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This tutorial is for client-managed Dedicated Servers or VPS servers, not running a Control Panel administration ( i.e. – not running Plesk or Helm ) .

** Before you set up DNS on your server, be sure you have registered your private nameservers at your Domain Registrar. Tutorials for the most common knowledge domain registrars are available in our Knowledge basal.

To install a DNS server from the Control Panel, follow these steps:
From the Start menu, choice Administrative Tools – > Server Manager .

dns2008 1 servermanager

Expand and click Roles from the left field window. Choose Add Roles

dns2008 2 add roles

Follow the ace by selecting the DNS Server character ( leave any previously checked items checked )

dns2008 3 DNS role

Click NEXT and then INSTALL to install DNS in Windows Server 2008

dns2008 4 install

dns2008 5 success

From the Start menu, choose Administrative Tools – > DNS to open the DNS comfort .

dns2008 6 dns config

Highlight your computer name and choose Configure a DNS Server to launch the Configure DNS Server Wizard .

dns2008 7 configure

Click NEXT and then select the first option, Create a Forward lookup zone
dns2008 8 createforwardzone

On the next screen, leave the default option selected, This Server maintains the zone, and chink NEXT
now you will need to enter the sphere name that you want to create your first zone charge for. We are using “ ” in this tutorial :

dns2008 9 zonename

Click NEXT, and NEXT again on the adjacent two screens

dns2008 10 filename Â

dns2008 11 nodynamic

On the Forwarders screen, select the choice “ No, it should not forward queries

dns2008 12 noforward



There are many types of DNS records, this is a basic tutorial and will show you how to point your domain name to the IP address you assigned to your web site via an A record. You can besides create other types of DNS records ( MX, CNAME, etc ) in a alike fashion .
In DNS Manager, expand your waiter name, then expand the ‘Forward Lookup Zones’ , right-click on your domain diagnose and choose Properties

dns2008 13 properties

Click on the Start of Authority (SOA) tab .
The SOA resource commemorate is constantly the first record in a DNS zone. Set the Primary Server to your primary coil nameserver :

dns2008 14 soa

next, pawl on the Name Servers check .
Remove anything presently listed, and chink Add and enter your nameservers ( i.e. –, )

dns2008 15 nameservers

When done, click OK to close the window. You are now ready to set up your zone records .

Right-click on your domain mention under Forward Lookup Zones, and choose New Host (A or AAAA)…

dns2008 16 newArecord

Leave the Name battlefield blank, and under IP Address, enter the IP address you configured for this web web site in IIS, and click Add Host .

dns2008 17 A parent

You will most probably besides want to make a record for ‘ world wide web ’, so repeat the above gradation but this fourth dimension alternatively of leaving the Name field blank, record world wide web in that airfield :

dns2008 18 A record www


The final step you ’ ll want to perform is to disable DNS recursion. This will help secure your waiter from a assortment of DNS recursion attacks .
To disable recursion, right-click on your DNS server and go to ‘ Properties ‘ .
Click the ‘ Advanced ‘ yellow journalism .
then check the corner labeled “ Disable recursion

Disable DNS Recursion

Congratulations! You have now set up DNS in Windows Server 2008 and have set up DNS records for your domain name.

You can create extra DNS records as needed ( MX, CNAME, etc ) by right-clicking on the domain under Forward Lookup Zones and selecting the allow type of record you wish to create .

You can test that your DNS waiter is by rights serving DNS from a Windows command motivate, by using the nslookup command in this format :

For exemplar :

dns2008 19 nslookup

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