7 Rules to Remember When Uploading Videos to Twitter

While Twitter is a great way to contribution videos with followers, there are rules for uploads that you need to keep in mind. chitter is a knock-down network tool, but there are limits to what you can do. In terms of uploading videos, the job comes with a sic of technical rules that stem from the platform ’ s principle of sharing short-form capacity .
You can ’ t merely record endless footage and share it as it is. so take a front at the rules below and keep them in thinker following meter you plan a visually rich tweet .

1. Twitter’s Video File Size Limits

The maximal file size for video recording on Twitter is 512MB. If the file you try to upload is bigger than that, Twitter will tell you to adjust it. You can either trim it on the app or make changes to the master video file .
If trimming actually international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine adequate, there are several video compression methods for personal computer and mobile devices. This the most practical solution to your upload trouble .

2. Twitter’s Video Length Limit

chitter has a maximum video length of two minutes and 20 seconds long. once again, the app will let you trim a longer file as part of the upload action .
If you do have lots of footage to share with your followers, the best solution is to upload it in little snippets. possibly, pick out the 2-minute highlights and turn them into weekly playfulness episodes .

3. Video Formats Supported on Twitter

twitter video upload error
The mobile app supports MP4 and MOV video recording files. A web-based upload, however, needs to be an MP4 in H264 format with AAC audio. This is the most coarse format for recording and distributing television content on-line .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY If your file is the faulty character, explore the internet for helpful and free on-line file converters for all your needs. For television format, the likes of Online-Convert or FileZigZag are your best bet .

4. Video Resolution, Frame Rate, and Bitrate on Twitter

The minimal resolution you need when uploading videos on Twitter is 32×32. The utmost resolving power is 1920×1200 .
The frame rate should be no more than 40fps and the bitrate 25Mbps. While barely lagging, the app ’ randomness capabilities will evolve further aboard digital technology .

twitter video upload with text
unfortunately, unlike images, you can ’ thymine rag people or add descriptions to videos on Twitter. But don ’ thyroxine underestimate the early options available in a single pinch .
Simply describe the contents of the video in your message and tag any crucial names in there. even though it takes up characters, you ’ re however able to make the most of video on the platform this way .

6. Conditional Autoplay for Twitter Videos

Videos do mechanically loop on Twitter, but only if they survive 60 seconds or less. Another factor that affects this, however, is settings on person ‘s visibility .
An matter to detail to keep in heed is that video won ’ t autoplay in general if you enable chirrup ’ sulfur data saver mode on mobile. To toggle this option, go to the Settings and privacy tab before clicking Data usage .
3 Images
twitter settings and privacy tab


twitter data usage tab


twitter data saver option


If you enable the Data rescuer set, longer video won ’ metric ton autoplay or loop if person doesn ’ triiodothyronine suction stop on them. This international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine an issue, unless you ’ re good about building a hard presence on Twitter. And media going unnoticed international relations and security network ’ t ideal .
basically, attention-getting video recording on a iteration can boost a profile ’ s ocular appeal. If you make a point of only uploading bantam snippets, your bill will look a set livelier and worth explore .

7. Twitter Videos Don’t Count As Characters

ultimately, you don ’ t need to worry about the video recording itself taking up excessively much of your quality count. Despite being typically larger than an image, Twitter besides excludes it from a pinch ’ s total character count. Just choose your words carefully when including tags and descriptions, as discussed above .
For more information on how to use videos on Twitter for maximal effect, look through Twitter ’ s on-line aid center .

Plan Your Video Uploads Wisely

Considering how boastful chirrup is, it ’ s not surprising that some boundaries are in put. This doesn ’ metric ton intend, however, that you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the subcontract done. You good need to get creative with whatever tools you do have access to .
Remember these rules when creating, adjust, and uploading your videos on Twitter, whether on a smartphone or computer. They matter in terms of smooth exploiter experience and your profile ’ randomness success .

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