How to Permanently Change Name on Zoom

One of the biggest players in the video recording conferencing segment, Zoom, is known for its easy-to-use interface, loads of features, and generosity. Irrespective of whether you ’ re a paid exploiter or not, Zoom allows you to personalize your have on the app — including the way you appear to others .
Your name is the most well-known identifier of your Zoom report. indeed, it has to be the beginning thing for you to change when you ’ re handing the reins over to person else or looking to improve privacy. Changing your appoint before joining a meet is fine, but it isn ’ t a permanent solution. thankfully, Zoom understands this concern and allows its users to change their names permanently, without a limp. Below, we ’ ll check out how you could do so on all three clients .
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How to change Zoom name permanently

zoom offers a world wide web customer aboard dedicated applications for Windows, Mac, io, and Android. All of them allow you to change your Zoom information including name, phone issue, identify of the constitution, and more.

world wide web

first, go to Zoom ’ s sign-in page and log in with your username and password. immediately, on the left-hand jury of your screen, locate and click on ‘ Profile. ’

This segment will show your record name, e-mail ID, call phone number, and more. alternatively, you could click on this connection to go straightaway to your Zoom profile. You will, of course, need to sign in with your username and password before accessing the page .
At the top of the profile page, you ’ ll see two sections : full moon name — ‘ First Name, ’ ‘ concluding Name ’ — and ‘ Display Name. ’ They are normally one and the same unless you intentionally change the expose name. To change your full or display list, hit the ‘ Edit ’ button on the right side of the incision .

now, make the necessary changes to the sections .

And last, hit ‘ Save Changes. ’


Launch the Zoom application and pawl on the profile word picture thumbnail at the top-right corner of the sieve. now, go to ‘ Settings. ’

Doing so would take you to the backend of the Zoom application. now, click on the ‘ Profile ’ pill on your leave .

then, hit ‘ Edit My Profile. ’

alternatively, you could click on ‘ My Profile ’ to go square to the profile incision .

Irrespective of which path you choose, you ’ vitamin d be taken to the Zoom web portal site — directly to the ‘ Profile ’ incision. At the top of your shield, you ’ ll see your wide mention and ‘ Display Name. ’ Hit the ‘ Edit ’ button on the right-hand side of the department .

last, make the necessary changes and suction stop on ‘ Save Changes. ’

It is to be noted that it might take a while for the desktop client to reflect the changes .


On mobile, you won ’ thymine find the option to change your full appoint — first name and last appoint — alongside your Display list. however, changing the ‘ Display Name ’ alone is enough vitamin a far as the mobile node is concerned. so, foremost, launch the Zoom mobile app and log in with your username and password. nowadays, tap on the ‘ Settings ’ tab at the bottom-right corner of your screen .

then, tap on your name at the top of the riddle .

On this sieve, you ’ ll get access to all the necessity profile information Zoom has taken off of you. adjacent, tap on ‘ Display Name, ’ which denotes your populace appoint on Zoom .

Change it to whatever list you wish and hit the ‘ Ok ’ release. Your display name would be changed .

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How to permanently change name on Zoom without an score

As you may already know, Zoom doesn ’ t coerce you to create an score to join a video call. All you need is an invite or link to the meet. Click on it and you ’ ra effective to go .
After you get to the penultimate meeting page, Zoom grants you the option to change your audio/video preferences adenine well as woof a identify for the meeting. Since you don ’ t have an history, there ’ s no way for Zoom to log your mention. still, if you wish to keep using the same appoint for all meetings through the particular browser, you could tick the ‘ Remember my list for future meetings ’ options .

That way, Zoom would remember your name — in summation to audio/video settings .

How to permanently change name on Zoom Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook, you could either use the Zoom Chrome app or sojourn Zoom ’ s official web site. On the Chrome app, you ’ ll have to go to the ‘ Profile ’ section and click on ‘ Edit my profile. ’

This would take you to the Zoom web page where you can change your name by hitting the edit icon right following to your mention. Click on ‘ Save ’ when done .
Going through the browser is simpler. Just click on this link and hit ‘ Edit ’ next to your name to edit your full name and display name .

then, cluck on ‘ Save Changes ’ when you ’ re done .

The changes you make would start to reflect about immediately .

Old appoint displaying even after changing ? How to solve

Have followed every fiddling step and still can ’ metric ton get rid of your old appoint ? There are a couple of things to consider before you connect to Zoom ’ s customer service .

Wait for a piece

Since Zoom updates its database quite frequently, your topic is probably to get resolved right after the following update motorbike. sol, before trying anything else, give it a pair of hours and wait for it to play out .


Restarting the Zoom node is a good way of forcing the organization to check for updates. And no, we ’ rhenium not talking about an OTA app update. When you restart, you ’ re basically forcing the Zoom lotion to look for changes and apply them immediately .
Simply closing the app and opening again could do the magic trick. however, we recommend you to log out of the node, close it, and then log back in with your username and password once you restart it .

Any modern changes should get imported and be reflected .

Delete cookies

Your name, profile picture, and some other identifiers are stored in cookies for easier access. These cookies are refreshed sporadically, of course, but not constantly immediately. then, chances are, the changes you make may not reflect right aside .
To remedy that, you have to force Zoom to refresh the cookies. And the best way to that is by deleting the cookies at once. The method acting of deleting cookies changes isn ’ thymine changeless, intend that it depends primarily on the browser you ’ rhenium using .
On Chrome — the most popular browser on the satellite — Go to ‘ Settings, ’ chink on ‘ clear browse data, ’ head over to the ‘ Advanced ’ tab key, blue-ribbon ‘ Cookies and other locate data, ’ and hit ‘ Clear datum. ’

That ’ s it !

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