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hello ! One of the protective covering mechanism of the server is the implementation of the Firewall. Although there are one-third party options, Microsoft offers a firewall integrated into the operate system. It is very efficient and highly configurable. additionally, it can allow or block connections or redirect connection requests. besides, by customizing the rules it is possible to allow merely authorize communications. On the other hand, port management is critical within the Firewall. Since they allow communication between the server and the external net. In fact, the huge majority of attacks are carried out through these ports. For this argue, the Firewall blocks most of the ports. however, it is occasionally necessary for an app to have access to one. In this case, the administrator must authorize the course of study ’ s access to the command larboard. So lease ’ s see how to open a firewall port in Windows Server 2019/2016 .

How to open the firewall port using the advanced settings.

In the first place it is necessity to enter the Control Panel and follow the future path :

  • System and security
  • Windows Defender Firewall
  • Advanced Settings

Please enter the advanced settings.Please enter the advanced settings.
The advance settings of the Windows Firewall are immediately displayed. There are the entrance and exit rules plus the security rules for connections. ultimately, there are the firewall supervision options .
Advanced Windows Server Firewall SettingsAdvanced Windows Server Firewall Settings
Clicking on the stimulation rules will display the pre-configured Windows Server rules. As the name implies, they are related to incoming network connections and packets. besides, some rules are not activated by default. therefore, you precisely need to double-click on them and then enable them.

Enabling a rule within the inbound rules.Enabling a rule within the inbound rules.

Creating a new rule in the Windows Server Firewall.

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By right-clicking on inboud rules, you can create a new predominate .
Creating a new inbound rule.Creating a new inbound rule.
There are several options for the creation of the rule. however, you should only select Port. Press Next to continue

Please select PortPlease select Port
nowadays it ’ mho time to set your connection preferences :

  • TCP: It is a connection-oriented protocol. In other words, its function is to create connections with the aim of sending data flow.
  • UDP: It is a non connection-oriented protocol. Consequently, its development is based on the exchange of data grams.

On the early pass, it is possible to enable all ports for association. This is obviously an unbarred choice. Or you can configure specific ports .
Setting port connection values.Setting port connection values.
now it is time to determine what action the modern rule will take :

  • Allow connection through the port.
  • Allow connection if secure. That is, allow data to be transmitted only if the connection is authenticated through Ipsec.
  • Block connection through the port.

Allow the connectionAllow the connection
Please select the option corresponding to Allow connection and weigh Next. nowadays it is clock time to determine which profiles the modern rule will be applied to.

Please select the connection profiles for the new rule.Please select the connection profiles for the new rule.
last, you can assign a name and description to the new rule. This way it is easier to locate it late .
Optionally you can assign a name and description for the new rule.Optionally you can assign a name and description for the new rule.
back to the previous shield, you can see the newfangled rule created .
Newly created inbound connection rule.Newly created inbound connection rule.
ultimately we have seen how to open a firewall port in Windows Server 2019/2016. In accession, the tutorial besides serves to block a specific port. This way, the administrator can increase the functionality of the Firewall. All right, that ’ second it for now. Greetings !

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