10 Secret Zoom Tips for Masterful and Stress-Free Online Presenting

Zoom Tips that will Save Your Online Meeting (and your sanity)

Unless you were lucky enough to live in a outback tropical cave for the first half of 2020, there ’ s a high probability that your bring environment was slightly impacted by the Coronavirus lockdown extravaganza .
As a work-from-home employee and entrepreneur with over 10 years of presenting on-line under my belt, this transition didn ’ t actually affect me ( other than taking me off the road for alien speaking engagements ) .
But based on the quickly growing subculture of epic Zoom fails, it ’ south clear that this drastic change in our meeting environment has resulted in more than a few series of unfortunate events .
It ’ s a challenge — and hilarious — newly landscape, from employees being forced to dial in from bathrooms and basements, to extricating discard spaghetti from your hair by bantam bore humans, to partners walking up to your desk in their skivvies.

Funny Tweet Zoom FaillFunny Tweet Zoom Faill
not to mention my personal front-runner : a foreman irreversibly transforming herself into a potato for the duration of her on-line team merging .
fortunately, Zoom has risen to the occasion with a murder of new features to help alleviate the brew frustration across the distant corporate landscape. And, these features are not all immediately obvious .
so in addition to my 3 tips for surviving on-line deliver from family podcast episode, I ’ ve gone deep with this list of the most helpful Zoom tips, tricks, and settings that will help you keep your on-line meet ( and your sanity ) on track. We ’ re gon na do this countdown style :

My Top 10 Most Useful Zoom Tips for Sane Online Presentations

The settings you ’ ll watch listed here are located in either your Zoom desktop app preferences, found here :
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Zoom Desktop SettingsZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Zoom Desktop Settings
…or in your Zoom.us web account settings, where you ’ ll need to access your score in a browser here :
My Settings Zoom 2020 07 04 18 07 56My Settings Zoom 2020 07 04 18 07 56

#10: Present your slide deck using a second monitor

Ok, so this first gear gratuity international relations and security network ’ t a Zoom gratuity, per southeast. But presenting my swoop decks using dual monitors was a game-changing motion in my virtual meetings because it enabled me to use my favored PowerPoint have : Presenter View.
Presenter View ( available in PowerPoint and Google Slides ) allows you to privately display your current skid, your adjacent slide, your Speaker Notes, and a storyboard of future slides. You besides get a outstanding clock and timer to stay on decimal point .
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - PowerPoint Presenter View Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - PowerPoint Presenter View
This is an incredibly valuable feature while presenting in an on-line environment because it prevents you from getting distracted with remembering your adjacent slide, or having actually awkward transitions when you didn ’ triiodothyronine see the adjacent slide coming .
Presenter View allows you to stay present with the content on your current slide and smoothly transition to the adjacent one…and evening build some anticipation along the way !
But if you alone have one monitor for your on-line meetings, the audience will see all of that excessively, which wholly defeats the aim .
If you use dual monitors, you can set Zoom to share your full-screen presentation deck to the consultation while your second base monitor displays Presenter View only to you :
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Present using second monitorZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Present using second monitor
To do this, you would plug in a second proctor, activate Presenter View in PowerPoint ( or Google Slides ), and then select the presentation application window that shows your deck full-screen. here you can see the full-screen adaptation of my chute deck to the right of Presenter View :
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Share Presenter View windowZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Share Presenter View window
so, dig up that gaming monitor your adolescent abandoned after upgrading his Fortnite battlestation or find a super cheap whole on-line. Your on-line presentation ante will be forever up, trust me .

#9: Turn off audio, video, and the notification chime when you and your attendees join the meeting

When I ’ meter presenting on-line during a meet, I like to dial in a few minutes early to get everything set up. But because I live in a busy home, sometimes my backdrop environment international relations and security network ’ thymine wholly settled .
Keeping audio and video off upon introduction allows you to get your home presentation environment under control while prepping your slides .
To mute your audio and video when joining an online meeting:

  • Open your Zoom desktop application and go to Preferences >> Video.
  • Under Meetings, check the box labeled “Turn off my video when joining a meeting”.
  • While you’re there, check the box next to “Touch up my appearance” under My Video, which provides a subtle and delightful airbrush effect to your skin. I was shocked to see how many search engine searches there are for “how to look good on Zoom”. There you go, insta-smooth!
  • Next, go to the Audio menu.
  • Make sure the setting that says “Mute microphone when joining a meeting” is checked.

Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Mute when joining meetingZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Mute when joining meeting
How to turn off everyone else’s video and audio upon entry:

  • Go to Zoom.us in a browser >> Your Account >> Settings (you won’t find this in your desktop application).
  • Under In Meeting (Basic), look for the Scheduling section.
  • Toggle both the Host Video and Participant Video setting to OFF.
  • Scroll further down the menu to Mute Participants upon Entry and toggle this to OFF as well.

Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Mute participant audio / videoZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Mute participant audio / video
now you can rest assured that if you or your attendees dial in with a rogue child screaming and running bare behind your chair, you have time to shuttle them out of the room without causing an on-line fit. ( truthful narrative, not mine. )
I also suggest disabling that cheery “Ding dong!” entry notification for attendees, specially for larger meetings with a formal presentation .
Hearing when person joins is useful for little or 1:1 meetings, and absolutely exasperating for quarterly business readouts and department-wide township halls .
To do this, go to your Zoom web account settings and toggle the “Sound notification when someone joins or leaves” setting to OFF.
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Turn off entry notificationZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Turn off entry notification

#8: Appoint someone else to monitor the Waiting Room and take notes

The sudden explosion in quarantine Zoom meetings gave rise to an unintended consequence : Zoom bombings. abruptly, meetings around the ball were unintentionally — and unfortunately, intentionally — interrupted by people who do not belong in those meetings .
therefore, Zoom implemented the “ Waiting Room ” by default to prevent manque bombers from wreaking on-line meet havoc. When someone attempts to join your meeting, they show up at the top of the Participant window with a blue button labeled “Admit”.
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Admit from waiting roomZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Admit from waiting room
The downside of this have, however, is that if you ’ re not watching the Participant windowpane while you ’ rhenium present on-line, people will get stuck in virtual limbo .
This happens a batch because attendees frequently lose their internet connections and try to rejoin. Trying to monitor the Waiting Room while staying focused on your slides is a recipe for distraction disaster .
That’s why my Zoom tip is to appoint an attending colleague to stay vigilant on the Waiting Room and admit attendees so you can stay laser-focused on your presentation.
You can appoint the lapp person to take detailed notes during your meeting, a strategy I recommend in my Data Presentation + Storytelling Boot Camp run. This way you can feel convinced that no important questions, concerns, or follow-ups are missed while you ’ re dropping your brilliance on your on-line hearing .

#7: Spotlight your video when you’re sharing your screen

If you ’ ra presenting on-line with a skid deck, it ’ sulfur helpful to keep everyone ’ s sieve locked onto your filmdom .
This will ensure that attendees stay focused on your slides or videos and aren ’ t getting distracted with spying on the hottie from Email Marketing .
During the meeting, roll over your own video window to show three dots and click Spotlight Video.
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Spotlight videoZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Spotlight video
eminence : You must be either the Host or a Co-Host in order to Spotlight screens. This is a powerful feature, therefore wield it wisely .

#6: Automatically save the Chat Log

When the Host ends a Zoom meet, the Chat history is wholly lost unless you take measures to save it. It ’ randomness full of life for follow-up that significant questions and comments don ’ t bring lost .
rapid climb can automatically save your meet chat logs in your web account settings under In Meeting ( Basic ) :

  • Go to the Chat section >> Auto saving chats
  • Toggle the very concise “Automatically save all in-meeting chats so that hosts do not need to manually save the text of the chat after the meeting starts” setting to ON.

Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Auto-save chat logZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Auto-save chat log

note : This Zoom topple besides saves all messages sent privately, so reach sure your audience knows that before they make confidential virtual dinner date plans during your meet .

#5 Know whom you’re messaging in Chat

many people don ’ triiodothyronine seem to know so far that when you message person privately or they message you privately, your next message will be sent directly to that person. I can ’ t tell you how many times people have sent me secret messages intended for other attendees or the unharmed group .
Depending on the message ’ south subject matter, this can get embarrass promptly .
Be mindful of whom you ’ re about to message by keeping your eye on the prompt above your Chat message window. If the word (privately) is in red, you’re about to send a private message to whomever is in the dropdown.
Zoom Meeting 2020 07 06 14 06 25 1Zoom Meeting 2020 07 06 14 06 25 1
You ’ ra welcome .

#4: Use Zoom keyboard shortcuts outside of Zoom

There is an smorgasbord of Zoom keyboard shortcuts to make salute on-line go more smoothly. I highly recommend getting acquainted with the ones you may find most useful .
But none of them are available if you are actively presenting from PowerPoint, Google Slides, a splashboard creature or a web site .
Zoom gives you the choice to enable “ Global Shortcuts ”, which are enormously helpful for controlling sound recording while you ’ re in other windows .
You ’ ll find this Zoom set in your background application preferences and the Keyboard Shortcuts menu. Click to enable all of the shortcuts available:
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Enable global shortcutsZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Enable global shortcuts
This have is particularly authoritative if you ’ re going to use the three most cause of death Zoom keyboard shortcuts in the world, starting with…

#3: Quickly mute your audio and video

much meeting hosts neglect to mute the whole meet and fight with relaxing ambient noise from the participants like construction, potato check crunch, or in my case, bored kids buzzing around our property on ATV ’ s like giant mutant bumblebees .
so I ’ thousand mindful to go on mute anytime I ’ m not speaking, and the fastest way to do this is with the following keyboard shortcut :
To mute your audio:

  • For Windows / PC: ALT – A
  • For Mac: CMD – CTRL – A

And if you want to pause your video:

  • For Windows / PC: ALT – V
  • For Mac: CMD – CTRL – V

even faster than those, however, is the ability to…

#2: Temporarily unmute yourself

If I could marry a Zoom keyboard shortcut, this one would be The One. As an attendant, I can ’ metric ton count how many times I ’ ve been randomly called upon to chime in while on mute like everyone else .
Cue snapping to attention, scrambling for my mouse, trying to aim and click accurately on the Unmute clitoris, and fumble through my response. No more, I say !
All you need to do to temporarily unmute yourself is press and hold the SPACE key. Then release to go back on mute. That ’ s it. badly .
Make certain this shortcut is activated in your Zoom desktop settings :
Zoom Tips for Online Presenting - Temporarily unmute yourselfZoom Tips for Online Presenting - Temporarily unmute yourself
The lone downside of this killer Zoom magic trick is that now, person who wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very paying attention won ’ triiodothyronine be able to rely on ye olde “ Uh, regretful I was on mute ” delaying apology .
And last but not in the least of least of Zoom tips…

#1: Mute everyone at once (except the Host)

Bar none, this Zoom keyboard shortcut is the MOST utilitarian and MOST underestimate of Zoom tips .
When you ’ re presenting on-line to an hearing of 10, 20, or 70, the last thing you want to have to do is individually dumb every player while making everyone wait .
Nor do you want to keep reminding everyone with, “ Guys, I ’ thousand hearing some background make noise / possessed children / circus music right, can y ’ all please mute ? ”
No, no, no. identical disruptive and perturb, which is the snog of death during virtual presentations .
here are the keyboard shortcuts for muting all attendees in one fell swoop :
For Windows / PC: ALT – M

For Mac: CMD – SHIFT – M

note that this does NOT put you, or the host, on mute .
I guarantee that these concluding three Zoom tips will help you shave minutes of frustration and awkwardness off of your on-line meetings .

Keep Your Audience on Point with these Zoom Tips

To make these Zoom tricks easier to remember for everyone, you can paste all of this information into the Zoom old world chat window at the begin of the on-line meeting like so :
Hey everyone ! Thanks for joining today. here are a few flying tips to make enter angstrom smooth as possible :

  1. Open the Participants and Chat windows to see important instructions and information.
  2. If you have a question or comment, please use the Raise Hand feature by hovering over your name in the Participants window.
  3. If you message someone privately or they message you, remember that unless you change it, you will message them back directly.
  4. Note that we are recording this meeting and all messages sent through Chat for reference later.

throw in an emoji or two to gain their care and add some personality. Giving this data to your attendees in an organize manner like this will do wonders for your reputation as a virtual virtuoso .
here is a tilt of a million more helpful Zoom keyboard shortcuts by OS if you wish to attain Zoom Black Belt status .

Download a Free Zoom Tip Cheat Sheet and Meeting Kickoff Script

now, I realize this is a lot to remember, so I ’ ve created a few resources for you to keep handy at your desk for every meet .
To download a keyboard shortcut chess sheet with all of these ultra-useful Zoom tips — plus my invaluable Meeting Kickoff Superhero Script for how to engage your consultation during an on-line presentation — click below to request your unblock copy :
Download Free Zoom Tips Cheat Sheet and Meeting ScriptDownload Free Zoom Tips Cheat Sheet and Meeting Script
And if you ’ re a team leader who ’ s ready to watch their team absolutely collar presenting on-line, book a call with me to create a customize coach solution for successful and seamless on-line presentations and meetings .

Final Thoughts on Zoom Tips to Make Online Presenting Sane Again

I hope you ’ ll find these tips for presenting remotely with Zoom helpful in these singular circumstances. In the doubtful words of some ancient iranian fellow, this besides shall pass…sort of. While we will go back to work in wide impel one day, it will probably never look quite like the way it did ahead .
That ’ randomness because this extraordinary period in human history has set a precedent for companies to reevaluate their underground to telecommuting. As a result, they will likely offer hybrid arrangements to their increasingly ball-shaped work force .
So, remote working is here to stay, and the most impactful thing you can do as a virtual presenter is empower yourself with Zoom tips like these to knock your next online meeting out of the park.
Or the broom closet, if that ’ s your thing.

Read more: Integration Rules

Namaste ,
PS – Since distant work is the way of the future, you can look for your adjacent function over at Jooble .

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