How to Play Music on Zoom

Want to know how to play music on Zoom to keep your meetings engaging ? here are a few comfortable ways to do it. If you ‘re taking classes online or trying to relax in your quarterly recapitulation meetings, there could be times when you have to fall back on music. Or, possibly you run an on-line gymnasium that requires music tracks .
No matter the argue, sharing audio or playing background music on a Zoom call can create an experience that ‘s engaging and immersive .

1. How to Play Music on Zoom

If you ‘ve been playing music all this time hoping your calculator microphone picks it up, it ‘s time to upgrade to a simple and better method acting .
furthermore, why share low-quality audio when you can share good quality music over Zoom, and that excessively, without sharing your filmdom ? Let ‘s take a look at how to play music on Zoom without sieve communion .

  1. You must first begin by starting a new meeting on Zoom or joining an existing one. an ongoing zoom meeting
  2. Next, go to the Zoom meeting toolbar and click on Share Screen. Don’t worry, this will not automatically share your screen.
  3. You’ll have to select what you’d like to share. For that, you’d have the option to choose from the Basic, Advanced, and Files options.
  4. For playing music on Zoom or just sharing your computer’s audio, go to the Advanced option, and click on Share Computer Audio. This will let you share audio without screen sharing. how to share computer audio in zoom
  5. You can click on the drop-down to select the type of quality you’d like to share. Decide and pick between Mono or Stereo (High-Fidelity). Select Stereo if you’d like better quality audio that’s more realistic and detailed.
  6. Once you’ve made your choice, click OK, and you’re good to go!

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2. How to Share Audio on Zoom While Sharing Your Screen

There could be times when you need to share audio while presenting your shield at those Zoom meetings. In those cases, here are the easy steps you could take .

  1. Start a new meeting on Zoom or join an ongoing one to start sharing your screen.
  2. Proceed to the meeting toolbar on Zoom and click on Share Screen. With this, select a window or application that you’d be willing to share. select a window or application in Zoom app
  3. Choose from the Basic, Advanced, and Files options. While you’ll find the option to share your screen under the Basic category, you’ll have to head over to Advanced once you’d like to share your audio.
  4. Select Screen from the Basic category and select Computer Audio from the Advanced category to proceed.
  5. Click on Share and you’re good to go.

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3. How to Share Audio on Zoom With a Simple Click

If you do n’t have time to follow the step we just mentioned above, there is another option you could take. furthermore, this simple flim-flam is better for everyone—it helps you save time. however, it works merely if you ‘re sharing your screen. hera ‘s what to do :

  1. Start a meeting or join an ongoing one and click on Share Screen where you’ll be asked to select a window or screen you’d like to share.
  2. Click on the Share Audio checkbox you’ll find at the bottom left of the dialogue box. This works if you’re sharing your screen. share sound shortcut in Zoom
  3. Click on Share and you’d be all set.

Playing Music on Zoom Only Works on Computer

While Zoom makes it extremely convenient to partake sound recording in your on-line meetings, you must remember that this feature does n’t work when you ‘re using your telephone unless you ‘re besides connected to a computer at the lapp time .
Word for the wise : If your following meet would be the first clock time you ‘ll be using Zoom as a music player, we suggest you run a few drill sessions to help you be ready .

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