the bobbin. 2016012813182292 The reel lock mechanism is preferably matter to – and it took me a few moments to work out how it functioned. The mechanism is made in two parts – the left lock-bar and give secures the take-up reel. When a pin pokes through a hole on the bed of the casing, it tilts this bar upwards, moving its border out of the means of the toothed edge, unlocking the take-up spin. simultaneously, it then pushes against a documentation strut inside the shell, which pushes against the second spring-loaded latch which rotates out of the means of the edge of the add reel, releasing that reel deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. A quite interest design. 2016012813202297 finally, we have a piece of bouncy alloy at the border of the shell, which holds the lid-flap in the close put until the side dimple is depressed. That ’ s all there is to it .

The VHS-C Adapter

It just so happen I placid have my sharp VR-C2CA VHS-C adapter which I used to digitize my early VHS-C memories. This is a deluxe battery-operated ( single AA ) motorized unit. When no cassette is loaded, a bolshevik trilateral tab key protrudes from the side to prevent insertion into a VCR. step 1 is to slide the bottom switch to allow the front door to open. The cassette is slither into the opening, which besides releases the dither of the VHS-C cassette. 2016012810492284 Once it ’ second in place, we can close the front door, which actuates the motorize system to pull the videotape out of the cassette into the VHS standard position. The VHS-C casstte lid covers the gaping “ hole ” in the adapter when no cassette is loaded. 2016012810492285 After a few seconds, the centrifugal sounds arrest, and it ’ s ready to be loaded and used good like a regular VHS cassette. 2016012810502286 It ’ s a short heavier than the modal VHS cassette, but it ’ s besides a little more excavate as most of the inside is empty distance so that the movable rollers can pull the record from the VHS-C shell to the full VHS size. 2016012810502287 To maintain rigidity, the base plate is made out of metallic element. We can see the supply stagger uses the original reel, but the take-up spin is connected via gearing to a credit card hub mounted inside the converter itself. Lets barely say, with modern flash-based video appropriate devices, things are a distribute easier …

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