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Hearing difficulties can make TV-watching unmanageable — particularly when trying to understand lecture :

  • Turning the volume higher may make the sound louder but won’t necessarily make it clearer.
  • Higher volumes can prove harmful to your ears, and loved ones might complain about the loudness.
  • Captions can be a big help, but some may find them distracting, and they don’t always sync with real-time speech.

then what to do ? Properly match hear aids can make a powerful deviation in your TV-listening experience. What ’ s more, a television receiver streamer can work hand in hand with your hearing devices to make the experience even better. It ’ s why we ’ re excited to tell you about the Oticon television receiver Adapter, which lets you watch television on your terms, whether enjoying a read solo or with the whole kin !

Why the TV Adapter?

Oticon ’ mho television adapter is a device that wirelessly transmits audio from your television or other electronic sound recording device to your hearing aids. In other words, it ’ s a television streamer, bringing the audio of the programs you enjoy directly to your ears — handily, comfortably, and clearly.

How does it work ? The arranger — a streamlined, discreet, tabletop device — is connected to an allow power exit and your television receiver specify using the cables provided and then paired with your listening aids. After the coupling, which typically needs to happen only once, you can stream directly to your hearing aids .
The best region : Using the arranger lets you enjoy more address sound from your television straight to your earshot aid at a tied tailored to your particular needs — without changing the volume for everyone else. Plus, it ’ sulfur effective to about 45 feet, making it easy to hear even if the television receiver is in one room while you ’ ra fudge or handling other activities in another .
talk about authorization !

What Exactly Is a TV Streamer?

It ’ mho quite the convenient device — typically a humble tabletop accessory — that lets you experience more direct good from your television straight to your hear aid at a degree customized to your preferences — while letting others in the room hear the television at the bulk that ’ s right for them.

many of the learn instruments purchased in the last three to four years have radio receiver connectivity, allowing them to connect to a box — the banner — that ’ s plugged into your television. The audio goes directly from the television into your listen aids, delivering pass sound without background noise .
People who use streamers love them, and they ’ re fairly quick to set up. If you ’ d like to hear the television receiver more intelligibly, our experts can help determine if your listen devices would work with a television receiver streamer .
Are you ready to hear your favorite television receiver shows in a whole new empowering way ? At Hearing Advantage, Inc., we have the accessories you need and can demo the latest engineering. Contact our caring team at Hearing Advantage, Inc. today !

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