What Does Pin Video on Zoom Mean? Do They Know If You Pin a Video?

zoom is one of the most widely used video recording conferencing platforms since the pandemic started. The service offers a diverseness of features to its users of which the most popular one seems to be the ability to add a virtual setting. Zoom besides allows you to change your window sizes to adjust the television feeds of all participants involved in a meet. While using this feature, you might have come across the Pin Video choice. Let ’ s take a promptly search at it .

What does Pin Video Mean on Zoom

Pin Video is a have in Zoom that allows you to enlarge and center the video tip of a particular drug user. here, the drift opinion on your Zoom desktop customer is changed to put early users in the background so that you can focus on one particular user .

How to Pin a video recording on soar

Note: Pinning video recording feeds in Zoom is not possible for iPhone users. You can however make use of this functionality on an iPad .

On Android and iPad

Note: Android and iPad users will need their Controllers for Zoom Rooms set up on their device. You can ’ thyroxine pin a video on iPhone.

Open the Zoom client on your hope device and initiate a meet with your members as you normally would. now tap on ‘ Manage Participants ’ .

You will now see a list of participants that are presently in your suffer. Tap on the player ’ randomness diagnose and choose ‘ Pin Video ’ .

Your selected player ’ sulfur television will immediately be pinned to the lead of your screen .

Note: If you have multiple displays set up on your device, you will need to select a display that you wish to pin your video to .

On personal computer ( Widnows and Mac )

Open the Zoom background node and initiate a merging with your participants .

now levitate your shiner arrow over the thumbnail of the drug user that you wish to pin in Zoom. Click on the ‘ 3-dot ’ menu picture in the top right corner of the thumbnail once you see it.

nowadays click on ‘ Pin Video ’ from the hierarchical menu that appears .

The selected exploiter ’ mho video tip will be mechanically brought to the presence in the gallery position so that you can easily focus on it .

Do they know if you Pin person ’ s television

No, users will not be notified when their video is pinned. Pinning is a local anesthetic legal action that only affects the view on your device. While recording notifies users to maintain privacy, pinning a video recording does not. Pinning a television besides does not notify the host. only you are the exclusive experiencer of this sport in Zoom .

What happens when you pin a television

once you pin a video from a particular drug user, it is mechanically brought into focus by Zoom. Video feeds of all the other participants will be minimized to thumbnails in the background. This will help you focus on a particular meeting extremity which is particularly useful in casing of presentations and prepare .

How to unpin a video recording

Unpinning a video recording in Zoom is a pretty straightforward process. In the clear left corner of your Pinned television, you should see an option titled ‘ Unpin Video ’. Clicking on this will unpin the television and move it binding into the gallery position on Zoom .

difference between Pin and Spotlight features on soar

There are several differences between Pinning and Spotlight on Zoom. Let ’ s take a count at some of the most big ones among them .


You can not control who is in the spotlight. entirely the horde gets to control limelight users. On the other hand, you can control trap users and pin users to the foreground however many times you may wish to do so .


While recording a video recording during foreground sessions, merely the speaker or the foreground person will be in the foreground. But when recording pinned videos you can easily switch between foreground speakers to give a much more engage feel to your recordings .

minimum requirements

Pinning a video works among two users as well which allows you to well switch between active speakers. Spotlight, on the early hand, requires a minimal of 3 members in your meeting for the sport to work.


While the pin video sport can be used by anyone during a meet, the limelight feature of speech is merely available to hosts. This means that participants can not change their active agent speaker using Spotlight but can use Pin Video to bring another drug user into focus .
Note: iPhone users can not pin video recording a well .
We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about pinning videos in Zoom. If you have any more questions or face any issues, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below .

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